Gatka tunnid Tartus Reede 6. jaanuar ja Laupäev 7. jaanuar kl 17:30-18:30 – 8€/ tund.

Asukoht: Rajamaa ashram, Kalesi küla, Raasiku vald, Harjumaa.

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Gatka class can be held both in english and estonian as needed.


GATKA-the Dance of the Sword

Gatka is the martial art of the Sikh tradition from Northwest India. It is the science of self defense, intended to harmonize body, mind and spirit, making you able to deliver your message, your Essence to the World, giving you Purity and Grace. GAT means grace, or liberation. KA means one who belongs. It comes from the ancient warriors of India, the Kshatriya. Guru Hargobind was trained by them, and established the concept of Miri-Piri, the Saint-Soldier.  The 6th Master united the Shakti (power to manifest) and Bhakti (devotion). Guru Gobind Singh reinforced the lifestyle of the Saint-Soldier to defend the Dharma, and the rightful living for all human beings.

Unlike other martial arts, Gatka also relates to the female aspect within us. Its power and skill is expressed in dance-like flowing movements, while each step is accompanied by devotional music with an upbeat rhythm.

In Gatka, balance, rhythm, breathing and meditation are trained; coordination is enhanced. Right-handers are trained left-handedly and vice versa, calibrating and balancing both hemispheres of the brain.


·     Promotes coordination of the body and brain

·     Sharpens focus

·     Enhances projection

·     Builds up stamina

·     Full-body work out

·     Fat-burning

·     Accelerates lymphatic system activity

·     Expands your electromagnetic field

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School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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