Karam Kriya 4 Kundalini Yoga

“Karam kriya is based on the understanding that you are a consciousness that defines itself as a spiritual being having a human experience, and you are here to self-initiate. Self-initiate implies personal volunteering into a process of engagement in practical contexts, maintaining a spirit of enquiry and applied consciousness to challenges that optimize your integrated learning experience”.  – Shiv Charan Singh

KARAM KRIYA AS A SUPPORT TO THE KUNDALINI YOGA TEACHER (KK4KY): The applied spiritual science of Karam Kriya is based on the primary intelligence of numbers, the virtues of the 10 Sikh Gurus, the universal principles of the Mul Mantra and the 10 Spiritual Bodies. Inspired and informed by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, it has been extensively developed and taught worldwide by Shiv Charan Singh.

The Karam Kriya School currently includes a large international community of Kundalini Yoga teachers and teacher trainers, Karam Kriya consultants and dedicated students.

This new course of monthly weekends is open to all. The course is particularly aimed at certified Kundalini Yoga teachers who would like to deepen and expand their understanding and practice of the content of the KY Teacher Training program, through the multiple perspectives and interrelated experiences of the disciplines, arts and sciences of Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga.


Next KK4KY training in Estonia:

28-29 Aprill 2018
11-14 Mai (Residential Quinta Do Rajo, Portugal)
9-10 Juuni
7-8 Juuli
11-12 August
1-2 September
More details coming soon!
Sukhdev K Khalsa

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology. Liivalaia 11/1-14, Tallinn, Estonia +372 53731839 dharamsaalkeskus@gmail.com

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