Shakti Dance teacher training

October 2013 – August 2014

The Training Programme Includes

1. Yoga of Dance:
-Cosmology and Hindu Mythology -Yogic Philosophy

2. Physical Body – Body as an Instrument:
-Universal Principles of Harmonious Movement -Dynamic Asanas -Cadences and Sequences of Movement -Different Dance Styles
-Mood (Bhava), Emotion (Rasa) and Rhythm (Talas)

3. Mental Body – Mind as a Servant:
-Awareness, Intention and Focus -Mental Presence in Motion

4. Energetic Body – Breath of Life:
-Breath and Movement -Pranayama in Motion -Yogic Anatomy in Dance -Prana and Electromagnetism -Healing Dance

5. Mantras and Motion – Sound and Vibration:
-Immersion in the Sound Current -Mantras, Meaning and Effects -Celestial Communication -Mantric Choreographies

6. Growth as a Teacher – Personal Development:
-Dynamic Structure of a Shakti Dance Class -Methodology and Techniques for Teaching Shakti Dance -The Role of the Teacher

The Dates of the Training Program are as follows:

24-27 October 2013 (Thurs-Sun 9 am -6 pm) Helsinki
4-7 January 2014 (Thurs-Sun 9am – 6pm) Tallinn
7-9 March 2014 (Fri-Sun 9am-6pm) Tallinn,
2-4 May 2014 (Fri-Sun 9am-6pm) Helsinki, 
5-13 July 2014 (Sat 3pm – Sun 1pm) residential module, Italy near Rome,
30-31 August 2014 (Sat-Sun 9am to as long as it takes) Helsinki.

More information and registration straight to  Sat Darshan Lafontaine +358 44 278 9970,

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