“How have you changed the course of your life?
What have you attached your mind to?
How have you subdued your hopes and desires?
How have you found the Light deep within your nucleus?
Without teeth, how can you eat iron?
Give us your true opinion, Nanak.” ||19||.

– Excerpt from the Sidh Gost, conversations of Guru Nanak with the Yogis,
Siri Guru Granth Sahib, ang 939-940

Born into the House
of the True Guru,
my wandering
in reincarnation ended.
My mind is attached and attuned
to the unstruck sound current.
Through the Word of the Shabad,
my hopes and desires
have been burnt away.
As Gurmukh, I found the Light
deep within the nucleus of my self.
Eradicating the three qualities,
one eats iron.
O Nanak, the Emancipator emancipates. ||20||

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