Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa

Sardarni Sahiba Sukhdev Kaur  Khalsa

Sikh Dharma Minister
Lead Trainer in Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
Aquarian Trainer Academy Level 1 and Level 2, 21 stages of Meditation (KRI)

Sacred Woman Infinite Mother pregnancy yoga program lead trainer
Karam Kriya consultant and trainer
Yoga Doula, Family consultant and Placenta specialist
BA in Architecture, ITESM Guadalajara 2004
MA Urban Studies, Estonian Academy of Arts 2006

Sardarni Sahiba Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa moved from her homeland of Mexico to Estonia in the early 2000’s where she founded the Guru Ram Das Ashram and the School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology. She has been sharing the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma across Europe and Mexico since then. As a Sikh Minister, Sukhdev Kaur is the coordinator of the Gurdwara at the European Yoga Festival every summer. Sukhdev Kaur is architect and urban planner having worked at the Estonian Academy of Arts for several years coordinating the Urban Studies MA and teaching students of Architecture and Landscape Architecture on a regular basis. Her passions include organic gardening, practicing gatka and ecological building together with her husband at the Ashram. In the past 15 years Sukhdev Kaur dedicates most of her time to train teachers in Kundalini Yoga, Women’s Teachings and several different courses across Eastern Europe, hosting several groups a year at the ashram. Sukhdev Kaur has been serving on the Sikh Dharma Education International board since 2021 and since 2023 is the Director of Continuous Education at Miri Piri Academy in India.

Eesti keeles:

Sukhdev on Dharamsaali juhataja. 2004. aastal tuli ta elama Mehhikost Eestisse ning jagama Yogi Bhajani õpetusi. KRI on kutsunud teda “Eesti kundalini jooga emaks”, kuna ta on palju aidanud Eestis kundalini jooga õpetusi levitada, sh koolitanud ca 150 Kundalini jooga õpetajat Eestis. 2008.a. asutas ta Eesti Kundalini Jooga Õpetajate Ühingu (, 2014.a. asutas Dharamsaali ning 2016.a. tegutseb Guru Ram Das Instituudi eestvedajana (Rajamaa Ashram).

Sukhdev on KRI-Aquarian Trainer Academy kundalini jooga õpetajate koolitaja (Lead Trainer Level 1 and Level 2), Teadliku raseduse jooga õpetaja ja koolitaja, Yoga Doula (sünnitoetaja), Karam Kriya numeroloogia konsultant ja koolitaja, ja Dharamsaali keskuse juhataja. Sukhdev sai kundalini jooga õpetajaks, kui ta oli 20-aastane ja sellest ajast on ta oma elu järjest sügavamalt pühendanud õpetuste jagamisele. Eriti südamelähedased on talle õpetused laste kasvatamisest ja teadlikust pereelust. Ta on abielus ja tal on kaks last. Hariduselt on Sukhdev arhitekt ja urbanist. Ta on Eestis Sikh Dharma eestvedaja.

Karam kriya numeroloogia, Humanoloogia konsultatsioonide ja SNR tervendamised Sukhdev Kauriga palun võta ühendust.

Kontakt: +372 5373 1839


Sukhdev K Khalsa - Dharamsaali juhataja
Sukhdev K Khalsa

“Just to remember that God is, that is the greatest meditation” – Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

On a day when the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan was holding Gurdwara in Mexico city, Sukhdev was born in a nearby hospital. None of her relatives were yogis nor practitioners of yoga, yet from childhood she had a clear vision of yoga as her main dedication in life. Sukhdev started practicing Kundalini Yoga when she was 17. After a couple of years, she took her Teacher Training Level 1 in Guadalajara with Gian Kaur Khalsa. As a young university student, Sukhdev started teaching in her community, mainly to elderly ladies and also in companies such as Coca Cola. Just before the passing of Siri Singh Sahib in 2004 and after graduating in Architecture and Urban Planning, with an adventurous spirit and knowing no-one, she moved to Estonia following her destiny and path of sharing the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, parallel to her professional work as an Associate Professor in Urban Studies. After a couple of years of teaching Kundalini Yoga in English, she was asked to teach in Estonian which was a big challenge and also a great opportunity to learn the language. This opened her experience of the local culture and understanding of the cultural baggage that people in Estonia carry. She has taught in a wide number of facilities, institutions and companies since then. She continues to improve her Estonian with the help of patient students and fellow teachers, and by now is able to deliver Teacher Training in Estonian with an inspirational and humble heart.

In 2008, together with the first Estonian Kundalini Yoga teachers, she founded and presided over the Estonian National Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (, and continues to be a regular member and senior consultant to the Board. One of the first and very inspiring events that the Association organized was a Peace and Integration Day in Tallinn after some riots, which created tension among different local cultures.

In 2010 Sukhdev organized the first Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with lead trainer Shiv Charan Singh, and continues to hold trainings Level 1 and 2, Conscious Pregnancy and Yoga Doula, Karam Kriya and other trainings since then, having trained about 120 Kundalini yoga teachers in the course of 7 years. Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa from KRI, during an interview at the Aquarian Trainer’s Academy once called her “The young mother of Estonia” for her work on spreading the Teachings there.

Sukhdev fell in love with the path of Sikh Dharma during a visit to the Golden Temple in 2006. After that she follows that spiritual path with humility and grace, being a representative of Sikh Dharma in Estonia since then, continuing to be in love with God and the pure and compassionate Teachings of the Sikh Gurus, organizing Gurdwaras in Tallinn at least yearly for the last 7 years.

“If you are in love with God you will always feel to remember God, because it is a simple human nature when you are in love with something, you try to remember that, you carry the pictures of that thing, you try to telephone that thing, you write to that thing, you hear about that thing, you talk about that thing, that thing, which has bewitched you in love blind you from everything else, intoxicates you and all you want is just that”. -Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

A turning point in her personal and spiritual development was the pregnancy, birth and death of Sukhdev’s firstborn, a daughter named Vida. She carried to term in spite of doctor’s fears and after a beautiful natural birth her newborn was taken for operation for several physical conditions coming from a chromosomal anomaly. Vida died after one day of life. This experience opened Sukhdev’s heart and soul to ultimate self-love and a sincere attitude of compassion. Her connection and relationship with the Teachings deepened and she could see the infinite wisdom and spiritual support that the Teachings and the Sikh Dharma provide. She has since then worked with many mothers supporting their pregnancy, birth, childraising and also sometimes grieving their children. After Vida, Sukhdev was blessed with two sons, Theo Jap Ram and Arti Pritpal, to whom she sings Shabds at home all the time.

In 2014 Sukhdev founded Dharamsaal, the School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology in Tallinn, Estonia ( Besides being a lighthouse in the capital city of Estonia amongs banks and office buildings, Dharamsaal as a Yoga Center offers trainings, regular classes, courses and accommodation for passers-by. A core concept of the School is to offer support and education in Humanology, for all stages in life but focused mainly on motherhood and conscious family living. One of the core activities of the School at the present moment is to hold a Conscious Parenting course, consisting of evenings that link the Teachings with everyday life situations at home as parents. She regularly gives personal consultations in Humanology, Karam Kriya Numerology and Sat Nam Rasayan. Sukhdev’s way of delivering is intense and provoking while staying devotional and compassionate, with an flow of timeless wisdom that surpasses her young age. She continues to study and complement her knowledge with Gurbani Kirtan under the guidance of Bhai Baldeep Singh and Karam Kriya under the guidance of Shiv Charan Singh ( Shiv Charan’s devotion and service to the Teachings have inspired her to deliver te technology in an uttmost pure form. She is writing two books based on the Teachings, one on grief and bereavement and other on Conscious Parenting. She is also pursuing her PhD (currently on maternity leave) studying the creation, development and impact of the Sangat.

One of the biggest long-term tasks at hand is an educational facility for children (and parents) based on the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan of Kundalini Yoga, Sikh Dharma and Humanology as well as other inspirational resources of ecological and sustainable living, inspired by Miri Piri Academy. In 2012 and by Guru’s Grace, Sukhdev acquired Rajamaa, a forested land just 25 km from Tallinn, the capital city. The land hosts the Guru Ram Das Ashram, a school dedicated to the spiritual growth through work, yoga, meditation and simran.

One of Sukhdev’s biggest sources of inspiration and service to the Divine is her family. Her non-yogi husband helps her in all her activities and life as a teacher with a patient and loving support, physically building and improving the facilities where she teaches and taking care of the family during her long training days. For Sukhdev, keeping the balance between being a teacher, trainer and leader, and being a householder, a wife and a mother with a young family, has been the most important place where to apply the technology to stay fully present in spite of all her different activities and roles. Most importantly, the excellence of the Teachings keep bringing inspiration to her to reach a better balance and a higher standard to keep on being true to herself and to be an example of integrity and commitment in her community. Without the Teachings and the blessing of God and Guru, Sukhdev would not have reached this far. It is with great humility, gratitude, love for service and courage that she continues to do her work of sharing and teaching in all surroundings.

Sukhdev Kaur coordinates since 2020 the Guru Ram Das Gurdwara at the European Yoga Festival every summer.

Since 2021 Sukhdev Kaur serves as the secretary of the Sikh Dharma Education International board, and since 2023 she works as the Director of Continuing Education at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India.

Isiklik konsultatsioon Sukhdev Kauriga

Sukhdev Kaur pakub personaalset nõustamist neile, kes vajavad nõuandeid konkreetsetes isiklikes küsimustes, oma vaimse arengu teel ja soovivad lahendada kindlaid mustreid selle eluaja jooksul. Sukhdev töötab peamiselt Karam Kriya konsultatsioonimeetodiga (Shiv Charan Singh poolt rakendatud numeroloogia meetod) kasutades sinu sünniaega ja hetke teemasid ning peenekoelist ja sügavat tervendamist läbi Sat Nam Rasayan’i.
Konsultatsiooni eesmärgiks on pakkuda peegelpilti ja kindlaid suuniseid, mis võivad sul aidata minna läbi teatud takistustest oma elus toetudes Kundalini joogale nii nagu seda õpetas Joogi Bhajan.

Sukhdev annab sageli kaasa ka hingamisharjutuse / meditatsiooni / jooga harjutuse, mis toetavad sind praegusel etapil ning aitavad liikuda järgmisele.

Sessioonid on nii inglise, hispaania kui eesti keeles ning kestavad umbes tunni. Konsultatsioonitasu on 60 eurot. Kui oled rahalistes raskustes, siis saad küsida hinnaalandust.

Aja kokkuleppimiseks võta Sukhdeviga ühendust tel. 5373 1839 või

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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