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Family relationships through numerology (workshop 22-23 nov)

Workshop taught by Sukhdev Kaur (Mexico/Estonia)
22-23 november 2014, 9:30-13:30 hrs

A journey into the destiny of your soul.

Why did your soul choose to be born in that specific day?
What have you received from your parents and what are you giving to your children – it is all visible and waiting for you to consciously discover it through your date of birth.

What to expect from this 2-day workshop:

– An introduction to Number Awareness (Karam Kriya)
– Date of Birth chart. Make your own, your partner’s, children’s with guidance.
– Analysing what is your Gift, Relation to soul, Karma, Destiny and Path numbers (and also your children’s, partner’s)
– Practical exercises and many examples of how each number expresses itself in each of these positions
– Focus on the relationship with your mother (what you received from her?), with your father (what did he leave you energetically?), and your children (what is your personal openness and possibilities in the relationship with your children?)
– Your children’s charts– how do they experience their relationship to both parents and what each of you brings them. 
– Kundalini Yoga and Meditations to enhance the experience. 

18_07_2014fotovse498-vi*The workshop will be intense and therefore we may choose to focus on some specific detail instead of covering all the topics. 

No previous experience in yoga or numerology is required!

Taught by Sukhdev Kaur, Director of Dharamsaal Center, Kundalini Yoga Professional Teacher Trainer, Karam Kriya Numerology Consultant.


Place: Dharamsaal, Liivalaia 11, Tallinn
Date & Time: 22 & 23 november 2014, 9:30-13:30 hrs
Price: 59 eur, registering by 19. nov (24 eur deposit to Urban Dharma OÜ EE461010220090076018 and write an email to bring the rest in cash). Later registrations 69 eur.
Language: English. We might organize translation to Estonian / Russian if needed, please inquiry.
Bring comfortable clothes, notebook and pen. Mats, blankets and chairs available in the yoga center.

Light snacks and tea will be provided during the morning break.

More information (English / Eesti keeles):
Sukhdev Kaur 53731839


When the self becomes mature enough to the point of ripening, the flower blooms and produces a fruit. This is the beautiful process of life. I have felt it come and go in certain stages of life, every time happening with a more powerful strength and carrying me across the world ocean. Before this ripening happens, I have no idea this is about to come. Usually this ripening is preceded by a dark age – sometimes short, sometimes long and exhausting – where the foundation of the self has to be prepared and the ground needs to be worked upon so that the spring can rise, the flower can bloom. There is no other purpose in life than to reach this maturity, over and over again. This is a state which, like air, can flicker away in an instant, yet its strong presence must be extended by consciousness. This is the jewel of life, this is what all of us seek in our unconscious, subconscious, semiconscious lives. Love is the ultimate state of being in which the self lives out of doubt and in clarity. Perpetual clarity is a state of being, a crystallization which gives us purpose. Frustration can and must trigger this process, the same way as boredom, anger and grief. These are precious gifts given to us so that we can refocus ourselves in our journey. To some they might be obstacles or resistances, but in the true sense of reality they are blessings and stepping stones. They are the wind and the current which will empower our boat to greater distances and wonderful lands that we cannot even dare to imagine. The self has a sense of this yet the mind is too limited to consider this. The mind gets stuck in the problem-solving aspects and forgets the vastness of the self. Only by learning how to use each of these resistances in order to come out of doubt and stabilize the self within those turmoils and dark times we can transcend those limitations and for once and for real live in reality in the true sense of the word. In the vast reality and quiet shores that we have come here into life to achieve. All adversities are to our advantages. We just need to tame the dragon, calm down the flow of emotions and commotions of an unsettled, frustrated heart. Become aware of the freedom in stillness, where freedom means opening that space inside the dungeon of the ribcage.

This is my prayer, that we all learn to live in this bliss. I have been waiting for three years for this moment again. A new stage arises and a new maturity has reached my lands. I welcome this stage with gratitude and an open heart.

“If you set your heart on something, your head will give in. That is why it is the most powerful center and extremely dangerous. On the other hand, this is the only center worth living with. […]

If you ever want to be compassionate, first be compassionate to yourself. You shall not understand another person’s feelings and behaviors accurately, intuitively, if you are not compassionate to yourself.” – Yogi Bhajan. July 17, 1988

2014 – A numerological forecast

(for the 40-day meditation go to the end of the page)
(40-päevane meditatsiooni video ja kirjeldus leiad all)

The blessings and challenges that the last years have been bringing to us are reaching a cusp. The year to come, 2+0+1+4=7 brings us to a relation with our self in action. 2013 was a year of pause, with many things waiting for a better time and some other structures colliding because of their instability or suspicious grounds. All those structures which are built on the sand have been shaking, and a global awareness has hit far more consciousnesses than ever before. 2013 was about shedding old skin. 2014 is about making the new skin. This new skin has to be built upon higher values: those of transparency and connection to the Essence in all. Without higher values, old structures will continue to fall and the intention behind new castles built on air will be naked and visible to all. 2014 is a year of visibility, shining light upon the darkest corners which if by the end of 2013 have not been cleared they will be put on the spotlight. 2014 brings us movement and action, yet it is an action which needs to be grounded on high principles of respect, transparency, equality and most importantly forgiveness.

“If your actions are based on kindness and compassion, you should be judged kindly and compassionately. If your actions are based on selfishness, you should be judged accordingly.” –Yogi Bhajan (Lecture on 11 May 1991)

7 has been a number related to kings and those who had the privilege to become the stairways to God. It is an illusion (or a reflection) of God, where 3+4 meet (3 the triangle, the trinity, the God) and 4 (the rectangle, the human world, the home). 7 is a number which is often assigned to the archetype of the architect as the creator of worlds in this world (his role in this play of Maya is to act like God, yet unfortunately the other (karmic) side of the polarity is the self-centric puppet).

7 relates to the Body of Aura, which is that electromagnetic field of light surrounding every body. In this way, perception of intention becomes transparent, the more we can learn to become subtle and quiet the mind. Number 7 and the Aura are outward numbers, in which the sensitivity of the person projects outward, into the environments and surroundings. This reflects the fact that we cannot life only on our inner world but we need to continuously reprogram our habits and the way we communicate with others.

At the same time the Auric Body relates to the Navel Point (3), which needs to become strong in order to radiate and project with a strong Aura. That means lots of Breath of Fire and strenghtening of the navel point. Yet there is a deeper aspect to this number. The last two digits of the year (1+4), remind us that there must always be a connection to the soul, in whatever action we take. Consciousness must remain focused on the intention otherwise the projection of the Navel and the Aura will explode into dispersion. A lot of explosions and uncontrolled (or conscious) bursts we will see this year in all levels – cosmic, mental, emotional, psychological, cellular level. There will be a lot of energy to be used yet we must be very careful to always ground it in consciouness. Asking questions like “what is the intention behind every one of my actions?” or “where am I acting from?” will be critical this year. And because of this, we will all receive attacks (which a strong Aura can filter) in every level, we need to be also very conscious of our reaction. Instead of REacting, we need to Act- to be aware of where we are standing and act without reacting, acting from a point of Dharma and not reacting creating more Karma. This will save our skins, our planet, our energy from entering into a vicious cycle of demotion. And because of all these reactions, the keyword for 2014 is Forgiveness- To truly and completely accept the others’ purity of the soul as one with mine, in spite of their actions. That does not mean not acting, just not reacting. That means to be kind to every single creature which crosses your life, kindness is true forgiveness. The other side of forgiveness is the ego- I,I,I which will not bring you forward but will only dig your hole deeper. Forgiving means expanding your self and your healing energy, it means covering up for the other, it means embracing that which is shouting for your help through anger because he does not know any other way. It means being there for each other. It means staying true to your self and soul and keeping a good relation to your higher values.

A good new year resolution is to reconsider those values, and maybe start your ladder by humility and building up to forgiveness (I suggest you come up with one-word substantives which make up your highest principles in-and beyond-life).

We will start a 40-day meditation on January 3rd 2014 (in Tallinn, Estonia, place and time here) relating to these aspects of humility, acceptance, responsibility, grace, forgiveness and strenghtening of the Auric Body. I invite all to join us, wherever you are, to practice this with us. The meditation can be learnt and practiced along with this (below) beautiful video of Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh. The PDF of the meditation can be found here.

Blessings and prosperity of consciousness in each and every one!
In service of the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur


Are you joining us for the 40day meditation? Feel free to comment below!


The three languages of the psyche

It is only through accepting our humanness in the nakedness of our being that we can reach peace. We cannot deny anything good or bad within us, we can only stop judging it. We can learn to love ourselves with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when we learn to love ourselves in our flaws and shortcomings we can say we are truly true, we are home.
Please bare with me, read this more slowly:
It is only through accepting your humanness in the nakedness of your being that you can reach peace. You cannot deny anything good or bad within you, you can only stop judging it. You can learn to love yourself with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when you learn to love yourself in your flaws and shortcomings you can say you are truly true, you are home.
And once more, please become subtle and patient, if possible read this out loud, and make it yours:
It is only through accepting my humanness in the nakedness of my being that I can reach peace. I cannot deny anything good or bad within me, I can only stop judging it. I can learn to love myself with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when I learn to love myself in my flaws and shortcomings I can say I am truly true, I am home.

Playing in the theatre of life

What is the point of life? What is the whole idea behind living? What is the sole purpose of having this whole adventure?
We are here in a theatre, in a game. Sometimes, we forget this basic thing. We get so entangled into the game, so fascinated by the show, by the action, by the lights and the illusion that we forget we are playing. The game entangles us into it so much, like ivy, that we suffer amnesia. We have forgotten we are here in transit, that we had an intention and a purpose and a point of reference to begin with. It is all forgotten. Children still know that, they are just coming from their so its very present for them. Their energy is very raw, very impulsive. They have very clear understanding where they are coming from and that there is a thread to be followed. To reach the end if the labyrinth. The center, the very core of our existence. To reach into that deep cave of the self in which the treasure is found. Ahh that treasure which everybody wants but nobody knows where it’s hidden. It’s only through hardship, magic and trust that we may get there.
So we are in this play, and subjected to the ruled of the game. It is only by playing it by its rules that we can exhaust it, finish it. Sometimes we know we are playing, but we would like to pretend we are more than the game, that its rules don’t touch us. That’s ingenuous. It’s only by playing it, by playing it right.
We need that magic wand, that touchstone, that anchor, that point of reference, that magic formula to open up the way. But we have forgotten it. We need to learn to listen to it, to uncover the riddle, so we can find the magic. Inside we have the dormant power, the impulse to go and find it, whether in alcohol, in work, in relationships, in all those outside things. But we don’t remember that the answer to the riddle lies within, in deep silent peaceful intuitive listening.
The opportunities to wake up are endless, yet we are so used to playing the way we know it, the effortless and numb way, that we can’t get out of this vicious circle. We need to give our heads. Cut them with the ax of intention, the sword of fearlessness. So the dormant awakes. To scream and hit and shake the sleeping covers away to bring the magic forth.
And learn to play the game, so that it becomes an infinite game. A game which won’t come back, which will lead us to the end of this theatre.
Keep the intention, the point and the hold of the thread, fear not the Minotaur. It is a reflection of your self. Face it and keep hold of the thread. Reach the end. Exhaust the way. So you find the point of life by playing it right.
In compassion for each and every one,
Sukhdev Kaur