Open Lecture by Shiv Charan Singh

Friday September 10th 2021, 18:15 hrs EEST / 17:15 hrs CEST
Zoom or in-person in Estonia
*in English and with translation to Estonian*

We feel truth but often lack the words to express it.
And therefore fail to fully live by this inner knowing.
We quote proverbs, sutras, great sayings of our ancestors, passages from scripture.
Sensing the guiding intelligence within them.
Recognising the need to navigate well in a foggy world
full of multiple mixed messages.
But how can the compass of reality function
if there is no axis of reference.
Join us for a contemplative conversation
about hearing the echo of your spirit.

25€ by registering and making your deposit (bank payment or Paypal) latest by September 7th. Later registrations 30€.

To Register:

1- Fill up the Registration form found below
2- Make your payment on Paypal below or by bank transfer with your name and “Hukam lecture” as description to:

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iban: EE597700771002082177
country: Estonia
bank: LHV
Bic/Swift: LHVBEE22

***Please make sure you fill up the form below AND do your payment. We need your registration form so we can send you the zoom link.

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Participation in Open lecture by Shiv Charan Singh (price 30€ registration after September 8th)


School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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