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A very lonely place

This is a very lonely place where I am standing. I realise the great effort others have done who have walked before me. It’s a lonely, dark and cold road which takes two or three decades to bear fruit. I’m not even done with my first decade here…
I now truly understand the patience that yogiji had with all of us. It is beyond any comprehension, beyond words. It came straight from the infinite, since there is absolutely no possibility that any human being can have such a patience, such a love, such kindness and compassion. It is beyond measure.
And here we are, in 2013, developing a new sangat in Estonia. For only 9 years so far. The front row and the last line are always balanced. Either one is empty and other crowded (like in a classroom?), or both are empty. Both are lonely. The one who leads and the one who holds the space. It needs grit, courage and complete and absolute focus and containment to be there. I am only now consolidating this in my cells. That is the ultimate sacrifice of the self. That is the ultimate merging into the one. That is going back home. That is to be liberated while alive. That is to die in life. The greatest sacrifice, the greatest liberation in this human form. I am a sacrifice to my destiny, to my guru and beloved. Nothing can ever stain such a steel. It becomes the strongest, the brightest and the purest. That’s the test of alchemy that is required. Less than that is useless.
I know this is scary. Some will feel offended, others threatened or punched in the face. Others will laugh and walk away. Se others will not get it at all. That’s all fine. The test is seen by those who have reached maturity. And those who react will come back around. It’s the law of the universe, I am only describing what has been commanded to me. I’m just the messenger, a humble and simple messenger.

In humble service to the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur

God-like parenting

This is probably the most important thing I have learnt from the master about parenting. Although he said it directly only a few times, this concept resonates within all of Yogiji’s teachings on parenting.

And it is actually a very simple idea, easy to remember, yet takes a lot of courage and practice to apply. I like to call it god-like parenting.

In your parenting, act like god. Talk to your children like god would talk to them, heave like god, dress like god, act like god, love like god, forgive like god, be compassionate like god, be humble like god, graceful, radiant and patient like god.

But what does that mean exactly? Well, to me god is the existence beyond any limitations. It is the limitless, infinite, liberated part of me (and of each and every one) that escapes all descriptions, all faults and flaws, in one word- all limits. In other woes, god is the experience of the infinite within. That vast source of ecstasy, of boundless love, strength, courage, and all qualities you find in the realm of the higher self. God, in a way, is the exponential potential you, your great potential expanded exponentially.

So to say that as a parent (or as a person really! In all your actions) you must be patient like god, it means that your patience must not be limited. This is easily brought to light many times having a nursing toddler who is tossing and turning trying to fight imminent sleep. Just remain patient when you feel your patience reaches a limit, just reach out for your god-like backpack of infinite patience. And believe me, it works.
And do the same with each and every quality you attach to the word god.
Do not believe me, just try it.
You will surprise yourself of how great, magnificent, kind and graceful you can be.
In humble service of the divine within all,
Sukhdev Kaur


Playing in the theatre of life

What is the point of life? What is the whole idea behind living? What is the sole purpose of having this whole adventure?
We are here in a theatre, in a game. Sometimes, we forget this basic thing. We get so entangled into the game, so fascinated by the show, by the action, by the lights and the illusion that we forget we are playing. The game entangles us into it so much, like ivy, that we suffer amnesia. We have forgotten we are here in transit, that we had an intention and a purpose and a point of reference to begin with. It is all forgotten. Children still know that, they are just coming from their so its very present for them. Their energy is very raw, very impulsive. They have very clear understanding where they are coming from and that there is a thread to be followed. To reach the end if the labyrinth. The center, the very core of our existence. To reach into that deep cave of the self in which the treasure is found. Ahh that treasure which everybody wants but nobody knows where it’s hidden. It’s only through hardship, magic and trust that we may get there.
So we are in this play, and subjected to the ruled of the game. It is only by playing it by its rules that we can exhaust it, finish it. Sometimes we know we are playing, but we would like to pretend we are more than the game, that its rules don’t touch us. That’s ingenuous. It’s only by playing it, by playing it right.
We need that magic wand, that touchstone, that anchor, that point of reference, that magic formula to open up the way. But we have forgotten it. We need to learn to listen to it, to uncover the riddle, so we can find the magic. Inside we have the dormant power, the impulse to go and find it, whether in alcohol, in work, in relationships, in all those outside things. But we don’t remember that the answer to the riddle lies within, in deep silent peaceful intuitive listening.
The opportunities to wake up are endless, yet we are so used to playing the way we know it, the effortless and numb way, that we can’t get out of this vicious circle. We need to give our heads. Cut them with the ax of intention, the sword of fearlessness. So the dormant awakes. To scream and hit and shake the sleeping covers away to bring the magic forth.
And learn to play the game, so that it becomes an infinite game. A game which won’t come back, which will lead us to the end of this theatre.
Keep the intention, the point and the hold of the thread, fear not the Minotaur. It is a reflection of your self. Face it and keep hold of the thread. Reach the end. Exhaust the way. So you find the point of life by playing it right.
In compassion for each and every one,
Sukhdev Kaur

The technology that works, into Sahej Sukh

This year I am reaching a beautiful haven. In my physical body, in my personal life, in my spiritual practice and mostly in my life and commitment as a teacher, a sense of maturity blossoms within me. It is a long awaited moment of consciousness, having gone through the hardships of 11 years of practice, of self awareness, of commitment to my path to develop myself through the technology of kundalini yoga. I am just in such a tremendous gratitude to the One, for giving me my teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, and Shiv Charan Singh for bringing light into my path. Out of ashes, out of a nobody in the crowd, has come a refinement and appreciation. Out of gratitude and prayer, of humility of knowing who the doer is, of infinite service, a stone has been chiseled. Out of me has come somebody who can help others reach their light. I am just at awe at the technology that works. At every sutra, every seed my teacher has planted within me, growing deeper and reaching farther. It has nothing to do with me actually. In just the player who took her role seriously and kept the reference and reverence to the One. I am just the living prayer through which God can create, organise and deliver his blessings. Just a tiny grain of sand which has been polished so it can reflect the rays of the sun.
My heart bursts with gratitude, for I see that the technology works. I have seen it with myself. I have seen it with my students, who are now eagles flying fearless and graceful. I have seen it in my home, in my child, in my sangat, in my enemies, in my world.
And all it requires is a commitment, a continued commitment to the soul and the path.
I give my head to my Guru and remain forever yours. There is no greater bliss than to be your servant. And with this, more blessings you send. There is no end to your gifts, king of kings. Present within all, permeating through every one and everything.
I cannot express in words this state of pure, divine bliss that comes as your gift. All through keeping up, commuting and remaining your servant.
In me, a renaissance in joy and bliss comes forth, the fourth stage opens with a grandiose symphony in peace and intuitive ease.

Deg Teg Fateh!

In constant and infinite gratitude,

Sukhdev Kaur

A few words on patience

My patience is actually over from day one since you were born. All this patience which I have, is actually not my patience but god’s inexhaustible patience, by Guru’s grace given to me to sustain you, and it is only through a god-like consciousness that I am able to sustain it. There is nothing else. Those nights when I feel I have run out of patience, my own limited patience which is already long time lost, I sense I am limited. But If I am able to reconnect and allow the flow of this ever infinite flow of god through me, and pray for that patience, and vibrate higher and higher vibrations, then everything is alright.
All is god’s will
That’s the guru’s gift

Sinus ei ole muud väge, peale oma tarkuse jagamise kõigiga

Satnam! (this post is in Estonian, for the local sangat!)

Kevad juba toob vee element esile- “The Great Awakening” ehk suur ärkamine. Pärast tagasihoidlik aeg talvel, loodus toob õitseng, küllus, voolamine ning inimeste sees ärkab teadvus koos loodusega.

Kevad on just õige aeg astuda julgelt oma teadlikkusse teel. Kundalini jooga õpetajate koolitus algab 13. aprill 2013. Siin on Yogi Bhajani sõnad millega õpetajate õpik algab:

„SINU JAOKS EI OLE IDENTITEETI, VÄLJA ARVATUD SINU VAIMNE KUULUVUS. Sinus ei ole muud soovi, kui vaid õppida. Ei ole muud saavutust, kui saada kogenuks. Ei ole muud väge, peale oma tarkuse jagamise kõigiga. Jaga kaastundega – sulle hüvitatakse kõik ning sul ei ole enam raskuseid. Siis tuleb kõik sinu juurde ning sina ei pea kellegi järgnema.“ – Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher Level 1 textbook 2003 © KRI.

See aasta tuleb meie Eestis 5. lend. Kundalini jooga pere Eestis on kasvanud kiiresti ja jõuliselt, ning loodetavasti varsti on Kundalini jooga leida ja tuttav igas piirkonnas, igas vallas ning igas vanuses Eestis. Minu palve on see, et meie ühine pere saab lüüa Eestisse sügav rahu ning arendada teadlikkust kõikjal. Õpetajate koolitus ei ole ainult jooga õpetamisest, see on ise enda leidmisest ning oma suhtumise ja vibratsioon tõstmisest. Ja kõige olulisem on see, et see valgus mis sa oled leidnud endas saad jagada teistega.

Minu au on teiega see suurepärane teekond jagada ning vaadata kuidas meie perega liituvad imelised inimesed nagu sina. Kui Eestisse jõudsin 2004. aastal, oli vaid 2-3 õpetajad ning pidin need ülesse leidma et jõudu ühineda ning koos aeg veeta. Nüüd 2013. aastal on juba mitu KY keskused, Kundalini Jooga õpetajate ühing töötab väga aktiivselt, kundalini jooga tunnid õpetatakse igal pool ja igal ajal, laste jooga, rasedate jooga, beebi ja ema jooga, meeste jooga, algajate jooga, edasijõudnute jooga, teistmelise jooga, seeniorite jooga… arstidele, ettevõtjatele, sportlastele, töötutele, vangidele, puuetega inimestele… Ja veel on paljud paljud kellel oleks jooga abi vaja.

Tule siis, liitu meie perega ja jaga oma sära oma sõpruskonnas!

Kogu õpetajate koolituse info siit:
(NB! 8. märtsini on pisut soodsam)

2012 koolitus on juba lõpetatud, alati ma tunnen kurbust kui on jälle aasta koos läbi. Siin on mõned pildid 2012 lõpetajatest:


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A story of gratitude

God gives all these precious gifts to each and every one of us. In reality, we all prosper. Just looking at a child, growing in any surrounding, nature provides everything to that child. He or she receives a mother who nurtures him, brings food and warmth, love and security to every moment of his life. He receives a father, a protecting figure who makes sure there is a roof, a safe environment for the mother and baby. Sometimes nature gives different gifts than those, takes the mother or father away and provides a bigger challenge. Nevertheless, the child grows and prospers. Nature is wise.

In reality, our job is not to interfere with our ego-mind. What we must instruct it to do, is to become grateful for all those gifts that have been given. Grateful in every way, in every situation. That of course, doesn’t mean you become passive. It means that you can actually act from a neutral place, where you can enjoy a high perspective.

Imagine looking at a city from above.

You will see the people walking on the streets, the traffic, the rhythms. If you look closer you will see the windows of every house, holding a different story behind each of them, a family sleeping, a dog alone barking, a couple having dinner, a child playing with a cat. Among them, you will see your story, the emotional reaction you are having to this hard day, the way you are so focused in your financial situation, your worries about tomorrow, your jealousy for the couple upstairs or for the innocence of the child playing with the cat.

Zoom out again.

Realize that the couple have also their own worries. Every story behind every window has their own bubble of emotions, commotions, passions, worries, limitations.

Now what does this big picture give you? You can just accept that you are just one more of the crowd, useless, worthless, struggling like the rest.

Or you can discover the treasures you hold and be grateful for them. The smallest things like the look on your dear children when they wake up, or the food you have on the table, or the broken car which nevertheless brings you to places. Or even the old and humble furniture you hate, or the job that you don’t like but helps you to pay the bills.

We have been trained to think that the grass is always greener on the other side. It is part of a sequence in our mind, an illusion which actually helps us to develop the power of will, the power to move and to act. Yet the illusion will not bring us to happiness. It is the inner harmony with tr present moment that can only bring back to a sense of prosperity. This is all begins with recognizing, accepting and agreeing where I am standing. This is my story.
We need to stop living in our minds and rehearsing the story of the neighbor- if I had money… If I had that wife… If I was this or that. The first step to finding peace is through gratitude. However dark and gloomy my own story may seem, it is mine, and that is already a precious finding. Thank god, thank the universe, thank yourself, thank whoever and whatever that has helped you shape your story. Because it is unique and valuable as it is.

We all create our stories. There are certain patterns we follow, personal, inherited, societal, national and universal patterns which help us shape that story. Yes, you can and must become aware if those patterns and change the ones you don’t need or which are negative. Yet even each if those has been there for a purpose, whether you realise it or not, but you can be grateful for each of them.

I am grateful specially for the difficult and challenging situations in my life. Because through them, I have had to find the courage to go through, to find the light in the darkness, to wake myself up so that I can shine, to become neutral in the middle of emotion and commotion. And that I can guide others in spite of whatever turbulence is going in in my story. And at the end, that turbulence will find peace if I find the gratitude in the middle of it.

In humble service and love to the one in all,
Sukhdev Kaur


From virus to virtue

This week has been a great test of grit, character and endurance. It all started in ah honourable setting sharing the teaching space with Shiv Charan Singh. We had the last six days of kundalini yoga teacher training and I was to teach the last two. Few days before that I fell ill with a strange flu virus. Spent some time recovering and some time in the teaching space, my time was now to teach. I did not question it for a second. I tuned into the golden chain and surrendered my head, my aching and feverish body into the flow of teachings. Although my voice was not the best, and
my head not the brightest, I allowed myself to accept that state and be grateful for it. In any situation, that’s the first thing to do. Thank god for this virus. It gives me an opportunity to reconsider my present, to be in tune with my biological body, to settle down, to simplify, to bring down any masks, to be authentic.
Any challenge brings forth an opportunity to reevaluate.
And each reevaluation can bring a hidden treasure.
That is what Shiv Charan Singh means in his sutra “from virus to virtue”: to turn around misery into opportunity, disease into healing beyond the physical, from the dust to the blessing of that dust in my forehead.
Yogiji said we should always live in an attitude of gratitude. Every situation, turn it into a virtue. See the good side: thank you for this wonderful blissful virus!
Blessi gs to all
In humble service to the divine
Sukhdev Kaur

Hold the void

There is an indescribable beauty and sweetness to separation. Be it death, longing, a short departure, it is a very poetic realm of separation that lives and relives every time a situation like this happens. Numerologically speaking, this is the realm of number 2: tension, longing, missing, absence, abyss, black, blues, emotion, organic…
The most beautiful part of that longing is the re-union. It is a joy beyond joys, a fulfillment that impregnates the heart with an infinite love. For this to happen there needs to be a separation. There is no other way.
When we often say goodbye, when we come to visit to Canada or Mexico, My parents always say “in order to meet again, we must leave”. This is just as true as it gets.
That sweetness of leaving implies a void, a fear of using that emptiness inside: “how can I be empty? What will happen to me? How can I fill it as quick as possible?” This is the first reaction of the human. Yet the art of pressing that sweetness from the emptiness is to hold that space of void. To pause. To meditate and contemplate that sacredness, that tension, that separation.
Hold it.
It won’t kill you.
It will make you stronger.
Hold it.
Don’t rush.
Hold it.
Stay still.
You will receive the treasure hidden behind it all.
And only then a reunion will happen. And the heart will be fulfilled once more, with a nectar so sweet it will pour out from every single one of your pores. If you just stay still.

In gratitude,
Sukhdev Kaur