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Ühismeditatsioon ja 2015 numbrite teadlikkust (4.01 kl 17:30)

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Kutsume Sind 2015 aasta alguses 40-päevasele ühismeditatsioonile!

Aasta 2015 toob maailma värskendavat energia muutust. Tegeleme teemadega nagu kaastunne (8), puhastumine ja naiselik intuitiivne jõud (6). Läbi suhestumise ebaisikliku õitsenguga on numbritel suur mõju isikliku õitsengu ja tasakaalu ära tundmisel ning leidmisel. Selles valguses võib aasta motoks olla Universumi seadus „Energiat (8) ei saa luua või hävitada, seda saab vaid transformeerida (5)“. Millisest transformatsioonist (5) see läbi käib, sõltub iseenda võimest väljakutset ära tunda ja sellest kartmatult (6) ning kaastundlikult (8) läbi minna. Samuti väga soovitame lugeda Shiv Charan Singhi tekst 2015 aasta kohta SIIT ja tema poolt soovitatud hingamismeditatsioon SIIT

Meditatsioon, mille Sukhdev Kaur on Eesti sangati jaoks hoolikalt valinud, on väga võimas, kuid  samal ajal peen ning rahulik, et just nende teemadega töötada.

Kutsume Sind ühinema Ühismeditatsiooniga 2015. aasta jaoks 4. jaanuaril kell 17:30 Dharamsaalis. Osaluspanus on 12 eurot. Enne meditatsiooni teeme soojendusharjutusi ja pranayamasid, et end ette valmistada.

Sukhdev selgitab numeroloogia teadlikkust 2015. aasta kohta ning seda, kuidas just see meditatsioon meid toetab. Edaspidi võib igaüks meditatsiooni oma kodus 40 päeva järjest praktiseerida, lõpetades 12. veebruaril.

ühismeditatsioon 2015 - guidance

Guidance meditation (2015 Ühismeditatsioon, 40 päeva 4.01-12.01.2015)


Sukhdev Kauri komentaare:

“The arms are moving gently and lovingly in the form of an 8, the sign of infinite (slightly upward and sideways). Rock the baby of your inner child. The center of the rocking, the breath and the focus is at the heart (the balance of the polarities, the center of the mother instinct). It may take many days to find the right rocking- like each baby wants to be rocked in a different way, what is the way of your inner baby? Every time you breath in breathe that love to yourself, compassion for that part of you which is longing for your love” -Sukhdev K

*Meditatsioon tuleb teha Rakhe Rakhanhar rütmi järgi (Singh Kaur). Alla laadimiseks:
Online kuulamiseks:

Kui plaanid globaalse 40-päevase meditatsioonipraktikaga ühineda ja/või tulla ka 4. jaanuaril Dharamsaali, palun kirjuta  Kõik algajad on samuti teretulnud ühinema!

Pärast meditatsiooni  4. jaanuaril, vastab Sukhdev küsimustele aasta numeroloogia ja Kundalini jooga 1. Astme Õpetajakoolituse kohta, mis algab märtsis.


The year 2015 brings a refreshing change of energy to the world. We deal with themes of compassion (8), purification and female intuitive force (6). At the same time, a strong impact on prosperity is provided by the numbers in the way of recognizing and finding a balance in one’s own prosperity relating to the impersonal. In this light, the law of the universe “Energy (8) cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed” can be the motto for the year. What kind of transformation (5) it goes through depends on one’s own ability to recognize that challenge and go through it with fearlessness (6) and compassion (8), beginning with oneself.
We highly recommend to read Shiv Charan’s text regarding the numbers of 2015 HERE

The meditation that Sukhdev Kaur has meditatively chosen for the Estonian Sangat is a very powerful yet subtle and peaceful one to work on these themes. *The meditation will be posted here in the next few of days.

Join us for the beginning of this Global Meditation for 2015 on the 4th of January 2015 17:30hrs, at Dharamsaal, donation 12 eur. We will practice some warmups and pranayamas to prepare for the meditation.

Sukhdev Kaur will explain the numerology awareness for the year 2015 and how this meditation supports us. Each of us can practice the meditation at home for 40 days after the 4th of january, ending on the 12th of february.

ühismeditatsioon 2015 - guidance

Guidance meditation (2015 Ühismeditatsioon, 40 päeva 4.01-12.01.2015)


Sukhdev Kauri komentaare:

“The arms are moving gently and lovingly in the form of an 8, the sign of infinite (slightly upward and sideways). Rock the baby of your inner child. The center of the rocking, the breath and the focus is at the heart (the balance of the polarities, the center of the mother instinct). It may take many days to find the right rocking- like each baby wants to be rocked in a different way, what is the way of your inner baby? Every time you breath in breathe that love to yourself, compassion for that part of you which is longing for your love” -Sukhdev K

*The meditation is to be done to the rhythm of Rakhe Rakhanhar  (Singh Kaur).
To download:
Listen online:

If you are planning to join the Global meditation practice for 40 days, and/or joining us for the 4th of january please write to Also beginners are welcome to join!

After the meditation on the 4th of january, Sukhdev will answer questions on the year’s numerology and also on other trainings such as the Kundalini yoga Teacher Training level 1, beginning in march.

Avatud uste päev 24.08 – inspiratsioon sügiseks!


(In English below)

Dharamsaal on Tallinna südames asuv UUS Kundalini jooga keskus, mida juhendab Sukhdev Kaur. Sügishooaeg algab septembris ning enne seda olete oodatud tasuta avatud uste päevale, et maitsta seda, mida keskusel pakkuda on.

Tutvustus Kundalini joogasse.
Õpetajate tutvustus.
Praktiline osa venituste, harjutuste ja meditatsioonidega.
Lõdvestus ja Gong.
Shakti tantsujooga.
Kundalini jooga PEREKOOLI, rasedate jooga, beebi ja emme jooga, laste jooga tutvustus.

*Loosi läheb kaks 4x tunni kaarti ja kaks Perekooli 50% sooduskaarti.

Võta kaasa oma joogamatt ja mugavad riided (kohapeal mõned matid olemas).
Avatud uste päev on tasuta!
Kus?:  Liivalaia 11, Tallinn. Parkimine üle tee Liivalaia tn või Tatari tn alguses
Millal? Pühapäev 24.august 2014, kl 14-18. 

Palun registreeru ette saates email

Rohkem infot:
Sukhdev Kaur +37253731839

Dharamsaal is a new kundalini yoga center in the heart of Tallinn directed by Sukhdev Kaur. The autumn season starts in full bloom in september and you are invited to come for the free open door days to get a taste of it!

An introduction to kundalini yoga
Get to know the teachers
Practice some nice stretches, exercises, and meditations
Relax to the Gong
Dance with Shakti Dance
Get to know the Conscious Parenting Lecture series, Pregnancy yoga, Baby and mommy yoga, Childrens yoga courses.
We will give out two 4x class cards and two 50% discount card on the CP Lecture series!

Wear or bring comfortable clothes and a yoga mat.
Open doors day is free!
Where? Liivalaia 11, Tallinn. Parking across the street in Liivalaia st or Tatari st. 
When? Sunday 24. august 2014 from 14:00 hrs to 18:00. 
Please registrate beforehand sending an e-mail:

More information:
Sukhdev Kaur +37253731839
DHARAMSAAL- Center of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology in Tallinn, Estonia


When the self becomes mature enough to the point of ripening, the flower blooms and produces a fruit. This is the beautiful process of life. I have felt it come and go in certain stages of life, every time happening with a more powerful strength and carrying me across the world ocean. Before this ripening happens, I have no idea this is about to come. Usually this ripening is preceded by a dark age – sometimes short, sometimes long and exhausting – where the foundation of the self has to be prepared and the ground needs to be worked upon so that the spring can rise, the flower can bloom. There is no other purpose in life than to reach this maturity, over and over again. This is a state which, like air, can flicker away in an instant, yet its strong presence must be extended by consciousness. This is the jewel of life, this is what all of us seek in our unconscious, subconscious, semiconscious lives. Love is the ultimate state of being in which the self lives out of doubt and in clarity. Perpetual clarity is a state of being, a crystallization which gives us purpose. Frustration can and must trigger this process, the same way as boredom, anger and grief. These are precious gifts given to us so that we can refocus ourselves in our journey. To some they might be obstacles or resistances, but in the true sense of reality they are blessings and stepping stones. They are the wind and the current which will empower our boat to greater distances and wonderful lands that we cannot even dare to imagine. The self has a sense of this yet the mind is too limited to consider this. The mind gets stuck in the problem-solving aspects and forgets the vastness of the self. Only by learning how to use each of these resistances in order to come out of doubt and stabilize the self within those turmoils and dark times we can transcend those limitations and for once and for real live in reality in the true sense of the word. In the vast reality and quiet shores that we have come here into life to achieve. All adversities are to our advantages. We just need to tame the dragon, calm down the flow of emotions and commotions of an unsettled, frustrated heart. Become aware of the freedom in stillness, where freedom means opening that space inside the dungeon of the ribcage.

This is my prayer, that we all learn to live in this bliss. I have been waiting for three years for this moment again. A new stage arises and a new maturity has reached my lands. I welcome this stage with gratitude and an open heart.

“If you set your heart on something, your head will give in. That is why it is the most powerful center and extremely dangerous. On the other hand, this is the only center worth living with. […]

If you ever want to be compassionate, first be compassionate to yourself. You shall not understand another person’s feelings and behaviors accurately, intuitively, if you are not compassionate to yourself.” – Yogi Bhajan. July 17, 1988

2014 – A numerological forecast

(for the 40-day meditation go to the end of the page)
(40-päevane meditatsiooni video ja kirjeldus leiad all)

The blessings and challenges that the last years have been bringing to us are reaching a cusp. The year to come, 2+0+1+4=7 brings us to a relation with our self in action. 2013 was a year of pause, with many things waiting for a better time and some other structures colliding because of their instability or suspicious grounds. All those structures which are built on the sand have been shaking, and a global awareness has hit far more consciousnesses than ever before. 2013 was about shedding old skin. 2014 is about making the new skin. This new skin has to be built upon higher values: those of transparency and connection to the Essence in all. Without higher values, old structures will continue to fall and the intention behind new castles built on air will be naked and visible to all. 2014 is a year of visibility, shining light upon the darkest corners which if by the end of 2013 have not been cleared they will be put on the spotlight. 2014 brings us movement and action, yet it is an action which needs to be grounded on high principles of respect, transparency, equality and most importantly forgiveness.

“If your actions are based on kindness and compassion, you should be judged kindly and compassionately. If your actions are based on selfishness, you should be judged accordingly.” –Yogi Bhajan (Lecture on 11 May 1991)

7 has been a number related to kings and those who had the privilege to become the stairways to God. It is an illusion (or a reflection) of God, where 3+4 meet (3 the triangle, the trinity, the God) and 4 (the rectangle, the human world, the home). 7 is a number which is often assigned to the archetype of the architect as the creator of worlds in this world (his role in this play of Maya is to act like God, yet unfortunately the other (karmic) side of the polarity is the self-centric puppet).

7 relates to the Body of Aura, which is that electromagnetic field of light surrounding every body. In this way, perception of intention becomes transparent, the more we can learn to become subtle and quiet the mind. Number 7 and the Aura are outward numbers, in which the sensitivity of the person projects outward, into the environments and surroundings. This reflects the fact that we cannot life only on our inner world but we need to continuously reprogram our habits and the way we communicate with others.

At the same time the Auric Body relates to the Navel Point (3), which needs to become strong in order to radiate and project with a strong Aura. That means lots of Breath of Fire and strenghtening of the navel point. Yet there is a deeper aspect to this number. The last two digits of the year (1+4), remind us that there must always be a connection to the soul, in whatever action we take. Consciousness must remain focused on the intention otherwise the projection of the Navel and the Aura will explode into dispersion. A lot of explosions and uncontrolled (or conscious) bursts we will see this year in all levels – cosmic, mental, emotional, psychological, cellular level. There will be a lot of energy to be used yet we must be very careful to always ground it in consciouness. Asking questions like “what is the intention behind every one of my actions?” or “where am I acting from?” will be critical this year. And because of this, we will all receive attacks (which a strong Aura can filter) in every level, we need to be also very conscious of our reaction. Instead of REacting, we need to Act- to be aware of where we are standing and act without reacting, acting from a point of Dharma and not reacting creating more Karma. This will save our skins, our planet, our energy from entering into a vicious cycle of demotion. And because of all these reactions, the keyword for 2014 is Forgiveness- To truly and completely accept the others’ purity of the soul as one with mine, in spite of their actions. That does not mean not acting, just not reacting. That means to be kind to every single creature which crosses your life, kindness is true forgiveness. The other side of forgiveness is the ego- I,I,I which will not bring you forward but will only dig your hole deeper. Forgiving means expanding your self and your healing energy, it means covering up for the other, it means embracing that which is shouting for your help through anger because he does not know any other way. It means being there for each other. It means staying true to your self and soul and keeping a good relation to your higher values.

A good new year resolution is to reconsider those values, and maybe start your ladder by humility and building up to forgiveness (I suggest you come up with one-word substantives which make up your highest principles in-and beyond-life).

We will start a 40-day meditation on January 3rd 2014 (in Tallinn, Estonia, place and time here) relating to these aspects of humility, acceptance, responsibility, grace, forgiveness and strenghtening of the Auric Body. I invite all to join us, wherever you are, to practice this with us. The meditation can be learnt and practiced along with this (below) beautiful video of Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh. The PDF of the meditation can be found here.

Blessings and prosperity of consciousness in each and every one!
In service of the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur


Are you joining us for the 40day meditation? Feel free to comment below!


Grief: accompanying others

If I have only one line to say when someone just recently lost a loved one, its hard to pick the best. I know that to me most of the things people said to me when I lost my daughter meant they were wordless so whatever came from their mouths wasn’t about the worlds, but about the empathy and about the inability to find the right words. I know that because I feel the same when I see someone who has just lost their dear ones.

What did I do to cope? I just let it all come in, welcomed all feelings and emotions and rage and sadness to take over, yet remaining myself. I did feel like they would tear me apart from inside, and I felt physical, mental, spiritual pain 24 hours. Yet I trusted that I couldn’t do otherwise, I couldn’t hide it nor push it away, and so the only way was to accept them and know that they would become a part of me. Life was never going to be the same. I had been stamped with a stamp on the forehead that I thought would never touch me. Yet I embraced it as I embraced life itself. Because this was a part of me now and for ever. 

So what do I say? Allow whatever comes through you to happen. Just allow yourself to feel all those feelings in a conscious and deep way. Theres no other way out. It made me weak forever, and in that weakness I realized my infinite strength. I did not succumb to those so that means I survived. And If I could survive the unsurvivable then that means that life does heal and there is nothing in the world that happens to those who are not ready. I saw this all as a blessing and was grateful for that pain, for that loss, for that falling apart. It felt as if my physical body was changing skin, my chest with a heavy emptiness, my heart physically broken. And in that void I realized God. And God chose me for this because I was strong inside and I could allow myself to be weak. And I breathed that all deeply in and out, not pushing it away by breathing shallowly or refusing to breath in, but by breathing in that pain deeper and deeper and deeper. That was the healing. And If I did it, then anyone can do it. Sinking sinking farther within with a conscious deep breath. Until the pain subsided and life went forth. ONLY at its due time. Without that pause, that lingering in the void, the feelings can trap us. Life will move again around other things – meaningless they might seem then – and joy will reign again, after the healing has happened. 

And what about what others say? mostly they will say the wrong things. Just empathize with them. Your heart is broken and that is why it is now bigger and full of kindness, and others cannot imagine that. And please remember that every person has their own way to grief and needs to be allowed to grief their own way. 

There was this one saying that really supported me all the way through:

“Let sorrowful longing dwell in your heart.
Never give up, never lose hope.
Allah says, “The broken ones are my beloved.”
Crush your heart. Be broken.
– Shaikh Abu Saeed Abil Kheir, aka Nobody, Son of Nobody.

In the pitch black darkness you can find a blinding light. It is not a light to be seen with the eyes, but it is the true light of the soul. 

Maybe this is my line. 

May we all find that light over and over again in all of our little or big darknesses, that is my prayer.

PS- mothers and family members around the world have started many different beautiful projects after the loss of a dear one. Check out Ben’s Bells, spreading kindness all over. 
And thanks to my dear sister Nirvair Kaur Khalsa from Tucson who told me that story and gifted me the beautiful book Tear Soup, which I highly recommend (and I keep some copies at home to gift in such cases)

– In service of the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur


On death and dying in life

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other—that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister.” – Mother Theresa

Sat nam dear family,
Last weekend in the Kundalini yoga teacher training level 1 I was sharing the teachings on death. A question came up for which I was not prepared and my answer was not very deep. Since then I want to elaborate more on my own experiences with death, and I take this opportunity to share it with all of you.

I die every day with every breath. Every night before going to bed, I prepare myself to die. I let go of every thing, every experience that happened in the day. I die when I allow these to take over: all my thoughts, all my praises, all my glory and my shame, all my errors and shortcomings, all my lessons to learn, all my attachments, all my ego, my greed, my anger and my desires. My limited self dies when I let go of these.

I died many times when as a young brave fearless woman committed many mistakes. I am forever thankful to my Guru for keeping me under his protection in these times. I died little deaths every day when I retreated from the world, either by disgust or by unconformity with this world, with the reality of how it is structured and the banality under which it runs. I die every moment I see injustice and all I can do is trust Guru takes care of it.

I grieve, oh I grieve for that comfort zone, for that ignorance which is sweet and does not question anything. I grief and remember how life was so easy being unconscious. When I wouldn’t challenge myself every day to become a better person. When I would just be a passive animal wandering in the earth without purpose nor connection to the me within me.

I died along with my precious daughter Vida, the moment she left her body as a newborn, far away from me. Oh how I wandered around those blue ethers, acquired a wisdom which is deeper than the deepest ocean. I wandered like a ghost around her memory, around my empty hands and empty womb, around those moments of bliss she brought me. I wandered and found God, Brahm himself, who told me I should come back and live again in this world, celebrate her memory and the futility of life itself, attaching myself a the feet of the Guru where all is forgiven. In every cell of mine, through deep deep pain, I was reshaped. Oh it hurt. Every single cell hurt more than death itself. Every single cell shook and vibrated with an unknown caliber to me. I was reborn into this life, back from where I was left, with a new mission, with a deeper connection to God.

And I forgot. I forgot all these times I died and my mind wandered away with my ego. I did not honour the beauty and the effort of all these beings who helped me die in my limited being so I could live in my limitless self! I was angry to anger itself for ripping me off my most profound experience within this lifetime.

So yes, I have died. I have died and keep on dying until I truly and infinitely die in my ego, die in my selfishness, die in this time and space. I die with every challenge and I am grateful for each one of these deaths. For when I truly go, I will already know the path and will not need to kill each of these inner monsters in those three seconds, when the film of life runs through my eyes.

Yes I die. I die every time I am grateful. I die when I let go of my limitations. I reform myself again and again and again every time I take on a challenge and turn it towards God, coming out victorious in my soul, in my heart and in my infinity.

For peace is found at the end of the path, not at the beginning. To begin with, we need to work, work, work, sweat from work so that we can liberate others with us, when the time comes.

Jinee Naam dhiaaiaa gae masakat ghaal, Naanak te mukh ujlee ketii chhuti naal. 

In humble gratitude to the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur

The three languages of the psyche

It is only through accepting our humanness in the nakedness of our being that we can reach peace. We cannot deny anything good or bad within us, we can only stop judging it. We can learn to love ourselves with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when we learn to love ourselves in our flaws and shortcomings we can say we are truly true, we are home.
Please bare with me, read this more slowly:
It is only through accepting your humanness in the nakedness of your being that you can reach peace. You cannot deny anything good or bad within you, you can only stop judging it. You can learn to love yourself with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when you learn to love yourself in your flaws and shortcomings you can say you are truly true, you are home.
And once more, please become subtle and patient, if possible read this out loud, and make it yours:
It is only through accepting my humanness in the nakedness of my being that I can reach peace. I cannot deny anything good or bad within me, I can only stop judging it. I can learn to love myself with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when I learn to love myself in my flaws and shortcomings I can say I am truly true, I am home.

The oriental woman

This is the title of a set of Yogi Bhajan’s lectures back in the 1970’s or 80’s. I don’t remember exactly and as I am writing from bed with Theo in my arms I don’t bother searching.

The oriental woman in contrast with the western woman. That’s what he meant. As he came to teach in the west, America and Europe, in this respect is practically the same. Values of women have been completely lost. Maybe it was in the process of industrialization, feminization, globalization, capitalism and all those evil zations and isms out there.

woman in Turkey, photo by Teet Tooming
woman in Turkey, photo by Teet Tooming

Yogi Bhajan ( I prefer to call him el Maestro), el Maestro taught us to be like the oriental woman. He told us we should be like the oriental woman. But what he meant it remains unclear, and as I travel the world I always ask again and again what he meant by that. I get all sorts of answers, yet I know in my intuition exactly what he meant, but it’s too hard for many to take.

El Maestro was an advocate of women. He hated to see how we had downgraded and sold ourselves as sexual objects called ‘chicks’ instead of the powerful and graceful eagles we could become. He would teach women day after day how we should value ourselves by being a woman instead of trying to be something else, instead if going out there and search for everything. Things will search for you when you are a woman.

The oriental woman has one characteristic which I haven’t found in either American or European cultures, getting also lost in Mexico and all over the world. It is the virtue of devotion. It is a virtue which makes life soft, beautiful, divine, loving. A virtue you cannot understand or perceive fully if you don’t have a beloved to which devote yourself. This devotion I am speaking about is a divine devotion, which bridges that incredible dark gap we have in longing to belong. This hole- sometimes it is very real and physical in the chest- is something we all experience as a desire to belong. Some more than others, but it is part of coming into this life, being born and separated from that oneness, and becoming human. Nobody escapes that longing. You can call it a human condition. We all want to feel again whole, being part of that clan, that heaven which we once knew. Suffering comes when we either negate that longing or we cannot find our beloved or belonging to which belong. There is a metaphore of the wife/bride looking for his husband/groom and when she cannot find him she cries in despair, lost in the dark night, hopeless and broken. That is the state in which our soul looks for being completed, being happy, being whole. The soul inside of each of us yearns to be part of that Infinite it once knew, and here in this game called “earth” we come to find the way to do that. To win by playing within the rules. To defeat the game by playing by the rules.

the prayer of the beloved, is one of the highest prayers and ways of liberation
the prayer of the beloved, is one of the highest prayers and ways of liberation

So in this game, devotion comes in handy. It has the power to connect us with that beloved, that infinite, to set our anchor in the right place, to place an altar to that infinity, to realise that our wisdom has a purpose, and so we can feel Whole and One once more. In life, constantly. Not be lost like that soul bride in an empty bed. To feel the joy of being part of the One, that one which is actually inside of you, but in order to connect we need to find a path, an inspiration which will remind us of that light within. Technically, most religions started that way, to reflect that wisdom and connect you with an image of that inner reality. Many got lost in the way, but devotion is something that at least in some way has remained- in the oriental woman. The oriental woman as I see her, and as I am inspired by (and this is an image, may not be related to geographical surroundings or any “orient” in particular, but who said that El Maestro meant any geographical location?) is humble, is serviceful to her husband (her real husband but mostly her divine husband), is always accompanying her husband and walking softly behind him. She is a subtle inspiration, a light breeze which blows softly in the twilight, pointing to the right direction of the way. She is that woman who gracefully and patiently waits for her husband to awaken, making him lovingly food every day. She is that woman who is constantly in prayer, living in compassion and acting with kindness with everyone and in every situation. She is not in contradiction with a strong woman, in fact, she is stronger and steadier than any screaming and pounding woman. For her strength lies in her wit, in her inner wisdom, in her forgiveness, in her vibration, in her prayer. She devotes time for herself in deep meditation, sometimes while still serving others. That is the fulfillment of her self as a woman. And that is the highest blessing we women can awaken. It does not mean that we are not strong, powerful entrepreneurs or global women, it is not in contradiction. The same way she is a warrior when giving birth, she is a warrior without having to be in the frontline of battle. We don’t have to choose between one or the other. What we do have to choose is to do it consciously, by choice and not by imposition.

As a woman, just know that your power is a subtle one, and your light will shine through your service for others. The more lights you can awaken, the more your prayer works. Without that you have to move an inch.


Those first three years…


Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts I have ever come to experience. Life has a “before”, and an “after”, never ever will life be the same than after giving birth.

Building a strong foundation for my child is the most important thing in my life the first three years of his life (and beyond of course). Learning to listen to his cues, and being there for him to feel safe 24/7 is just one of the greatest sacrifices and blessings as a mother (my husband would also agree). It does mean that many opportunities in the professional life, in the ‘fun’ life, in the holiday life have to either be dropped or wait. I am very proud to say that I’m there for my child any time he needs me. This strong relationship and building of foundation starts with a strong and loving breastfeeding relationship. I can see already the wonderful results of breastfeeding my 2.2 yr old. Also, I know that the sacrifice I made of staying at home with him (and still for one more year at least) has helped me set the priorities in my life, and reassures me that I have indeed given 200% of me to him. I won’t regret any decision I made now, because I have had the opportunity to enjoy him to the max.
There are some mothers whose intuition points the same way. Yet leaving a job is not easy. Money wise and etc. so many fears, habits, comforts to confront. Yet I would say- trust your intuition and drop those fears. Money will come, and if you need to drop some other things, like belongings and such, it’s a big big energetic cleansing. After all, if you see the big picture, what are all those houses going to serve you after you leave this world? It’s the values, the goodness, the service you bring to others that will leave a living legacy of you. We spend so much time of our lives working our energies off to get the property so we are prisoners in our own homes full of loans. We miss the opportunity to spend those precious moments with our loved ones for a set of unbalanced priorities. Yes, having a roof and a place of your own is important, but never as important as to miss those moments with your children. Those first three years. It’s gold! It’s the most beautiful, pure diamonds, because those smiles, those jumps, those laughs, and those healing kisses will become their consciousness. That will stay forever with them. The house can be burnt or sold, but those healing kisses will resonate even then. When your time comes, you will depart in complete contentment and peace.

So yes, not all experiences in life will be beautiful. Most will be challenging. But when you build up your strength of heart, and your soul-intuition (intuition is very different than the voice of your ego-mind), you will live in the moment without judgement, in constant forgiveness and compassion, so that every challenge and accident will become the greatest learning and healing. And by the way, breastfeeding is one of the biggest healing opportunities we have as mothers- it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to heal the destiny of our children, specially if they had a traumatic birth, and also to build that strong connection with their own infinite.

To finish this post, I want to share with you Yogi Bhajan’s Five Forgivenesses:

– forgive God that he separated you from himself and created you as a creature
– forgive your destiny that it is as it is
– forgive the distance and the environment which are always challenging and the cause and effect which are happening
– forgive your capacity, your ability, your duality and your divinity
– forgive yourself that you have to go through it. That is most important.