Spring Detox-to-Radiance Retreat

18-21 MAY 2023

Are you being dragged in life instead of being in charge of your life?

Are you experiencing tiredness and sluggishness during this winter / spring?

Would you like to experience four full days in nature with the most nurturing and cleansing food?

Would you like to re-start and do so in the company of a wonderful group experience?

Do you want to escape everyday life and get inspired?

Then this is for you!

Spring is the best moment for a re-start and cleaning of your Body and Mind, so that you can reconnect with your Soul and the source of your inspiration.

In the Spring Detox-to-Radiance Retreat we will:

🐚 Detox your body with a special cleansing yogic diet

🐚 Enjoy being in pure nature in the company of fellow yogi/nis

🐚 Practice Kundalini Yoga for Vitality and Radiance, Gatka martial art, walks in the woods, cooking class and self-massage

🐚 Relax in the evening with Sauna

🐚 Work in the kitchen garden to ground your mind and body

🐚 Experience living in an off-grid self-sustainable community

🐚 Learn about survival skills and practice simple living in harmony with nature

Open to experienced yogis and beginners. 

More info coming in January!

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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