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Workshop “IN this world, not OF this world”

Sat nam,
Olete teretulnud töötoale, info allpool
(—-FOR ENGLISH go to the end)

*NB! Regulaarsed esmaspäevased joogatunnid on lõppenud ja see töötuba
tähistab kevadhooaja lõppu! (Täna tund EI TOIMU!)

“SELLES maailmas, mitte SELLEST maailmast”

Intensiivne töötuba, milles käsitleme elamist enese-aktsepteerimise ja -rahuga selles maailmas
Esmaspäev  19.05.2014 17:15-21:00
Wahe Guru keskuses, Niine 11, Tallinn

“See on baas fundamentaalne küsimus, mida pead oma elus taipama – see maailm eksisteerib Sinus ja  Sinust väljaspool ei ole maailma.” – Yogi Bhajan

Su hing on valinud tulla siia kindla inimesena, et õppida teatud õppetunde ja vabaneda sügavast karmast. Me elame erakordselt võimsal ajal. Paljud meist praktiseerivad meditatsiooni ja on leidnud spirituaalsuse. Kuid selles protsessis kaotame ühenduse reaalsusega ning loome tühjuse oma spirituaalse ja materiaalse olemuse vahel. Oleme loodud selleks, et ühendada teadlikult mõlemad maailmad, et jagada valgust pimeduses.

Igapäevane elu võib muutuda suureks väljakutseks, kui taoline isiksuse lõhe toimub:
–        Kannatab Sinu suhtlus partneri, laste ja/või kolleegidega
–        Sul võib esineda raskusi keskendumisel ja maisete ülesannete täitmisel, mis tunduvad “mõttetud” Sinu lõpmatule minale
–        Sind saadab süütunne, häbi, solvumine, isekus, kadedus, kibedus ja soov kedagi süüdistada
–        Koged polaarsusi väga tugevalt, ühel hetkel oled täiesti neutraalne ja teisel ei suuda end üleval hoida
–        Sinu spirituaalne praktika kõigub

Need kogemused on tavalised spirituaalse arengu osad ja võivad osutuda edasiliikumisel headeks vahenditeks.

Töötoas õpid kindlaid tööriistu, kuidas sellele lõhestumise survele vastu pidada ja kuidas tuua spirituaalne tarkus igapäevastesse maistesse toimingutesse. See aitab Sul jääda tuletorniks ka keerulistel aegadel ilma süütunde, häbi, kadeduse või piirangute karmata.

Sukhdev Kaur juhendab Sind läbi tervendava teekonna kasutades Kundalini jooga tehnikaid, meditatsioone ja peegeldusi.  Et võiksid end sügavamalt aktsepteerida ja arendada välja tugev enesearmastuse tunne ühendamaks oma lõpmatu ja lõplik olemus.

Töötuba on avatud kõigile, kaasaarvatud algajad, lapsevanemad, tulevased lapsevanemad, kogenud mediteerijad ja joogaõpetajad erinevatest traditsioonidest.

Hind: 22 eurot, mida saab maksta kohapeal sularahas.
Palun registreeru e-maili teel sukhdevkaur@khalsa.com või helistades  53731839.

*NB! Regulaarsed esmaspäevased joogatunnid on lõppenud ja see töötuba tähistab kevadhooaja lõppu!

“Õige pole oluline, vale pole oluline. See, mis on oluline selles maailmas, oled Sina. Ja see kuidas Sa oma elu kasutad. Kuidas Sa liigud, kuidas Sa liigud iseenda maailmas.” – Yogi Bhajan


*NB! Regular Monday classes have ended (no class tonight!), and this course closes the spring season!

“IN this world, not OF this world”
Intensive workshop on living in self-acceptance and self-peace in this world
Monday 19.05.2014 17:15-21:00 hrs
Wahe Guru Keskus, Niine 11, Tallinn

“This is a basic fundamental question which you have to realize in your life that within you this world exist, beyond you there is no world”

As a human being, your soul has chosen to come into this life to learn certain lessons and let go of deep-rooted karma. The time we are living is extremely powerful. Many of us practice meditation and have found spirituality, and in this process we lose the connection with reality, creating a void between your spiritual self and your material self. We are meant to marry both worlds in consciousness spreading light in the darkness.

Everyday life can become a real challenge when this personality split is present:
– communication with your partner, children and/or colleagues suffers,
– you find it hard to concentrate and fulfill mundane tasks which seem “pointless” to the infinite self
– there are present feelings of blame, shame, guilt, resentfulness, selfishness, envy and bitterness
– you experience the polarities very strongly, one moment being very neutral and the other unable to keep up
– your spiritual practice fluctuates

These experiences are a normal part of the spiritual development and can become a great tool to get you further.

In this workshop, you will learn certain tools to keep up with the pressure of times caused by this split, and how you can bring the spiritual wisdom you have gained into the everyday, mundane reality so you can really become a lighthouse in troublesome times without the karma of guilt, shame, blame, envy or limitation.

Sukhdev Kaur will guide through a healing journey using Kundalini yoga techniques, meditations and reflections on gaining a deeper self-acceptance and developing stronger self-love so you can marry your infinite and your finite selves.

This workshop is open to all, including beginners, parents, parents-to-be, experienced meditators and yoga teachers of all traditions.

Price: 22 eur to be paid in cash.
Please register by email to sukhdevkaur@khalsa.com or 53731839
*NB! Regular Monday classes have ended, and this course closes the
spring season!

“This world is the house of truth and only truth lives here”- Yogi Bhajan

The technology that works, into Sahej Sukh

This year I am reaching a beautiful haven. In my physical body, in my personal life, in my spiritual practice and mostly in my life and commitment as a teacher, a sense of maturity blossoms within me. It is a long awaited moment of consciousness, having gone through the hardships of 11 years of practice, of self awareness, of commitment to my path to develop myself through the technology of kundalini yoga. I am just in such a tremendous gratitude to the One, for giving me my teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, and Shiv Charan Singh for bringing light into my path. Out of ashes, out of a nobody in the crowd, has come a refinement and appreciation. Out of gratitude and prayer, of humility of knowing who the doer is, of infinite service, a stone has been chiseled. Out of me has come somebody who can help others reach their light. I am just at awe at the technology that works. At every sutra, every seed my teacher has planted within me, growing deeper and reaching farther. It has nothing to do with me actually. In just the player who took her role seriously and kept the reference and reverence to the One. I am just the living prayer through which God can create, organise and deliver his blessings. Just a tiny grain of sand which has been polished so it can reflect the rays of the sun.
My heart bursts with gratitude, for I see that the technology works. I have seen it with myself. I have seen it with my students, who are now eagles flying fearless and graceful. I have seen it in my home, in my child, in my sangat, in my enemies, in my world.
And all it requires is a commitment, a continued commitment to the soul and the path.
I give my head to my Guru and remain forever yours. There is no greater bliss than to be your servant. And with this, more blessings you send. There is no end to your gifts, king of kings. Present within all, permeating through every one and everything.
I cannot express in words this state of pure, divine bliss that comes as your gift. All through keeping up, commuting and remaining your servant.
In me, a renaissance in joy and bliss comes forth, the fourth stage opens with a grandiose symphony in peace and intuitive ease.

Deg Teg Fateh!

In constant and infinite gratitude,

Sukhdev Kaur

Kundalini jooga õpetajate koolituse 1. aste 2015


Olete oodatud osa võtta meie kundalini jooga õpetajate perest!
Järgmine koolitus algab 2015
Kogu info leiate siit: http://urbandharma.ee/kundalini-yoga-teacher-training/

Join our family and take part in the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Estonia in 2015. You are welcome to be a part of our growing community of teachers!


God is great (in other words, waheguru!)

Dear family,

I am amazed at the human heart. I’m just coming out of two very challenging days, full of stressful moments. This being a long story full of details, I will cut it short.
Two days ago I found myself in an awkward situation, where a training that I’m organizing was about to be cancelled 3 times. The reasons being different, I was concerned the most for the commitment I made all these participants on prices and resources. A big ugly misunderstanding came across, which demanded everybody to pay much more than what we had agreed with them. I could not consider calling and saying “hey, listen now you have to pay 80 eur more on accommodation for next week”. It was just a no question. I prayed for a solution. I considered all possible options, and would have been willing to pay that compensation from my own pocket. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) my pockets are almost empty, so I had to come up with a way to make it all work out well, for everyone, not only for me. I don’t like nasty people who leave you hanging or just quit at the moment it gets challenging, and I definitely didn’t want to be that person!
So I didn’t sleep, and I prayed, and I worried.. (this last thing didn’t help definitely!)
I followed Yogijis advice, and my heart, and wrote a very honest and respectful letter, just as I would like to receive from someone in the same situation. I empathized with all the players in the game. And I diplomatically and courageously wrote my heart out. What was new to me, breaking my usual (bad) habit, was that I specifically and clearly asked for what I wanted / needed. I tend to be one who postpones direct demands, which usually lead me nowhere or into an imbalance, having to give more than the other party (e.g I was willing to put 800 eur from my own money to just save the boat, let alone receiving any money for my work).
I stated my demand in a loving yet clear way.
And no answer came.
I got more scared.
I waited.
And prayed.
And ran around the house trying to become neutral.
So I went to Guru Sahib, and made an ardas (prayer).
I bowed, and took a hukam (a message to follow, I asked for something easy to understand for my poor head)
And just as I was reading it, Theo woke up.
I didn’t get to read the English translation, which my mind longed for guidance!
So I’m in bed, breastfeeding Theo back to sleep.
And continued reading the hukam in my phone (luckily before I ran out I looked at the page number).
And these parts stroke my bells:

“Serve the True Guru fearlessly, and your doubt shall be dispelled.

Do that work which the True Guru asks you to do.

Go to the Gate of Truth, and speak the Truth”

So in this situation, this meant to start calling everybody and tell the whole story, so they would decide whether or not to continue and put in some more money for their expenses. Wow, that sounded like a very nasty job, (to be done fearlessly!) but truth was on my side. So I took this command and bowed to it.
If that is what I’m supposed to do, then I’ll do it. Thank you.
Peace came into my being, a peace full of responsibility.
And I receive an email back from the venue.
By reading my letter they agreed to come down with their prices and meet us at a common ground, keeping their original prices. Wow!
I’m just amazed at the power of the human heart, by opening up and commiting to the end, I get this reward. I had lost hope, and kept my commitment. And I clearly stated my needs (thank you NVC!)
And I’m grateful for these people who sacrificed their earnings and time to come and meet us at common grounds.
Grateful for all the learning in this experience, may it stay with me in the future.
I make a pause, contemplate the beauty of the human soulful heart, and say:
God is great!
Blessings to each and every one.

Sukhdev Kaur
(from the bed still, Theo sleeping in my arms while I’m finishing this text on my phone)

Being very (selflessly) selfish

Sometimes I feel that extended breastfeeding, (by now we are 1.5 years and going strong) or even breastfeeding on demand, is a very selfish act. I get to have theo in my arms very often, it gives me a break, a pause in the day when I need to sit and just be (at the beginning this was really hard, sitting for so many hours), I don’t need to worry so much about that he eats so much, I don’t have to prepare any bottles, I get to be cuddled and caressed (he pulls at my hair all the time while breastfeeding), and and I get to reconnect. Those lovely eyes when he looks at me are killing. And the oxytocin of course! The rush in love hormones is priceless!
Well that compensates for the sleepless nights breastfeeding on and on (still waking many times to feed at night-I keep there as well an attitude of no hope). No sleep training in this house allowed, I want to be selfish, very selfish and feed him the breast, when he feels bad, sick, tired, hungry, overexcited, lost, happy and sleepy. All those times. I am very very selfish.
Part of this selfishness is not my fault. It was because my firstborn died and my cells have evperienced loss. They have come to know that what is one day, may not be the next. It is a cellular memory, I can’t do anything about it. So I’m selfish. and give the breast as if it was the last day I have.
Before we start judging we must accept that for every person, every situation, every relation, there is a destiny. And let’s accept that destiny without comparing. Tomorrow may be a whole different story.
Let’s be all very selflessly selfish.

Conscious Parenting workshops in Estonia and France

Dear Family,

I am happy to announce that my long-planned project and wishes of teaching Conscious Parenting have started to crystallize. Together with my dear colleague, mother and kundalini yoga teacher trainer, Bachitar Kaur from Germany (living in the Netherlands), we have set up a series of workshops to start the project running. All information is found from our joint website on Conscious Parenting: http://www.consciousparenting.eu/

The first one of these workshops is this weekend here in Estonia, at the Haapsalu Yoga Festival. The workshop will be held in English and translated into Estonian. We will see what parenting is from the yogic perspective and I will guide through a meditation to connect with this life flow as parents. Full description of this workshop and the Haapsalu Yoga Festival you can find here:

The second, longer workshop will take place at the European Yoga Festival in Fondjouan, France. This we will teach together Bachitar Kaur and me, and we welcome all friends from all over Europe (and beyond!) to join us. It will be an experience of parents together uplifting our experience as teachers for our children. For more information go here:

Im looking forward to seeing you all and sharing experiences and the teachings with all of you!
In gratitude to the divine,
Sukhdev Kaur

Japji sahib: song of the soul – (kursus 09.05.2012)

“When someone can understand Japji, he can understand the entire wisdom of God.” – Yogi Bhajan

Starting this wednesday, I will be holding a 5-class Japji Sahib course for the following weeks. The course is open to all who would like to dive into the teachings of Guru Nanak and experience the richness and wisdom of his words in the Japji Sahib. The Japji Sahib is a wonderful poem written to uplift the soul from the darkness of the ego-mind, and bring it back to its essence. The Japji Sahib teaches how to live in this world without having to retreat from the everyday doings and its teachings can be applied to every situation at home, work or during meditation. It is an extremely rich and beautiful poem, written in Gurmukhi in 40 paurees or stanzas which harmonizes the 5 tattwas (elements), the 8 chakras, the 10 spiritual bodies and brings clearness to the mind and fulfills the heart’s longing to belong.

The course will be focusing on right pronounciation, meaning and translation of the words and paurees, experiencing the power of Guru Nanak’s sound current, and integrating these in your life. We will be listening to Japji, chanting and meditating in different paurees, with yoga exercises and special meditations to enhance the experience. The course will be an elevating and inspiring immersion into self-mastery through the technology of the Shabd Guru.

Regular price 50 eur (full 5-class course)
Kundalini yoga teachers and trainees (teachers-in-training) 40 eur
Unemployed, senior and students 27 eur
Attending one class 12 eur

Loovstuudio, Rästa 10b, Tallinn

K 9.05.2012, K 16.05, E 21.05, K 30.05, E 04.06
18.00 – 19:45 hrs

As part of the course, you will receive a printed copy of the Japji when registering in advance.
The course will take part either in English or Estonian, depending on participant’s needs and flow of the class.

To register, please fill the form below or write an email:
Sukhdev Kaur
+372 53731839

some thoughts on motherhood

Motherhood is actually the chance to practice all I believe in, going beyond the thinking of what others might think, and diving deeply into the seed and the soul of my child. The more I can teach him by my own centeredness, zooming in and out from the 1 to the 10, from the situation into the big picture and viceversa, realising of the situation. Parenting is when children reflect the mirror of what we show them. And motherhood (as pregnancy, childhood, adulthood, and well, LIFE)is the time to keep in mind (and meditate on) the nine treasures:

1 humility

2 loyalty and devotion

3 equality

4 selfless service

5 sacrifice

6 fearlessness

7 forgiveness

8 compassion

9 peace

and also, the 10th hidden treasure behind all, which is courage

karam kriya nädalavahetus

Tee numbritega tutvust.

Numbrid ümbritsevad meid kõikjal – kogu universum põhineb ju numbritel. Mida numbrid kaasa toovad? Kuidas arendada välja keel numbritega suhtlemiseks= Kuidas numbritega muuta oma elu?

“Teekond peast südamesse”

Sissejuhatus Karam Kriyasse / Teadlikkus numbritest
09-10 juuli 2011, kl 10-18 Tallinnas, Budakojas (Luha tn 1)

Tule liitu Hari Krishan Singhiga teekonnal peast südamesse, mille teejuht on numbrite universaalne keel.

Karam Kriya ehk rakenduslik numeroloogia tegeleb numbrite nö „viimase keelega“, mis võimaldab meil ületada näiline reaalsus ning kuulata alati kõikjal olevat Tõde, mis ilmneb igapäevaselt meie suhetes ja ümbruskonnas. Töötame viie keelega: maagia, meditsiin, teadus, kunst ja haridus. Karam Kriya on teadlikult loodud ruum, kus numbrid kõnelevad igavikulist Tõde.

Numbid on viimane abstraktsioon enne kõik-on-üks olemist ja seetõttu ka üks viimaseid samme mõistmaks kosmilise kanga mustrit. Kommunikatsioonis me tunnistame nelja järgnevat avardumist, mis võivad tervendada blokeeringuid, pahelisi mustreid ja mis iganes takistusi, et kogeda selgust oma suhetes. Kaasame loomaliku, inimliku ja ingelliku aspekti ning loome sideme personaalse ja universaalse vahel sinu elus.

Karam kriya numeroloogia jätkukoolitus (november 2011-oktoober 2012) õpetab, kuidas teha tööd numbrite maailmaga.

Hari Krishan Singh (Nederlands)
Hari Krishanist sai 2003 aastal Shiv Charan Singhi õpilane ning õpib tema käe all siiani. Teda on õnnistatud olema Karam Kriya asutaja Hollandis, ta on Karam Kriya õpetaja ja konsultant ning ühtlasi koolitab tulevasi kundalini jooga õpetajaid. “Numbrid on mu elus alati aktiivselt kohal. Mul on suur au õpetada Karam Kriya koolkonnas ja au läbi viia seda koolitust Eestis“.

Mõlemad päevad 145 eur. Soodushinnaga 125 eur kui registreerid enne 01.07.2011
Osalemine ühel päeval 85 eur.
Osalemiseks on vajalik eelnev registreerimine meiliaadressil sukhdevkaur@khalsa.com , ja
tagastamatu ettemaksu 50 EUR tasumine hiljemalt 01.07.2011 Urban Dharma OÜ 10220090076018 selgitus “kk intro” Ülejäänud summa tasumine kohapeal (kui arve on vaja, sellele lisandub KM)
Kursus tõlgitakse inglise keelest eesti keelde