In 2023 we are opening up the possibility of participating in the Kundalini Yoga Ashram Experience, which is part of the Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

You can join if you have interest in diving deeper into their experience of Kundalini yoga and also the yogic lifestyle as experienced in an Ashram, with a special yogic diet for 5 full days, starting with Aquarian Sadhana at 5.30 and having a full program of learning, karma yoga, kundalini yoga and meditation.

Topics that will be covered during the Ashram Experience week:

JUNE 2023:

  • Sound and Mantra
  • Yogic Lifestyle
  • Yogic Diet
  • Pranayama

JULY 2023:

  • Asana (yogic postures) and Kriya (yoga sets)
  • Mind and Meditation
  • Full day of meditation: 15 JULY (you can join for this day alone too)

The Ashram Experience is taking place in English language with translation into Estonian, and you will be sharing the space with international students of Kundalini yoga from Estonia, Latvia and abroad.

Please note: Your participation does NOT lead to certification or accreditation in any teacher training program. It is meant for self-development only and for experiencing in depth the teachings of Kundalini yoga and the Ashram lifestyle.

If you would like to participate and for information on prices and options available, please send an email to:
Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa:

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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