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2015 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

Sat nam!

Olete teretulnud järgmisele koolitusele, mis algab 21. märts 2015. Registreerimine on alanud!
You are welcome to join the next Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 7eginning in March 2015, the registration has begun! 

Koolituse infotunnid (training informative classes)
4. jaanuar 2015 (sinu küsimustele vastab pärast Ühismeditatsiooni Sukhdev Kaur). Osalemine 12 eur.
7. veebruar 2015 kl 18 (Sukhdev K juhendab üks Kundalini jooga tund ja vastab sinu küsimustele). Osalemine tasuta.

Infolehe ja registreerimisankeeti saamiseks SIIN
or the information pack and registration form please go HERE


On death and dying in life

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other—that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister.” – Mother Theresa

Sat nam dear family,
Last weekend in the Kundalini yoga teacher training level 1 I was sharing the teachings on death. A question came up for which I was not prepared and my answer was not very deep. Since then I want to elaborate more on my own experiences with death, and I take this opportunity to share it with all of you.

I die every day with every breath. Every night before going to bed, I prepare myself to die. I let go of every thing, every experience that happened in the day. I die when I allow these to take over: all my thoughts, all my praises, all my glory and my shame, all my errors and shortcomings, all my lessons to learn, all my attachments, all my ego, my greed, my anger and my desires. My limited self dies when I let go of these.

I died many times when as a young brave fearless woman committed many mistakes. I am forever thankful to my Guru for keeping me under his protection in these times. I died little deaths every day when I retreated from the world, either by disgust or by unconformity with this world, with the reality of how it is structured and the banality under which it runs. I die every moment I see injustice and all I can do is trust Guru takes care of it.

I grieve, oh I grieve for that comfort zone, for that ignorance which is sweet and does not question anything. I grief and remember how life was so easy being unconscious. When I wouldn’t challenge myself every day to become a better person. When I would just be a passive animal wandering in the earth without purpose nor connection to the me within me.

I died along with my precious daughter Vida, the moment she left her body as a newborn, far away from me. Oh how I wandered around those blue ethers, acquired a wisdom which is deeper than the deepest ocean. I wandered like a ghost around her memory, around my empty hands and empty womb, around those moments of bliss she brought me. I wandered and found God, Brahm himself, who told me I should come back and live again in this world, celebrate her memory and the futility of life itself, attaching myself a the feet of the Guru where all is forgiven. In every cell of mine, through deep deep pain, I was reshaped. Oh it hurt. Every single cell hurt more than death itself. Every single cell shook and vibrated with an unknown caliber to me. I was reborn into this life, back from where I was left, with a new mission, with a deeper connection to God.

And I forgot. I forgot all these times I died and my mind wandered away with my ego. I did not honour the beauty and the effort of all these beings who helped me die in my limited being so I could live in my limitless self! I was angry to anger itself for ripping me off my most profound experience within this lifetime.

So yes, I have died. I have died and keep on dying until I truly and infinitely die in my ego, die in my selfishness, die in this time and space. I die with every challenge and I am grateful for each one of these deaths. For when I truly go, I will already know the path and will not need to kill each of these inner monsters in those three seconds, when the film of life runs through my eyes.

Yes I die. I die every time I am grateful. I die when I let go of my limitations. I reform myself again and again and again every time I take on a challenge and turn it towards God, coming out victorious in my soul, in my heart and in my infinity.

For peace is found at the end of the path, not at the beginning. To begin with, we need to work, work, work, sweat from work so that we can liberate others with us, when the time comes.

Jinee Naam dhiaaiaa gae masakat ghaal, Naanak te mukh ujlee ketii chhuti naal. 

In humble gratitude to the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur

The technology that works, into Sahej Sukh

This year I am reaching a beautiful haven. In my physical body, in my personal life, in my spiritual practice and mostly in my life and commitment as a teacher, a sense of maturity blossoms within me. It is a long awaited moment of consciousness, having gone through the hardships of 11 years of practice, of self awareness, of commitment to my path to develop myself through the technology of kundalini yoga. I am just in such a tremendous gratitude to the One, for giving me my teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, and Shiv Charan Singh for bringing light into my path. Out of ashes, out of a nobody in the crowd, has come a refinement and appreciation. Out of gratitude and prayer, of humility of knowing who the doer is, of infinite service, a stone has been chiseled. Out of me has come somebody who can help others reach their light. I am just at awe at the technology that works. At every sutra, every seed my teacher has planted within me, growing deeper and reaching farther. It has nothing to do with me actually. In just the player who took her role seriously and kept the reference and reverence to the One. I am just the living prayer through which God can create, organise and deliver his blessings. Just a tiny grain of sand which has been polished so it can reflect the rays of the sun.
My heart bursts with gratitude, for I see that the technology works. I have seen it with myself. I have seen it with my students, who are now eagles flying fearless and graceful. I have seen it in my home, in my child, in my sangat, in my enemies, in my world.
And all it requires is a commitment, a continued commitment to the soul and the path.
I give my head to my Guru and remain forever yours. There is no greater bliss than to be your servant. And with this, more blessings you send. There is no end to your gifts, king of kings. Present within all, permeating through every one and everything.
I cannot express in words this state of pure, divine bliss that comes as your gift. All through keeping up, commuting and remaining your servant.
In me, a renaissance in joy and bliss comes forth, the fourth stage opens with a grandiose symphony in peace and intuitive ease.

Deg Teg Fateh!

In constant and infinite gratitude,

Sukhdev Kaur

Sinus ei ole muud väge, peale oma tarkuse jagamise kõigiga

Satnam! (this post is in Estonian, for the local sangat!)

Kevad juba toob vee element esile- “The Great Awakening” ehk suur ärkamine. Pärast tagasihoidlik aeg talvel, loodus toob õitseng, küllus, voolamine ning inimeste sees ärkab teadvus koos loodusega.

Kevad on just õige aeg astuda julgelt oma teadlikkusse teel. Kundalini jooga õpetajate koolitus algab 13. aprill 2013. Siin on Yogi Bhajani sõnad millega õpetajate õpik algab:

„SINU JAOKS EI OLE IDENTITEETI, VÄLJA ARVATUD SINU VAIMNE KUULUVUS. Sinus ei ole muud soovi, kui vaid õppida. Ei ole muud saavutust, kui saada kogenuks. Ei ole muud väge, peale oma tarkuse jagamise kõigiga. Jaga kaastundega – sulle hüvitatakse kõik ning sul ei ole enam raskuseid. Siis tuleb kõik sinu juurde ning sina ei pea kellegi järgnema.“ – Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher Level 1 textbook 2003 © KRI.

See aasta tuleb meie Eestis 5. lend. Kundalini jooga pere Eestis on kasvanud kiiresti ja jõuliselt, ning loodetavasti varsti on Kundalini jooga leida ja tuttav igas piirkonnas, igas vallas ning igas vanuses Eestis. Minu palve on see, et meie ühine pere saab lüüa Eestisse sügav rahu ning arendada teadlikkust kõikjal. Õpetajate koolitus ei ole ainult jooga õpetamisest, see on ise enda leidmisest ning oma suhtumise ja vibratsioon tõstmisest. Ja kõige olulisem on see, et see valgus mis sa oled leidnud endas saad jagada teistega.

Minu au on teiega see suurepärane teekond jagada ning vaadata kuidas meie perega liituvad imelised inimesed nagu sina. Kui Eestisse jõudsin 2004. aastal, oli vaid 2-3 õpetajad ning pidin need ülesse leidma et jõudu ühineda ning koos aeg veeta. Nüüd 2013. aastal on juba mitu KY keskused, Kundalini Jooga õpetajate ühing töötab väga aktiivselt, kundalini jooga tunnid õpetatakse igal pool ja igal ajal, laste jooga, rasedate jooga, beebi ja ema jooga, meeste jooga, algajate jooga, edasijõudnute jooga, teistmelise jooga, seeniorite jooga… arstidele, ettevõtjatele, sportlastele, töötutele, vangidele, puuetega inimestele… Ja veel on paljud paljud kellel oleks jooga abi vaja.

Tule siis, liitu meie perega ja jaga oma sära oma sõpruskonnas!

Kogu õpetajate koolituse info siit:
(NB! 8. märtsini on pisut soodsam)

2012 koolitus on juba lõpetatud, alati ma tunnen kurbust kui on jälle aasta koos läbi. Siin on mõned pildid 2012 lõpetajatest:


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Kundalini jooga õpetajate koolituse 1. aste 2015


Olete oodatud osa võtta meie kundalini jooga õpetajate perest!
Järgmine koolitus algab 2015
Kogu info leiate siit:

Join our family and take part in the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Estonia in 2015. You are welcome to be a part of our growing community of teachers!