Rajamaa ashram

Satnaam! Welcome to our Ashram!

It is our blessing to welcome you to our home in Estonia, located 25 km from Tallinn (20 km from Tallinn Airport) and close to Aruküla in Raasiku vald. We started building it and blessing it with the Shabd Guru since 2012, and now is an active place for sadhana, sangat’s gatherings, teacher training, ashram experience, women’s camps, gong evenings, spiritual warrior camps and other spiritual events in the tradition of Sikh Dharma, Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga. We are a growing community of humans who love living in the forest and respecting nature.

The main concept of the Rajamaa Ashram is to be very down-to-earth, to experience a humble and simple lifestyle while enjoying the bounty of the forest around us and the elements in their pure form. When you come to our events, you will be spending most of your the day outside! This was a deeply meditated decision by Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa, who is also and architect and urban planner. She has drawn inspiration from her experiences in those fields as well as all the retreat places she visited for over 15 years all over the world. The main intention was to make all buildings separate so that you experience being outside all the time – it has a fantastic added effect on the human psyche, specially for those who live in cities and spend most of their time indoors. The prana charge is fantastic, sometimes even overwhelming!  We have off-grid electricity solely coming from solar panels, pure water coming from a deep well, outside showers and dry toilets. We ask our guests to kindly respect the use of all resources and to experience the power of this simple lifestyle while their stay at the ashram. Less is more!

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For more information please contact Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa.

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology & Guru Ram Das Institute at Rajamaa, Estonia

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