International Karam Kriya Women’s Camp 2013

For information and bookings: Sukhdev Kaur (Estonia)  +372 53731839

For the registration form, scroll down.

Arrival and departure:

Arrival is on thursday 27. june 2013 in the evening. Dinner is served at 19, and is kept warm until 20:30 for late arrivals.
Program starts on Friday 28. june with Sadhana (morning yoga) at 05:00 am.
Program ends on Monday 1. july at 17 hrs.
(no dinner included). It is however possible to order dinner for 1.07 at your own expenses, and spend the night for an extra fee.

Seva (Karma yoga):

All attendants are required to help in some way with the smooth running of the camp. Mothers are required to serve in the Children’s camp (see below under Children). Available seva works are: Cleaning the yoga spaces, Gurdwara, Food serving and tea preparation, registration and Children’s camp, gate keepers (bracelet check at doors) camp set-up / take-down. Pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers are not required to do seva.

What to bring:

Yoga mat/ sheepskin, blanket/shawl for covering, clothes for warm/sunny weather and also for cold/wet weather (rubber boots, raingear, warm sweater, woolen socks…), comfortable yoga clothes and headcover, water bottle, musical instrument, safe purse for your money.

Price and payments:

For ease and transparency, payments are divided into two: teachings and accomodation/food/organization. All participants are required to pay both fees.
If you need invoice, please let us know when you register.

Prices per person in EUROS Teaching fee Camp organization fee, accommodation and food TOTAL
Bed in dormitory, shared rooms with common bathrooms and toilets *only 30 beds available!-hurry if you want to book! 260 (286) 247 (546) 507
Bed in Hotel room, in shared room for THREE persons, insuite bathroom 260 (330) 281 (590) 551
Bed in Hotel room, in shared rooms for TWO persons, insuite bathroom 260 (346) 297 (606) 567
CHILD 0-2 years free free free
CHILD 2-12 years, in shared dormitory free (101) 93 (101) 93
CHILD 2-12 years, in hotel room for Three free (123) 115 (123) 115
CHILD 2-12 years, in hotel room for TWO free (131) 123 (131) 123
DAILY RATE (does not include accommodation nor breakfast) 65 (60) 47 (125) 112
Only the weekend (Sat morn – sun evening) (includes meals both days and one night in hostel accomodation) 130 (60) 101 (125) 231

To book your place, please fill the registration form (below) and pay the deposit of 60 eur to the following account. The rest of the money is paid in cash on the first day. Please bring enough cash! (also for extra things bought at the bazaar).
Account name: OÜ Urban Dharma    Address: Vase 5-23 Tallinn 10125 Estonia
IBAN: EE461010220090076018   SWIFT/BIC code: EEUHEE2X
Bank: SEB   Bank address: Tornimäe 2, Tallinn 15010 Estonia
Description: KKWC 2013 + your name
Please note it is not possible to bring a tent!


Children from all ages are welcome to join their mothers in this uplifting experience of community. All children must be registered and pay the children’s fee (part of the accomodation/organization fee, which covers art material, extra snacks, games, children’s yoga, etc). Please bring clothes according to sunny and rainy/cold weather. Children take their breakfast, lunch and dinner with their mothers at the restaurant (not in the children’s camp). A more detailed information will be sent to parents upon registration (please register in the form below). 
There is a division between age groups. Depending on the amount of children, they will be doing work on their own or together for certain amounts of time during the day.
Toddlers 1.5-3 years: Mothers must be present at the camp. If your toddler feels safe and wants to stay alone at the children’s camp, it must be discussed with the Children’s camp coordinators. There will be volunteers taking care of toddlers, however you must be present during other days depending on the feeling of security your toddler needs. If your toddler is not able to stay at the children’s area then you are responsible to take care of your child.
Young children 4-9 years: Children have different activities at the children’s camp and also outside in the nature, in the Nature museum (within the camp’s grounds), and in the forest behind the Manor. There will be volunteers taking care of children, and extra snacks during the day.
Pre-teens 10-12. Pre-teens are encouraged to participate in the regular camp’s workshops and are not allowed to leave the camp’s grounds without permission. They are welcome to help with smaller children and depending on the amount of pre-teens, there might be special activities for them.
*The organizers do not take responsibility for children/pre-teens when they are not within the children’s camp grounds.

For more information and registration contact Sukhdev Kaur
+372 53731839
* last updated 15. may 2013

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