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My spiritual name is Sukhdev Kaur, princess of divine peace. On birth my parents blessed me with the name of Lilia Del Rio, which actually reflects my nature the same way as my spiritual name, since a lily flower in the river stands the pressure of the current and sits gracefully on top, with its roots well set down into the earth.

Originally I was born in Mexico, and moved to Estonia 9 years ago, sent by my teacher Yogi Bhajan who saw the need for me to live in Estonia. One of the blessings I have received here, is to see the Kundalini Yoga community be born and flourish into a sangat of over 100 teachers and probably over 1000 students.

I am happily married and am blessed to be mother of two. 

Having practiced since 1999, I teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan since 2003, and am the first Associate Trainer in Estonia at the Aquarian Trainer Academy, teaching teachers in Estonia, Finland and the rest of Europe, under the lead of Shiv Charan Singh. I also have finished my studies in architecture back in Mexico, Urban Studies in Estonia and currently writing my PhD at the Estonian Academy of Arts, where I am associate professor (currently on maternity leave). I practice and teach Karam Kriya Numerology, Sat Nam Rasayan and healing through prayer,. Besides this, my soul is greatly inspired to share the technology of kundalini yoga for mothers, through Conscious Pregnancy and post-partum yoga, to inspire mothers in the loving path of creating life with love, wisdom and consciousness, teaching in Estonia, Spain, Finland and Russia. I am also a Doula (pregnancy, birth and post-partum support person) and IPEN Placenta specialist.

But most of all, I am a human, and through every step and test the universe puts in my life, I am learning to be human, to be in touch with my heart and to listen to the great book written inside me.

Articles by and about Sukhdev Kaur

Epifanio “The Diagonal Path” http://www.epifanio.eu/nr6/eng/diagonal_path.html

contact me at tel. 53731839  sukhdevkaur @ khalsa . com

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology. Liivalaia 11/1-14, Tallinn, Estonia +372 53731839 dharamsaalkeskus@gmail.com

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