Karam Kriya Women’s Camp

2019 Estonian Karam Kriya Women’s Camp
@  Rajamaa Ashram, Kalesi küla, Raasiku Vald, Harjumaa
23-25 August 2019
(Arrival evening of 23rd, Departure evening 25th)

This is an opportunity for all women to:

  • Feel free to be themselves and express their soul
  • Experience a deep sense of community amongst sisters, mothers, daughters
  • Learn new things from other women
  • Dive deeper into the wisdom of Karam Kriya Numerology
  • Practice Kundalini yoga, and other practices aligned with the wisdom of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and other women’s wisdom
  • Feel supported and gather inspiration to share in their homes, workplaces and world

The Estonian Karam Kriya Women’s camp started as a place to share and be together in a truly aquarian way and by true female leadership. It is not a business, not a place of asserting power, but a place to just be together as women and inspire one another. There will be daily kundalini yoga sadhana and evening kirtan, walks in nature, evening sauna, red tent, seva and workshops offered by the organizers and/or participants.

There is only a participation fee of 25 eur for booking your space. No more fees are required from you. Nevertheless, participants are required to bring three offerings to be shared during the camp:

1. HEALTHY OFFERING: Vegetarian food to be prepared during the camp by ourselves (Bring an array of vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, oils, spices, etc. Please take into account that ALL food cooked and served during the camp is brought by participants in this way).
2. HAPPY OFFERING: An offering for the camp (seva: Preparing food / taking care of the children / cleaning /  heating sauna, etc) and an offering for the ashram, to improve the spaces inside or outside and to inspire those who come afterwards (can be a tree, a chair, a flower to plant… – you can take care of it each year!)
3. HOLY OFFERING: Wisdom to nurture the soul and share with one another (your own wisdom to share, about your profession, your passion, etc, e.g. a lecture on plants, a workshop on massage, a class about stretching, a talk about solar energy, ayurveda, history, etc. Wisdom that you already know and please know you don’t have to learn something new to impress us at the camp! Just be yourself and it will unfold)

Children of all ages are welcome to join their mothers, sisters, etc. Please take into account that children are the responsibility of their caretakers, not of the organizers, and there wont be an extra children’s camp, but they will be around the space the whole time. We also ask children to bring their own offering (better when they chose it themselves, to be brought to the altar: eg. can be a leaf, a flower, a stone, whatever the child wants to bring). Bring also extra food for the child, the food they love, so they will be well nurtured. If a child also wants to bring a Holy offering (show us / teach us something they love, they are very welcome).

Accommodation is in shared dormitories or your own tent. For the camp there is no extra fee for using the dormitories when you bring your OWN bed linen and towel (pillows and duvets are provided by us). If you do not bring your bed linen and towel, the price for renting is 10 Eur/bed. Please note that there is a limited amount of beds, and they can only be reserved beforehand through the reservation form below.

You are also welcome to leave any donation for the development of the Ashram in the donation’s box.

In the name of the Karam Kriya Women’s camp team, we welcome you to our Sangat!

Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa, Amrit Atma Kaur, Jai Kartar Kaur, Livjiwan Kaur, Manavjeet Kaur, Ram Kirin Kaur.



School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology. Liivalaia 11/1-14, Tallinn, Estonia +372 53731839 dharamsaalkeskus@gmail.com

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