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Level 2 in Estonia: LifeCycles and LifeStyles

KRI Level Two Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

9-14 october 2014
(arriving evening of 8th and leaving evening of 14th)
Location: Pillapalu Avatud Koolitusstuudio
Pillapalu küla, Anija vald, Harjumaa, Estonia

 Trainers: Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur (UK/Portugal)


 “When you were one year old to seven years old, you loved certain realms. Seven years to fourteen years, you didn’t. So your personality changes because the consciousness changes after every 7 years. That’s a set brain wave to which man has no control.
You can think. You can plan. You can strategize. After every 11 years, your intelligence will change. These are the things over which you have no control. After 18 years, your lifestyle will change. It will not be the same because your energy, your maturity, your experience will force you to change.” –Yogi Bhajan, 3/3/91

INFOPACK and more information on this training HERE


Workshop “IN this world, not OF this world”

Sat nam,
Olete teretulnud töötoale, info allpool
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*NB! Regulaarsed esmaspäevased joogatunnid on lõppenud ja see töötuba
tähistab kevadhooaja lõppu! (Täna tund EI TOIMU!)

“SELLES maailmas, mitte SELLEST maailmast”

Intensiivne töötuba, milles käsitleme elamist enese-aktsepteerimise ja -rahuga selles maailmas
Esmaspäev  19.05.2014 17:15-21:00
Wahe Guru keskuses, Niine 11, Tallinn

“See on baas fundamentaalne küsimus, mida pead oma elus taipama – see maailm eksisteerib Sinus ja  Sinust väljaspool ei ole maailma.” – Yogi Bhajan

Su hing on valinud tulla siia kindla inimesena, et õppida teatud õppetunde ja vabaneda sügavast karmast. Me elame erakordselt võimsal ajal. Paljud meist praktiseerivad meditatsiooni ja on leidnud spirituaalsuse. Kuid selles protsessis kaotame ühenduse reaalsusega ning loome tühjuse oma spirituaalse ja materiaalse olemuse vahel. Oleme loodud selleks, et ühendada teadlikult mõlemad maailmad, et jagada valgust pimeduses.

Igapäevane elu võib muutuda suureks väljakutseks, kui taoline isiksuse lõhe toimub:
–        Kannatab Sinu suhtlus partneri, laste ja/või kolleegidega
–        Sul võib esineda raskusi keskendumisel ja maisete ülesannete täitmisel, mis tunduvad “mõttetud” Sinu lõpmatule minale
–        Sind saadab süütunne, häbi, solvumine, isekus, kadedus, kibedus ja soov kedagi süüdistada
–        Koged polaarsusi väga tugevalt, ühel hetkel oled täiesti neutraalne ja teisel ei suuda end üleval hoida
–        Sinu spirituaalne praktika kõigub

Need kogemused on tavalised spirituaalse arengu osad ja võivad osutuda edasiliikumisel headeks vahenditeks.

Töötoas õpid kindlaid tööriistu, kuidas sellele lõhestumise survele vastu pidada ja kuidas tuua spirituaalne tarkus igapäevastesse maistesse toimingutesse. See aitab Sul jääda tuletorniks ka keerulistel aegadel ilma süütunde, häbi, kadeduse või piirangute karmata.

Sukhdev Kaur juhendab Sind läbi tervendava teekonna kasutades Kundalini jooga tehnikaid, meditatsioone ja peegeldusi.  Et võiksid end sügavamalt aktsepteerida ja arendada välja tugev enesearmastuse tunne ühendamaks oma lõpmatu ja lõplik olemus.

Töötuba on avatud kõigile, kaasaarvatud algajad, lapsevanemad, tulevased lapsevanemad, kogenud mediteerijad ja joogaõpetajad erinevatest traditsioonidest.

Hind: 22 eurot, mida saab maksta kohapeal sularahas.
Palun registreeru e-maili teel või helistades  53731839.

*NB! Regulaarsed esmaspäevased joogatunnid on lõppenud ja see töötuba tähistab kevadhooaja lõppu!

“Õige pole oluline, vale pole oluline. See, mis on oluline selles maailmas, oled Sina. Ja see kuidas Sa oma elu kasutad. Kuidas Sa liigud, kuidas Sa liigud iseenda maailmas.” – Yogi Bhajan


*NB! Regular Monday classes have ended (no class tonight!), and this course closes the spring season!

“IN this world, not OF this world”
Intensive workshop on living in self-acceptance and self-peace in this world
Monday 19.05.2014 17:15-21:00 hrs
Wahe Guru Keskus, Niine 11, Tallinn

“This is a basic fundamental question which you have to realize in your life that within you this world exist, beyond you there is no world”

As a human being, your soul has chosen to come into this life to learn certain lessons and let go of deep-rooted karma. The time we are living is extremely powerful. Many of us practice meditation and have found spirituality, and in this process we lose the connection with reality, creating a void between your spiritual self and your material self. We are meant to marry both worlds in consciousness spreading light in the darkness.

Everyday life can become a real challenge when this personality split is present:
– communication with your partner, children and/or colleagues suffers,
– you find it hard to concentrate and fulfill mundane tasks which seem “pointless” to the infinite self
– there are present feelings of blame, shame, guilt, resentfulness, selfishness, envy and bitterness
– you experience the polarities very strongly, one moment being very neutral and the other unable to keep up
– your spiritual practice fluctuates

These experiences are a normal part of the spiritual development and can become a great tool to get you further.

In this workshop, you will learn certain tools to keep up with the pressure of times caused by this split, and how you can bring the spiritual wisdom you have gained into the everyday, mundane reality so you can really become a lighthouse in troublesome times without the karma of guilt, shame, blame, envy or limitation.

Sukhdev Kaur will guide through a healing journey using Kundalini yoga techniques, meditations and reflections on gaining a deeper self-acceptance and developing stronger self-love so you can marry your infinite and your finite selves.

This workshop is open to all, including beginners, parents, parents-to-be, experienced meditators and yoga teachers of all traditions.

Price: 22 eur to be paid in cash.
Please register by email to or 53731839
*NB! Regular Monday classes have ended, and this course closes the
spring season!

“This world is the house of truth and only truth lives here”- Yogi Bhajan


When the self becomes mature enough to the point of ripening, the flower blooms and produces a fruit. This is the beautiful process of life. I have felt it come and go in certain stages of life, every time happening with a more powerful strength and carrying me across the world ocean. Before this ripening happens, I have no idea this is about to come. Usually this ripening is preceded by a dark age – sometimes short, sometimes long and exhausting – where the foundation of the self has to be prepared and the ground needs to be worked upon so that the spring can rise, the flower can bloom. There is no other purpose in life than to reach this maturity, over and over again. This is a state which, like air, can flicker away in an instant, yet its strong presence must be extended by consciousness. This is the jewel of life, this is what all of us seek in our unconscious, subconscious, semiconscious lives. Love is the ultimate state of being in which the self lives out of doubt and in clarity. Perpetual clarity is a state of being, a crystallization which gives us purpose. Frustration can and must trigger this process, the same way as boredom, anger and grief. These are precious gifts given to us so that we can refocus ourselves in our journey. To some they might be obstacles or resistances, but in the true sense of reality they are blessings and stepping stones. They are the wind and the current which will empower our boat to greater distances and wonderful lands that we cannot even dare to imagine. The self has a sense of this yet the mind is too limited to consider this. The mind gets stuck in the problem-solving aspects and forgets the vastness of the self. Only by learning how to use each of these resistances in order to come out of doubt and stabilize the self within those turmoils and dark times we can transcend those limitations and for once and for real live in reality in the true sense of the word. In the vast reality and quiet shores that we have come here into life to achieve. All adversities are to our advantages. We just need to tame the dragon, calm down the flow of emotions and commotions of an unsettled, frustrated heart. Become aware of the freedom in stillness, where freedom means opening that space inside the dungeon of the ribcage.

This is my prayer, that we all learn to live in this bliss. I have been waiting for three years for this moment again. A new stage arises and a new maturity has reached my lands. I welcome this stage with gratitude and an open heart.

“If you set your heart on something, your head will give in. That is why it is the most powerful center and extremely dangerous. On the other hand, this is the only center worth living with. […]

If you ever want to be compassionate, first be compassionate to yourself. You shall not understand another person’s feelings and behaviors accurately, intuitively, if you are not compassionate to yourself.” – Yogi Bhajan. July 17, 1988

Beebi ja emme jooga tunnid 2013 sügisel

 “By construction, the fulfillment of a woman is motherhood; and motherhood does not mean that she gets pregnant and delivers a baby. If you understand her total behavior, you will understand her motherhood. Her motherhood is service, her motherhood is sacrifice, her motherhood is relationship. When she knows motherhood, she is fulfilled.” – Yogi Bhajan

Värskele emadele on võimalik tulla koos oma lapsega joogatamas. Sellel sügisel alustame 14. november, kokku 5 tundi, neljapäeviti kl 10-11.
See on väga ülendav kogemus lapsele ning emadele suurepärane võimalus oma kodune rutiinist välja tulla ja olla teiste emade seas, kellel on samad küsimused ja mured kui sinulgi ning tuleme üheskoos et omavahel toetada ning tõsta oma vibratsioonid et meil oleks beebidele ja perele jaksu.

Rohkem infot Beebi ja emme jooga tundide kohta SIIT

The three languages of the psyche

It is only through accepting our humanness in the nakedness of our being that we can reach peace. We cannot deny anything good or bad within us, we can only stop judging it. We can learn to love ourselves with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when we learn to love ourselves in our flaws and shortcomings we can say we are truly true, we are home.
Please bare with me, read this more slowly:
It is only through accepting your humanness in the nakedness of your being that you can reach peace. You cannot deny anything good or bad within you, you can only stop judging it. You can learn to love yourself with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when you learn to love yourself in your flaws and shortcomings you can say you are truly true, you are home.
And once more, please become subtle and patient, if possible read this out loud, and make it yours:
It is only through accepting my humanness in the nakedness of my being that I can reach peace. I cannot deny anything good or bad within me, I can only stop judging it. I can learn to love myself with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when I learn to love myself in my flaws and shortcomings I can say I am truly true, I am home.

A very lonely place

This is a very lonely place where I am standing. I realise the great effort others have done who have walked before me. It’s a lonely, dark and cold road which takes two or three decades to bear fruit. I’m not even done with my first decade here…
I now truly understand the patience that yogiji had with all of us. It is beyond any comprehension, beyond words. It came straight from the infinite, since there is absolutely no possibility that any human being can have such a patience, such a love, such kindness and compassion. It is beyond measure.
And here we are, in 2013, developing a new sangat in Estonia. For only 9 years so far. The front row and the last line are always balanced. Either one is empty and other crowded (like in a classroom?), or both are empty. Both are lonely. The one who leads and the one who holds the space. It needs grit, courage and complete and absolute focus and containment to be there. I am only now consolidating this in my cells. That is the ultimate sacrifice of the self. That is the ultimate merging into the one. That is going back home. That is to be liberated while alive. That is to die in life. The greatest sacrifice, the greatest liberation in this human form. I am a sacrifice to my destiny, to my guru and beloved. Nothing can ever stain such a steel. It becomes the strongest, the brightest and the purest. That’s the test of alchemy that is required. Less than that is useless.
I know this is scary. Some will feel offended, others threatened or punched in the face. Others will laugh and walk away. Se others will not get it at all. That’s all fine. The test is seen by those who have reached maturity. And those who react will come back around. It’s the law of the universe, I am only describing what has been commanded to me. I’m just the messenger, a humble and simple messenger.

In humble service to the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur

The technology that works, into Sahej Sukh

This year I am reaching a beautiful haven. In my physical body, in my personal life, in my spiritual practice and mostly in my life and commitment as a teacher, a sense of maturity blossoms within me. It is a long awaited moment of consciousness, having gone through the hardships of 11 years of practice, of self awareness, of commitment to my path to develop myself through the technology of kundalini yoga. I am just in such a tremendous gratitude to the One, for giving me my teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, and Shiv Charan Singh for bringing light into my path. Out of ashes, out of a nobody in the crowd, has come a refinement and appreciation. Out of gratitude and prayer, of humility of knowing who the doer is, of infinite service, a stone has been chiseled. Out of me has come somebody who can help others reach their light. I am just at awe at the technology that works. At every sutra, every seed my teacher has planted within me, growing deeper and reaching farther. It has nothing to do with me actually. In just the player who took her role seriously and kept the reference and reverence to the One. I am just the living prayer through which God can create, organise and deliver his blessings. Just a tiny grain of sand which has been polished so it can reflect the rays of the sun.
My heart bursts with gratitude, for I see that the technology works. I have seen it with myself. I have seen it with my students, who are now eagles flying fearless and graceful. I have seen it in my home, in my child, in my sangat, in my enemies, in my world.
And all it requires is a commitment, a continued commitment to the soul and the path.
I give my head to my Guru and remain forever yours. There is no greater bliss than to be your servant. And with this, more blessings you send. There is no end to your gifts, king of kings. Present within all, permeating through every one and everything.
I cannot express in words this state of pure, divine bliss that comes as your gift. All through keeping up, commuting and remaining your servant.
In me, a renaissance in joy and bliss comes forth, the fourth stage opens with a grandiose symphony in peace and intuitive ease.

Deg Teg Fateh!

In constant and infinite gratitude,

Sukhdev Kaur

Harmonious Communication

Sat nam dear friends,

This year I have been very profoundly examinating my own communication, trying to get rid of any violence in it, any demands, any disharmony which is present in my words. I do find that communication is one of the most important ways of how we can impact others, touch them with the wind of compassion, and elevate ourselves and others. Here is 5 simple (yet deep) rules of how to improve your communication:

Yogi Bhajan’s rules of harmonious communication.

  1. You are communicating for a better tomorrow, not to spoil today.
  2. Whatever you are going to say is going to live forever. And you have to live through it. Therefore, take care so you don’t have to live through the mud of your own communication.
  3. One wrong word said can do much more wrong than you can even imagine or estimate.
  4. Words spoken are a chance for communication. Don’t turn them into war.
  5. When you communicate, you have to communicate again. Don’t make the road rough.

-From the book The Aquarian Teacher. Teacher Training in Kundalini yoga by Yogi Bhajan.

Now I realise, I may have posted this before. Nevertheless, it will never lose its importance!

Blessings and a harmonious communication to all!

-Sukhdev K