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Sinus ei ole muud väge, peale oma tarkuse jagamise kõigiga

Satnam! (this post is in Estonian, for the local sangat!)

Kevad juba toob vee element esile- “The Great Awakening” ehk suur ärkamine. Pärast tagasihoidlik aeg talvel, loodus toob õitseng, küllus, voolamine ning inimeste sees ärkab teadvus koos loodusega.

Kevad on just õige aeg astuda julgelt oma teadlikkusse teel. Kundalini jooga õpetajate koolitus algab 13. aprill 2013. Siin on Yogi Bhajani sõnad millega õpetajate õpik algab:

„SINU JAOKS EI OLE IDENTITEETI, VÄLJA ARVATUD SINU VAIMNE KUULUVUS. Sinus ei ole muud soovi, kui vaid õppida. Ei ole muud saavutust, kui saada kogenuks. Ei ole muud väge, peale oma tarkuse jagamise kõigiga. Jaga kaastundega – sulle hüvitatakse kõik ning sul ei ole enam raskuseid. Siis tuleb kõik sinu juurde ning sina ei pea kellegi järgnema.“ – Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher Level 1 textbook 2003 © KRI.

See aasta tuleb meie Eestis 5. lend. Kundalini jooga pere Eestis on kasvanud kiiresti ja jõuliselt, ning loodetavasti varsti on Kundalini jooga leida ja tuttav igas piirkonnas, igas vallas ning igas vanuses Eestis. Minu palve on see, et meie ühine pere saab lüüa Eestisse sügav rahu ning arendada teadlikkust kõikjal. Õpetajate koolitus ei ole ainult jooga õpetamisest, see on ise enda leidmisest ning oma suhtumise ja vibratsioon tõstmisest. Ja kõige olulisem on see, et see valgus mis sa oled leidnud endas saad jagada teistega.

Minu au on teiega see suurepärane teekond jagada ning vaadata kuidas meie perega liituvad imelised inimesed nagu sina. Kui Eestisse jõudsin 2004. aastal, oli vaid 2-3 õpetajad ning pidin need ülesse leidma et jõudu ühineda ning koos aeg veeta. Nüüd 2013. aastal on juba mitu KY keskused, Kundalini Jooga õpetajate ühing töötab väga aktiivselt, kundalini jooga tunnid õpetatakse igal pool ja igal ajal, laste jooga, rasedate jooga, beebi ja ema jooga, meeste jooga, algajate jooga, edasijõudnute jooga, teistmelise jooga, seeniorite jooga… arstidele, ettevõtjatele, sportlastele, töötutele, vangidele, puuetega inimestele… Ja veel on paljud paljud kellel oleks jooga abi vaja.

Tule siis, liitu meie perega ja jaga oma sära oma sõpruskonnas!

Kogu õpetajate koolituse info siit: http://urbandharma.ee/kundalini-yoga-teacher-training/
(NB! 8. märtsini on pisut soodsam)

2012 koolitus on juba lõpetatud, alati ma tunnen kurbust kui on jälle aasta koos läbi. Siin on mõned pildid 2012 lõpetajatest:


IMG_3833 IMG_3831IMG_1777 IMG_1518

God is great (in other words, waheguru!)

Dear family,

I am amazed at the human heart. I’m just coming out of two very challenging days, full of stressful moments. This being a long story full of details, I will cut it short.
Two days ago I found myself in an awkward situation, where a training that I’m organizing was about to be cancelled 3 times. The reasons being different, I was concerned the most for the commitment I made all these participants on prices and resources. A big ugly misunderstanding came across, which demanded everybody to pay much more than what we had agreed with them. I could not consider calling and saying “hey, listen now you have to pay 80 eur more on accommodation for next week”. It was just a no question. I prayed for a solution. I considered all possible options, and would have been willing to pay that compensation from my own pocket. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) my pockets are almost empty, so I had to come up with a way to make it all work out well, for everyone, not only for me. I don’t like nasty people who leave you hanging or just quit at the moment it gets challenging, and I definitely didn’t want to be that person!
So I didn’t sleep, and I prayed, and I worried.. (this last thing didn’t help definitely!)
I followed Yogijis advice, and my heart, and wrote a very honest and respectful letter, just as I would like to receive from someone in the same situation. I empathized with all the players in the game. And I diplomatically and courageously wrote my heart out. What was new to me, breaking my usual (bad) habit, was that I specifically and clearly asked for what I wanted / needed. I tend to be one who postpones direct demands, which usually lead me nowhere or into an imbalance, having to give more than the other party (e.g I was willing to put 800 eur from my own money to just save the boat, let alone receiving any money for my work).
I stated my demand in a loving yet clear way.
And no answer came.
I got more scared.
I waited.
And prayed.
And ran around the house trying to become neutral.
So I went to Guru Sahib, and made an ardas (prayer).
I bowed, and took a hukam (a message to follow, I asked for something easy to understand for my poor head)
And just as I was reading it, Theo woke up.
I didn’t get to read the English translation, which my mind longed for guidance!
So I’m in bed, breastfeeding Theo back to sleep.
And continued reading the hukam in my phone (luckily before I ran out I looked at the page number).
And these parts stroke my bells:

“Serve the True Guru fearlessly, and your doubt shall be dispelled.

Do that work which the True Guru asks you to do.

Go to the Gate of Truth, and speak the Truth”

So in this situation, this meant to start calling everybody and tell the whole story, so they would decide whether or not to continue and put in some more money for their expenses. Wow, that sounded like a very nasty job, (to be done fearlessly!) but truth was on my side. So I took this command and bowed to it.
If that is what I’m supposed to do, then I’ll do it. Thank you.
Peace came into my being, a peace full of responsibility.
And I receive an email back from the venue.
By reading my letter they agreed to come down with their prices and meet us at a common ground, keeping their original prices. Wow!
I’m just amazed at the power of the human heart, by opening up and commiting to the end, I get this reward. I had lost hope, and kept my commitment. And I clearly stated my needs (thank you NVC!)
And I’m grateful for these people who sacrificed their earnings and time to come and meet us at common grounds.
Grateful for all the learning in this experience, may it stay with me in the future.
I make a pause, contemplate the beauty of the human soulful heart, and say:
God is great!
Blessings to each and every one.

Sukhdev Kaur
(from the bed still, Theo sleeping in my arms while I’m finishing this text on my phone)