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God-like parenting

This is probably the most important thing I have learnt from the master about parenting. Although he said it directly only a few times, this concept resonates within all of Yogiji’s teachings on parenting.

And it is actually a very simple idea, easy to remember, yet takes a lot of courage and practice to apply. I like to call it god-like parenting.

In your parenting, act like god. Talk to your children like god would talk to them, heave like god, dress like god, act like god, love like god, forgive like god, be compassionate like god, be humble like god, graceful, radiant and patient like god.

But what does that mean exactly? Well, to me god is the existence beyond any limitations. It is the limitless, infinite, liberated part of me (and of each and every one) that escapes all descriptions, all faults and flaws, in one word- all limits. In other woes, god is the experience of the infinite within. That vast source of ecstasy, of boundless love, strength, courage, and all qualities you find in the realm of the higher self. God, in a way, is the exponential potential you, your great potential expanded exponentially.

So to say that as a parent (or as a person really! In all your actions) you must be patient like god, it means that your patience must not be limited. This is easily brought to light many times having a nursing toddler who is tossing and turning trying to fight imminent sleep. Just remain patient when you feel your patience reaches a limit, just reach out for your god-like backpack of infinite patience. And believe me, it works.
And do the same with each and every quality you attach to the word god.
Do not believe me, just try it.
You will surprise yourself of how great, magnificent, kind and graceful you can be.
In humble service of the divine within all,
Sukhdev Kaur


Harmonious Communication

Sat nam dear friends,

This year I have been very profoundly examinating my own communication, trying to get rid of any violence in it, any demands, any disharmony which is present in my words. I do find that communication is one of the most important ways of how we can impact others, touch them with the wind of compassion, and elevate ourselves and others. Here is 5 simple (yet deep) rules of how to improve your communication:

Yogi Bhajan’s rules of harmonious communication.

  1. You are communicating for a better tomorrow, not to spoil today.
  2. Whatever you are going to say is going to live forever. And you have to live through it. Therefore, take care so you don’t have to live through the mud of your own communication.
  3. One wrong word said can do much more wrong than you can even imagine or estimate.
  4. Words spoken are a chance for communication. Don’t turn them into war.
  5. When you communicate, you have to communicate again. Don’t make the road rough.

-From the book The Aquarian Teacher. Teacher Training in Kundalini yoga by Yogi Bhajan.

Now I realise, I may have posted this before. Nevertheless, it will never lose its importance!

Blessings and a harmonious communication to all!

-Sukhdev K


Communicate for a better tomorrow

A truly conscious and harmonious communication is a great challenge for all onus humans. Specially is we haven’t grown up with that, or we don’t have any experience on that. Yet it is the key to all success, specially in relationships, in family life, in parenting.
It is a challenge, yet as with all great challenges we are posed a choice: do we keep communicating to hurt each other, to feed our own negative habitual communication, keep reacting and feeding our selfish ego, or do we choose to be conscious every time and transcend the present situation in order for a better future. That means sometimes compromising our own way of seeing the world (eg I know that I am right and you are wrong!…) and:
1) learning to see the other’s point of view = EMPATHY
2) understanding the other through COMPASSION (maybe they at slower to learn, or they just can’t understand our point of view?)
3) keep communicating (non violently), explain everything you think and you need and NEVER taking anything for granted.
4) all communication is meant to elevate us (both sides!) = UPLIFT the other!
5) be civilised. Usually we behave like beasts while communicating (throwing our own garbage to the other, being emotional, reactive). Take at least 9 seconds to respond. And don’t communicate in the heat of anger or resentment.
6) patience, patience and more patience. And relax… You can communicate better when you are relaxed (even though your needs maybe have not been met)
7) LISTEN. Listen carefully and patiently. Try to imagine how the other is feeling and UNDERSTAND that the other has also needs to be met, although he may not know how to express them. Don’t go into “I’m right and you are wrong”, because actually, both are always right, since each of you is alive and has needs. Be an active listener to what the other is saying, not to what your mind is telling you (usually already cooking an answer?)

Here are Yogi Bhajans 5 rules for Harmonious Communication:

Blessed blessed be thy communication, angelic, blissful, uplifting, healing and full of life!

In gratitude (quickly writing from my iPod 🙂
Sukhdev Kaur