Khalsa Radiance Immersion Program

2022 was a turning point for me personally

I came to a place of realization that all that within all that
Ive been doing so far – which I love and I will continue to do –
I havent done from a place of deep opening

Thus I came to see that I am not serving you in my full potential.

There are thousands of things that I want to share with you,
which are partly my personal secrets and take on life,
which I have restricting myself from doing.
Partly from the fear that you will not be ready to hear
these amazing stories and topics!

But my realization came as I lost my fears:


It has been me who has been hesitating on sharing with you.




My proposition this 2023 is that I will accompany you throughout the year so that you can grow into your full potential.

I will be sharing the tools, tips, practices, principles that make up a full being who has the KHALSA RADIANCE.

It is not an easy task, but together with you, and with an open mind and heart, I am ready to embark on it together.

I will be guiding you through the different processes, and explaining you on every step of the way.

It is a journey of transformation together


Sukhdev Kaur will be accompanying you in a Journey
through the main concepts which create the Khalsa Radiance
in a series of Masterclasses, lectures, topics, group dynamics,
intensives and journaling.

The topics and principles are based on the Khalsa teachings of Guru Gobind Singh, the Sikh Dharma and the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib, all informed by scientific research, personal experience and connections to all other aspects and disciplines in life. They will be presented in a way that are reachable and relatable to anybody, regardless of background, experience or belief system.

Connect with yourself and have the support of a group and me as your mentor

We will be exploring different unusual topics, things you don’t get to hear anywhere else

completely challenge the way you think of yourself and your purpose in this world:

on how to make this game of life 

an infinte game

ill share the tools, the principles, the practices for that

It is a year long journey, YOUR hero’s journey,

so that by the end of the year you will be a better version of yourself

no experience needed

just curiosity and the desire to learn

All through zoom, all in English

(certain events might be possible to participate in-person).

Will you join me this year?


Sukhdev Kaur has been leading trainings, workshops, yoga courses and camps internationally since the early 2000s. She is a Sikh Dharma Minister, runs the Gurdwara at the European Yoga Festival in France, leads the Guru Ram Das Ashram at Rajamaa and is a member of the Sikh Dharma Education International board.

Sukhdev has helped many like you to find their inner light through different trainings and courses.

She resides in Estonia with her husband and two homeschooling sons.


🌙 Khalsa Radiance Masterclass with Sukhdev (monthly, online)
*a value of 384€ per year*

🌙 Spiritual Warrior Kundalini Yoga Masterclass
with Sukhdev, including Gatka (monthly, online)
*a value of 384€ per year*

🌙 Monthly Gatka, Pranayama and Meditation sessions
(1-2 a month, online or recorded) *a value of 270€ per year*

🌙 Rebirthing Meditation classes (quarterly online)
*a value of 128€ per year*

🌙 Rebirthing Intensive Day
(spring / autumn, online or in person at the Ashram)
*a value of 200€ per year*

🌙 Monthly topics of discussion and personal work,
including journaling

🌙 Short talks for reflection based on the monthly topics
(recorded or live)
*a value of 300€ per year*

🌙 Intimate group community for personal sharing, exchange,
q&a and support directly from Sukhdev Kaur
*a value of 220€ per year*

🌙 Insights on various topics related such as principles to live by,
home education, child-raising, meditation tips, women’s teachings,
relationships, diet and health (depending on the interests and
questions that come up from the group we can tailor this to the needs)
*a value of 600€ per year*

🌙 Support on your personal topics and journey throughout the year

🌙 Year-end reflections and closing ceremony (end of 2023)

🎁 BONUS: books, articles and recipe recommendations
to support you in your journey

🎁 BONUS: Access to ALL recordings of all the classes
during your active membership year
*a value of 240€ per year*

🎁 BONUS: first 5 registrations will receive FREE PASS to either the
Spring Detox to Radiance Retreat OR the Summer Solstice Celebration
Retreat, (in-person only) at the Rajamaa Ashram.
(only available for yearly subscriptions) *a value of 350€ -550€*

🎁 BONUS: the next 5 registrations will receive 50% discount pass
to either the Spring Detox to Radiance Retreat OR the
Summer Solstice Celebration Retreat, (in-person only)
at the Rajamaa Ashram. (only available for yearly subscriptions)
*a value of 175€ – 275€*


*please note that according to Sukhdev’s travelling schedule
few of the classes will be pre-recorded

2486 plus up to 790€ in bonuses

All for 550€ yearly
(thats around 46€ per month,
a discount of over 2700€)

KHALSA RADIANCE TALK is the main driving event of the month.
You DONT want to miss it live!
This will take place 1x month on Tuesday evenings
at 18:00 EET (17:00 CET)

Take a look at the CALENDAR for classes:
(Everything that says “*Khalsa Radiance*”, “*KR*”,
or ” members-only” is included in your membership).
Once you sign up for your membership you will receive
the full calendar of events in an easy format.

Khalsa Radiance Immersion Yearly membership

Yearly membership in a one-time payment


Have any questions?

Contact Sukhdev Kaur at:

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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