Dancing for Birth™ professional training


Open for all Birth Professionals and those with a passion to improve women’s birth experiences.

Dancing For Birth™ Certification is the Trifecta:
Pre/Post Natal Fitness + Childbirth Education + Support Circle in One



Aspiring or practicing birth professionals: midwives/doulas/nurses/doctors/childbirth educators; aspiring or practicing health and wellness practioners; massage therapists/body workers/fitness instructors/dance instructors/yoga instructors/social workers; pregnant women, and those with a passion to support empowered pregnancy, birth and mothering.
WHAT IS Dancing For Birth™?

Founded in 2001, Dancing For Birth™ is the leading global class for pregnant and new moms. We are the “trifecta” of birth preparation: feel-good prenatal fitness, essential birth wisdom, and celebration of pregnancy, birth and mothering. This childbirth education and pre/post natal fitness fusion was created by USA’s National Birth Hero, Founder, Stephanie Larson. The classes are currently offered on four continents. Birth professionals and moms alike swear by our signature moves like “Dilation Gyration” and use them during labor to make birth shorter, easier and safer.


10155997_800446073299458_7354580503544988670_n.jpgDancing is a fun and gentle exercise that everyone can enjoy, even if you’ve been told you have two left feet! Pregnancy is the perfect time for mother to connect with her body and her baby through movement and awareness. Every mother have primal and powerful birth instincts within her, awaiting activation. Mothers attending Dancing For Birth™ classes are always surprised at the numerous benefits for their pregnancy, birth, baby and postpartum recovery.
By moving instinctively, using gravity and positioning to their advantage, women can temporarily enlarge the dimensions of their pelvis for the baby’s passage, help their babies rotate and descend, help reduce unnecessary interventions and enjoy natural pain relief. Studies confirm that this shortens labor, reduces epidural requests, and reduces C-sections.


Dancing For Birth™ classes teach a “language of movement” specially designed for women in any stage of pregnancy. The movements are inspired by world dance forms like belly dance, African dance, and Latin dance. We practice Rebozo techniques for comfort during pregnancy and labor progress. We also stretch, relax and use our signature Inspiration/Affirmation cards to share and discuss our motherhood journeys in a nurturing women circle.


~ “Birth I.N.S.T.I.N.C.T.S” to shorten labor and reduce C-sections
~ Body movements to facilitate birth and which should be avoided
~ “Powerful Woman” to open the pelvic outlet as much as double for ease of birth
~ “Mighty Mama” to avoid and resolve shoulder dystocia
~ “Birthing Woman Reflex” for spontaneous pushing
~ Advanced Rebozo techniques for comfort and labor progress
~ “Harnessing Gravity” for Optimal Fetal Positioning and turning Breech
~ “Dilation Gyration” and many more signature Dancing For Birth™ moves
~ Middle Eastern and African dance, adapted for prenatal, birth and postnatal
~ “The Larson Technique” to re-align malpositioned fetus and avoid failure to progress
~ “Womb Relaxation” exercise
~ “Closing the Bones” and other traditional Rebozo techniques for birth and postpartum
~ Health benefits and evidence for utilizing dance and movement
~ Prenatal and postpartum cultural traditions
~ Choreography and games to engage learners
~ Signature Dancing For Birth™ moves to shorten labor and reduce C-sections
~ Creating a sister circle
~ Certification process
~ Latin and Caribbean dance, adapted for prenatal, birth and postnatal



7-9 AUGUST 2019
The training begins at 9.30 on the 7th of August and ends on the 9th of August at 16.00 hrs


Early Bird Price (before 5 june) – €349
Standard (after 6 june) – €379
A non-refundable deposit of 100 EUR is required to book your place.
ESTONIANS ONLY: deposit to the account MTÜ Guru Ram Das Instituut IBAN: EE597700771002082177
INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS: deposit to the account Jessica Garbers IBAN: DE34 600908000005596316 Spardabank BW BIC: GENODEF1S02
Please email a copy of your deposit to sukhdevkaur@khalsa.com
The remaining fee is due in cash on the first day of training.

INCLUDED with Training fee:
~ Dancing for Birth™ Training e-Manual
~ 2 sets of Affirmation/Inspiration cards
~ 14 Contact Hours (total)
~ Certificate of Completion
~ Dancing for Birth™ Private FB Group Membership
~ ‘Dancing for Birth™ Trained’ Seal for your Website
~ Eligibility to apply for Dancing for Birth™ Certification
The training takes place in Rajamaa Ashram of the Guru Ram Das Institute, located in Kalesi küla, Raasiku vald, Harjumaa 25 km from Tallinn.

NOT INCLUDED in the Training fee:
~ 105€ Retreat fee, all food and accommodation from 7th-9th august (first meal lunch on the 7th, last meal lunch on the 9th, total 3xlunch, 2x breakfast, 2xdinner). Please note that accommodation is in cabins for up to 6 people or in your own tent (please bring all equipment), and there are no private cabins available. They will be arranged on first-registration basis. *if you are not sleeping at the ashram please deduct -12eur per night. ). It is also possible to bring a baby and a babysitter. Retreat fee for babysitter is the same as for participants. Please note in your registration if you are bringing a babysitter.

Transportation: in your own car, carsharing, or by electric train to Aruküla, we can pick you up from the train station if agreed in advance.

Training is given in English with translation to Estonian based on participants needs. Please note during registration if you may require translation.



Upon completion of this training the Instructor Certification is:
~ obligatory for those who plan to teach group Dancing for Birth™ classes;
~ optional for those who plan to use Dancing for Birth™ approach only in private practice with clients;
~ certification materials are to be sent within three months after attending the course (unless very special personal conditions, f.e. pregnancy, etc.);
~ certification (amount TBC) and certified instructor annual membership fees (amount TBC) are not included in the training fee, are to be paid upon sending certification package (up to three months after training);
~ more information on content of certification package please look here http://dancingforbirth.com/instructor-certification/.

Yola Garbers has been trained as a professional contemporary dancer, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Dancing For Birth™ Instructor. In 2012 she gave birth to a son. She danced during some parts of the birth which gave her a strong sense of empowerment and trust in her birthing instincts. Currently Yola teaches Dancing For Birth™ classes and professional trainings, workshops on diastasis recti, dance and improvisation. She works as a performance artist and for educational fair trade campaigns. In the community in which she lives with her family she initiated a red tent women circle. She also founded a self-help group for women who experienced a bad birth. She campaigns for the respectful support of women at birth and wants to contribute to a world in which all women can give birth joyfully.  

Questions about workshop and certification: mail to Sukhdev Kaur: sukhdevkaur@khalsa.com
+372 53731839 



School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology. Liivalaia 11/1-14, Tallinn, Estonia +372 53731839 dharamsaalkeskus@gmail.com

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