The 40 day blessing


Being at home with baby
For forty days
Strengthens all of his bodies, his nervous system, his radiance and strength
Gives him trust, safety, courage, fearlessness
It is the basis for his life
A strong grounding, a safe haven, a lifelong foundation
Fulfils his questions of this new world and his doubts, but specially his longing to belong
By retracting from the outside world and everyday dealings, you give your child the greatest gift
Of belonging
Of knowing that it is all taken care of
Of realising the god within
No need to search outside
You are complete, you are perfect
You are Nanak, you are Angad, you are Amar Das, when I recognise you, my soul is comforted

40 days to learn from each other, to fall in love and bliss
To get in touch with your intuition and loose all thinking
To remain in the primeval brain as in birth giving
And also remain human
To trust the unknown in you and him
To remember the blessing of new beginnings
And learn to live all over again

Blessed blessed be thy life
My dear Theo

3 thoughts on “The 40 day blessing”

  1. te felicito mi linda,por respetar este tiempo de theo para que sea sagrado,te quiero mil y a theo lo amo con todo mi corazon,gracias por querer compartir conmigo este tiempo, se que para ti significa entregarme un poco de tu privacidade y este tiempo es de ustedes dos,y aun asi me haces participar,sabiendo que para mi es muy importante acompanarte en este inicio de tu vida como mama gracias linda te doy mi corazonnnnnnn

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