On motherhood and personal discipline

Yogi Bhajan mentioned that for the mother, her children are her sadhana – personal discipline and spiritual practice. I used to think that mothers are then redeemed from having to make the sacrifice of having a regular practice.
In the last few days with my newborn I have found that the most relevant for a mother is to have her own personal practice and discipline – both physical and spiritual- that means, to give herself the time to remember the connection with her higher self, and with the power beyond her own in order to deliver that to her children and husband. Because the mother is the bindi, the navel of the home, she has to be in shape – both emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. Keeping inner balance helps with the surrounding balance. As above, so below; as inside, so outside.
Even if that practice means two minutes a day, I found it the most rewarding – setting myself back in my centre, breathe, remember, connect, bow, let go, pray.

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