The Art of True Love


Workshop on Conscious Relationships
with Hari Nam Singh and Kulwant Kaur
16  and 17 May 2019 (thursday 17-19, friday 17-20)


This workshop  is perfect for anyone looking guidance on how to find and keep the love of your life, to keep an ongoing relationship in harmony, to recover from the heartbreak of  a lost love. The workshop will teach you how to elevate that joyful union to unimaginable heights. It is expected that your perspective towards relationships, and your ability to deal with them will never be the same. We will be practicing powerful tools from the tradition of Kundalini yoga to support the experience. The course will be presented by Hari Nam Singh Khalsa and Kulwant Kaur Khalsa, who have used the techniques that will be presented in this course to great benefit in their own marriage. Hari Nam is a couples counselor, and has taught Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years and is an ordained minister in Sikh Dharma. He is best known for his passion, humor, storytelling, diverse interests and unflinching commitment to the highest ideals of the spiritual path. Kulwant Kaur is also a couples counselor and has taught Hatha yoga for over 20 years. For more information on Hari Nam visit:

The workshop is open for couples and singles, men and women!

Töötuba on inglise keeles tõlkega eesti keelde.

Koht: DharamsaalKundalini jooga ja humanoloogia keskus, Liivalaia 11/1-14 Tallinn.

Hind: Osaledes mõlematel õhtutel töötuba maksab 38€  (ühel õhtul 20€ eur), registreerides hiljemalt 14 mai 2019. Registreerimise kinnitamiseks kanna 20 eurot ettemaksu MTÜ Guru Ram Das Instituut kontole EE597700771002082177 (selgituseks sinu nimi ja “Hari Nam”). Summa on mitte-tagastatav (tagastame juhul kui töötuba jääb ära). Pärast ülekannet täida allolev vorm. Ülejäänu too sularahas. 
Peale 14 mai. on
 töötoa hind 50 eurot (mõlemad õhtud), ühel õhtul 40 eur.

Peale deposiidi ülekannet palume täita allolev registreerimisvormi:

Palun võta kaasa oma joogamatt ning märkmik. Rohkem infot: Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa +372 53731839


School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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