Level 1 Graduates

*Eesti keeles siin
Kundalini yoga teacher training level 1 graduates of the Karam Kriya school (Lead trainer Shiv Charan Singh), in Tallinn Estonia, as organized by Sukhdev Kaur (Urban Dharma OÜ)
*The list of graduates is not public, for further information contact Sukhdev Kaur

DISCLAIMER: The organizers, the school and the trainers do not hold any responsibility for graduates and trainee’s actions or behaviour. We do, however, teach trainees about the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of a Kundalini Yoga teacher, which in order to certify they are complied to sign. The school nor organizers hold no claims or complaints for teachers which have not completed the training under our organization. Many trainees have left their training incomplete and we do not encourage them to teach in this way. 

Please note that teachers are strongly advised to continue to be active members of the Estonian Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (Eesti IKYTA or International IKYTA, or the National IKYTA of their country of residence) after their training. Please check the association’s list for active members in Estonia.

For any questions or further information about graduates and trainees please contact Sukhdev Kaur
sukhdevkaur@khalsa.com +372 53731839

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School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology. Liivalaia 11/1-14, Tallinn, Estonia +372 53731839 dharamsaalkeskus@gmail.com

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