Every month the Ashram opens its doors to all for a day of joyful celebration of life, enjoying the fresh day outdoors in nature, cooking together, relaxing, singing by the fire, or working in the vegetable garden. Each person decides how to spend their day in an organic, flowing way.

In July 2022 we are grateful to be celebrating the opening of the Village Swing at the Ashram, which was kindly donated by 50+ donors worldwide. We are acknowledging their contributions in an upcoming page and post. If you want to see our campaign in Hooandja and the video we did for it go here.

JULY OPEN HOUSE: Thursday 21st July, 2022 – ALL DAY

All are welcome to join for any part of the program! Children are of course welcome!

The day starts with Sadhana (2.5 hr morning yoga and chanting) at 05:00 followed by a short Gurdwara service at 07:30 (Sikh Dharma prayer and reading from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib), breakfast at 08:00.

The morning flowing at its own time, with work in the garden around 10 and preparation of lunch at about 12, sitting together at the table at 13:30 approximately, followed by yogi tea and time for relaxing or working in the garden.

Swinging at the village swing can be done throughout the day.

We encourage everyone to stay for the Celebrating Dinner at 18:30.

Please as much as possible let us know of your participation by writing us on Whatsapp with your arrival time (Sukhdev Kaur +37253731839). Last minute guests are also welcome!

If you are coming by train, we recommend you bring your bicycle and take the train to Aruküla, then it is a 20 min drive by bicycle (5 km). At this moment we cannot offer to pick you up from the station.

Bring appropriate clothes and shoes for being outside all day in nature!

There is no cost for the event. Everyone is encouraged to bring something to the table for the meals. We kindly ask you to leave your pets, alcohol and meat/fish products at home. If you want to donate to the Ashram you can do so by bringing cash or through our donations page.


You will find us easily on Google Maps or Waze when you type “Rajamaa ashram” (Guru Ram Das Institute).

Looking forward to spending a great day with you,

The Guru Ram Das Ashram family

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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