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Conscious pregnancy workshop in Helsinki

Sat nam!

Im happy to announce that I will be coming to Helsinki to share the teachings on women, pregnancy, birth and beyond from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. Me (and my 6-month pregnant belly) will be sharing techniques, yoga exercises, nutritional tips, meditations, dances and personal experiences. All are welcome to join! Information is in the poster below.

Love and blessings, Sukhdev K

Guru darshan: The first look in this world

As I finished my sadhana today, I saw my reflection in the ipod, and stared deeply into my eyes. I saw the reflection of the eyes of Vida, and the eyes of my unborn child, and the reflection of the line of women in my ancestry. I understood one very simple yet great thing, why newborns with their fresh eyes look first to meet the eyes of their mother. Those round deep windows to the soul reflect but one thing: the infinite connection with God, with the greatness of all creation, fulfilling the gap between the I and the you and we. That first, complete, peaceful and radiant look at the eyes of the mother ensures that god is within and fulfills our first experience in this world: the longing to belong.
Guru darshan means the deep, compassionate, uplifting gaze or vision of the beloved teacher. It means being in the presence of the infinite and all- encompassing wisdom. It is possible to experience that in the first gaze at the mother’s eyes.