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Children and parents of the Age of Aquarius (lecture)

(Loeng toimub Eesti keeles, 4. veebruar kl 18:30 Väikses Oas (Vabriku 41, Kalamaja, Tallinn, korraldab Ökobeebi, info siit )

During the transition of the Piscean age to the Aquarian age, and now
entering deeper into this last one in 2011, we have seen changes in
the world in all levels. Children born in these times reflect those
changes through special sensitivity, need to embrace their emotional
self, rejection of hiding their true nature and a deep connection to
their soul. Parenting these children is not an easy task, and parents
are faced with a challenge in their own behaviour, psyche and
awareness. This is the generation we have been waiting for in order to
build a heart-centered world. Ours is the time to help these children
with discovering their own challenges, gifts, shadows and blessings.
We will speak about the sensitivity of children in the Age of Aquarius
and some different namings (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Aquarian children). We
will also use simple breathing techniques and mostly we will work on
finding tools to help you discover YOUR children’s blessings from part
of their date of birth and finding what is the best way YOU can parent
your own children. (Bring pen and paper!)

2014 – A numerological forecast

(for the 40-day meditation go to the end of the page)
(40-päevane meditatsiooni video ja kirjeldus leiad all)

The blessings and challenges that the last years have been bringing to us are reaching a cusp. The year to come, 2+0+1+4=7 brings us to a relation with our self in action. 2013 was a year of pause, with many things waiting for a better time and some other structures colliding because of their instability or suspicious grounds. All those structures which are built on the sand have been shaking, and a global awareness has hit far more consciousnesses than ever before. 2013 was about shedding old skin. 2014 is about making the new skin. This new skin has to be built upon higher values: those of transparency and connection to the Essence in all. Without higher values, old structures will continue to fall and the intention behind new castles built on air will be naked and visible to all. 2014 is a year of visibility, shining light upon the darkest corners which if by the end of 2013 have not been cleared they will be put on the spotlight. 2014 brings us movement and action, yet it is an action which needs to be grounded on high principles of respect, transparency, equality and most importantly forgiveness.

“If your actions are based on kindness and compassion, you should be judged kindly and compassionately. If your actions are based on selfishness, you should be judged accordingly.” –Yogi Bhajan (Lecture on 11 May 1991)

7 has been a number related to kings and those who had the privilege to become the stairways to God. It is an illusion (or a reflection) of God, where 3+4 meet (3 the triangle, the trinity, the God) and 4 (the rectangle, the human world, the home). 7 is a number which is often assigned to the archetype of the architect as the creator of worlds in this world (his role in this play of Maya is to act like God, yet unfortunately the other (karmic) side of the polarity is the self-centric puppet).

7 relates to the Body of Aura, which is that electromagnetic field of light surrounding every body. In this way, perception of intention becomes transparent, the more we can learn to become subtle and quiet the mind. Number 7 and the Aura are outward numbers, in which the sensitivity of the person projects outward, into the environments and surroundings. This reflects the fact that we cannot life only on our inner world but we need to continuously reprogram our habits and the way we communicate with others.

At the same time the Auric Body relates to the Navel Point (3), which needs to become strong in order to radiate and project with a strong Aura. That means lots of Breath of Fire and strenghtening of the navel point. Yet there is a deeper aspect to this number. The last two digits of the year (1+4), remind us that there must always be a connection to the soul, in whatever action we take. Consciousness must remain focused on the intention otherwise the projection of the Navel and the Aura will explode into dispersion. A lot of explosions and uncontrolled (or conscious) bursts we will see this year in all levels – cosmic, mental, emotional, psychological, cellular level. There will be a lot of energy to be used yet we must be very careful to always ground it in consciouness. Asking questions like “what is the intention behind every one of my actions?” or “where am I acting from?” will be critical this year. And because of this, we will all receive attacks (which a strong Aura can filter) in every level, we need to be also very conscious of our reaction. Instead of REacting, we need to Act- to be aware of where we are standing and act without reacting, acting from a point of Dharma and not reacting creating more Karma. This will save our skins, our planet, our energy from entering into a vicious cycle of demotion. And because of all these reactions, the keyword for 2014 is Forgiveness- To truly and completely accept the others’ purity of the soul as one with mine, in spite of their actions. That does not mean not acting, just not reacting. That means to be kind to every single creature which crosses your life, kindness is true forgiveness. The other side of forgiveness is the ego- I,I,I which will not bring you forward but will only dig your hole deeper. Forgiving means expanding your self and your healing energy, it means covering up for the other, it means embracing that which is shouting for your help through anger because he does not know any other way. It means being there for each other. It means staying true to your self and soul and keeping a good relation to your higher values.

A good new year resolution is to reconsider those values, and maybe start your ladder by humility and building up to forgiveness (I suggest you come up with one-word substantives which make up your highest principles in-and beyond-life).

We will start a 40-day meditation on January 3rd 2014 (in Tallinn, Estonia, place and time here) relating to these aspects of humility, acceptance, responsibility, grace, forgiveness and strenghtening of the Auric Body. I invite all to join us, wherever you are, to practice this with us. The meditation can be learnt and practiced along with this (below) beautiful video of Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh. The PDF of the meditation can be found here.

Blessings and prosperity of consciousness in each and every one!
In service of the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur


Are you joining us for the 40day meditation? Feel free to comment below!


Grief: accompanying others

If I have only one line to say when someone just recently lost a loved one, its hard to pick the best. I know that to me most of the things people said to me when I lost my daughter meant they were wordless so whatever came from their mouths wasn’t about the worlds, but about the empathy and about the inability to find the right words. I know that because I feel the same when I see someone who has just lost their dear ones.

What did I do to cope? I just let it all come in, welcomed all feelings and emotions and rage and sadness to take over, yet remaining myself. I did feel like they would tear me apart from inside, and I felt physical, mental, spiritual pain 24 hours. Yet I trusted that I couldn’t do otherwise, I couldn’t hide it nor push it away, and so the only way was to accept them and know that they would become a part of me. Life was never going to be the same. I had been stamped with a stamp on the forehead that I thought would never touch me. Yet I embraced it as I embraced life itself. Because this was a part of me now and for ever. 

So what do I say? Allow whatever comes through you to happen. Just allow yourself to feel all those feelings in a conscious and deep way. Theres no other way out. It made me weak forever, and in that weakness I realized my infinite strength. I did not succumb to those so that means I survived. And If I could survive the unsurvivable then that means that life does heal and there is nothing in the world that happens to those who are not ready. I saw this all as a blessing and was grateful for that pain, for that loss, for that falling apart. It felt as if my physical body was changing skin, my chest with a heavy emptiness, my heart physically broken. And in that void I realized God. And God chose me for this because I was strong inside and I could allow myself to be weak. And I breathed that all deeply in and out, not pushing it away by breathing shallowly or refusing to breath in, but by breathing in that pain deeper and deeper and deeper. That was the healing. And If I did it, then anyone can do it. Sinking sinking farther within with a conscious deep breath. Until the pain subsided and life went forth. ONLY at its due time. Without that pause, that lingering in the void, the feelings can trap us. Life will move again around other things – meaningless they might seem then – and joy will reign again, after the healing has happened. 

And what about what others say? mostly they will say the wrong things. Just empathize with them. Your heart is broken and that is why it is now bigger and full of kindness, and others cannot imagine that. And please remember that every person has their own way to grief and needs to be allowed to grief their own way. 

There was this one saying that really supported me all the way through:

“Let sorrowful longing dwell in your heart.
Never give up, never lose hope.
Allah says, “The broken ones are my beloved.”
Crush your heart. Be broken.
– Shaikh Abu Saeed Abil Kheir, aka Nobody, Son of Nobody.

In the pitch black darkness you can find a blinding light. It is not a light to be seen with the eyes, but it is the true light of the soul. 

Maybe this is my line. 

May we all find that light over and over again in all of our little or big darknesses, that is my prayer.

PS- mothers and family members around the world have started many different beautiful projects after the loss of a dear one. Check out Ben’s Bells, spreading kindness all over. 
And thanks to my dear sister Nirvair Kaur Khalsa from Tucson who told me that story and gifted me the beautiful book Tear Soup, which I highly recommend (and I keep some copies at home to gift in such cases)

– In service of the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur


On death and dying in life

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other—that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister.” – Mother Theresa

Sat nam dear family,
Last weekend in the Kundalini yoga teacher training level 1 I was sharing the teachings on death. A question came up for which I was not prepared and my answer was not very deep. Since then I want to elaborate more on my own experiences with death, and I take this opportunity to share it with all of you.

I die every day with every breath. Every night before going to bed, I prepare myself to die. I let go of every thing, every experience that happened in the day. I die when I allow these to take over: all my thoughts, all my praises, all my glory and my shame, all my errors and shortcomings, all my lessons to learn, all my attachments, all my ego, my greed, my anger and my desires. My limited self dies when I let go of these.

I died many times when as a young brave fearless woman committed many mistakes. I am forever thankful to my Guru for keeping me under his protection in these times. I died little deaths every day when I retreated from the world, either by disgust or by unconformity with this world, with the reality of how it is structured and the banality under which it runs. I die every moment I see injustice and all I can do is trust Guru takes care of it.

I grieve, oh I grieve for that comfort zone, for that ignorance which is sweet and does not question anything. I grief and remember how life was so easy being unconscious. When I wouldn’t challenge myself every day to become a better person. When I would just be a passive animal wandering in the earth without purpose nor connection to the me within me.

I died along with my precious daughter Vida, the moment she left her body as a newborn, far away from me. Oh how I wandered around those blue ethers, acquired a wisdom which is deeper than the deepest ocean. I wandered like a ghost around her memory, around my empty hands and empty womb, around those moments of bliss she brought me. I wandered and found God, Brahm himself, who told me I should come back and live again in this world, celebrate her memory and the futility of life itself, attaching myself a the feet of the Guru where all is forgiven. In every cell of mine, through deep deep pain, I was reshaped. Oh it hurt. Every single cell hurt more than death itself. Every single cell shook and vibrated with an unknown caliber to me. I was reborn into this life, back from where I was left, with a new mission, with a deeper connection to God.

And I forgot. I forgot all these times I died and my mind wandered away with my ego. I did not honour the beauty and the effort of all these beings who helped me die in my limited being so I could live in my limitless self! I was angry to anger itself for ripping me off my most profound experience within this lifetime.

So yes, I have died. I have died and keep on dying until I truly and infinitely die in my ego, die in my selfishness, die in this time and space. I die with every challenge and I am grateful for each one of these deaths. For when I truly go, I will already know the path and will not need to kill each of these inner monsters in those three seconds, when the film of life runs through my eyes.

Yes I die. I die every time I am grateful. I die when I let go of my limitations. I reform myself again and again and again every time I take on a challenge and turn it towards God, coming out victorious in my soul, in my heart and in my infinity.

For peace is found at the end of the path, not at the beginning. To begin with, we need to work, work, work, sweat from work so that we can liberate others with us, when the time comes.

Jinee Naam dhiaaiaa gae masakat ghaal, Naanak te mukh ujlee ketii chhuti naal. 

In humble gratitude to the divine in all,
Sukhdev Kaur

Beebi ja emme jooga tunnid 2013 sügisel

 “By construction, the fulfillment of a woman is motherhood; and motherhood does not mean that she gets pregnant and delivers a baby. If you understand her total behavior, you will understand her motherhood. Her motherhood is service, her motherhood is sacrifice, her motherhood is relationship. When she knows motherhood, she is fulfilled.” – Yogi Bhajan

Värskele emadele on võimalik tulla koos oma lapsega joogatamas. Sellel sügisel alustame 14. november, kokku 5 tundi, neljapäeviti kl 10-11.
See on väga ülendav kogemus lapsele ning emadele suurepärane võimalus oma kodune rutiinist välja tulla ja olla teiste emade seas, kellel on samad küsimused ja mured kui sinulgi ning tuleme üheskoos et omavahel toetada ning tõsta oma vibratsioonid et meil oleks beebidele ja perele jaksu.

Rohkem infot Beebi ja emme jooga tundide kohta SIIT

Class with Shiv Charan Singh in Tallinn 4th november!

Staying true to the pulse of your soul
Kundalini yoga master class with Shiv Charan Singh (UK/PT)Yoga Kundalini Karam Kria Chavutti Massage
(Info Eesti keeles all pool)
Place: Wahe Guru Keskus (Niine 11, 2nd floor, Tallinn)
Price: 12 eur
Time: Monday 4th november 2013, 19:15 – 21:00
Open to all public!
Class will be taught in English language with translation into Estonian and Russian.
Shiv Charan Singh is a renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Applied Numerology throughout the world since the early 80’s. He is the founding director of the Karam Kriya School and centre for Kundalini yoga in London and Portugal. Scottish by birth, he is an outstanding and authentic spiritual teacher. Karam Kriya means ‘action in spiritual awareness’. Shiv Charan is deeply committed to guiding students in their spiritual growth so they can bring spiritual awareness into their everyday lives and develop their full potential as human beings. He is a skilled counsellor, author of several books on human communication, the mystery of numbers and poetry. He runs training programmes throughout Europe, Russia, Middle East, Australia and Latin America.

Through the living word of the teachings he invites us to fully realise our spiritual potential as human beings without the renouncement of worldly things. Shiv Charan Singh is neither self seeking nor political in his teachings. He is entertaining and both charismatic and humble in the way he speaks. Following a degree in humanities, he has undertaken extensive training in counselling and therapeutic skills. He has worked intensively and successfully with people who have drug habits and severe emotional problems, and he offers profoundly transformative individual counselling. Above all, his warmth and compassion have generated a community spirit at the school which reaches out to the community regardless of age and background, and attracts people from all over the world.

We invite also those who are considering taking part in the Kundalini yoga teacher training next year.
Karam Kriya School events and trainings in Estonia:
Shiv Charan Singh events and trainings throughout the world:
More information:
Sukhdev Kaur

Enda hingele truuks jäämine

Kundalini jooga meistriklass koos Shiv Charan Singhiga (UK/Portugal)
Koht: Wahe Guru keskus, Niine 11, II korrus, Tallinn
Yoga Kundalini Karam Kria Chavutti Massage
Hind: 12 eurot
Aeg: Esmaspäev 4. nov 2013, 19:15 – 21:00
Sündmus on avatud kõigile!

Tund toimub inglise keeles eesti keele ning vene keele tõlkega Shiv Charan Singh on üle maailma tunnustatud Kundalini jooga ja Rakendusnumeroloogia õpetaja. Ta on Karam Kriya kooli ja keskuse looja nii Inglismaal kui ka Portugalis. Ta on pärit Šotimaalt ning oma õpetustes silmapaistev ja autentne. Karam Kriya tähendab tegutsemist spirituaalse teadlikkusega. Shiv Charan on õpetajana pühendunud õpilaste spirituaalse arengu toetamisele, et aidata meis välja tuua endas peituv potentsiaal. Ta on kogenud nõustaja, ja kirjutanud mitmeid raamatuid suhtlemise, numbrimaagia ning poeesia teemal. Ta viib läbi koolitusi kogu Euroopas, Venemaal, Kesk-Idas, Austraalias ja Ladina-Ameerikas.Läbi elavate õpetussõnade kutsub ta meid teostama oma spirituaalset potentsiaali ilma maise elu asjadest loobumata. Shiv Charan pole poliitiline ega ennastotsiv. Ta on oma sõnavõttudes humoorikas, karismaatiline ja alandlik ning pakub sügavalt transformeerivaid individuaalnõustamisi. Tal on kraad humanitaarteadustes ning ta on läbinud põhjaliku koolituse nõustamis- ja terapeudioskuste arendamise alal. Shiv Charan on intensiivselt ja edukalt töötanud inimestega, kellel on sõltuvusprobleeme ning tõsiseid emotsionaalseid raskusi. Kuid üle kõige on tema soojus ja kaastunne äratanud kogukonnatunde, mis ulatab abikäe ka väljaspoole, hoolimata inimeste vanusest või taustast, ning tõmbab ligi inimesi üle kogu maailma.

Tundi on ka teretulnud need kes mõtlevad Kundalini jooga õpetajate koolitusele sisse astuda.
Karam Kriya Kooli sündmused ja koolitused Eestis:
Shiv Charan Singhi sündmused ja koolitused üle
Sukhdev Kaur
+372 53731839

The three languages of the psyche

It is only through accepting our humanness in the nakedness of our being that we can reach peace. We cannot deny anything good or bad within us, we can only stop judging it. We can learn to love ourselves with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when we learn to love ourselves in our flaws and shortcomings we can say we are truly true, we are home.
Please bare with me, read this more slowly:
It is only through accepting your humanness in the nakedness of your being that you can reach peace. You cannot deny anything good or bad within you, you can only stop judging it. You can learn to love yourself with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when you learn to love yourself in your flaws and shortcomings you can say you are truly true, you are home.
And once more, please become subtle and patient, if possible read this out loud, and make it yours:
It is only through accepting my humanness in the nakedness of my being that I can reach peace. I cannot deny anything good or bad within me, I can only stop judging it. I can learn to love myself with greater compassion, rather than being immersed in a false reality made out of poison: comparing, competing and criticizing.
Only when I learn to love myself in my flaws and shortcomings I can say I am truly true, I am home.

The magical world of the mind

Sat nam Sangat jio,

I am writing you all from a very deep worry and longing I have had for days, months, maybe lifetimes.

So we are all here in this earthly life to learn a lesson, or many, and to find a way to become liberated. Every religion, every philosophy agrees in one way or another, with different words or stories attached to it, it doesn’t matter.

anand73We are given a precious toolkit in order to achieve that. That toolkit comprises many precious and magical items such as the body and the mind. I am not describing everything since it would take ages, but for now I will focus on the mind. The mind is an incredible magical tool- it can create an empire out of sand. It can make you the greatest illusion of all times and you yourself will even buy it. Yogiji, my maestro, said that the force of the mind, is that of an army. I’ll come back to this in a moment.

We are feeding the mind constantly, incessantly from day one of this life with all that stimulation, until the last day of our lives watching tv or questioning who we are. The mind is capable of anything beyond the realm of the body. It travels at the speed of light. It needs no money to build castles in the air. It can turn a beggar into a king overnight. And it does, second after second after second of feeding the ego.

So basically in this time and age of the world we live in an interesting moment. We live swinging between the two natural polarities in our relationship with the mind: we either feed the ego-mind, or we either slash ourselves through the ego-mind. “I am all” and the next moment “I am nothing”. As Nanak said, this the day and night are our nurse in whose lap we constantly swing and play the game of illusion. So we go in a second from one extreme to the other, and it’s all part of this game of the mind. And we have this game so engraved in our cellular memory that we attach to it and we can no longer live without it. We identify ourselves with it- we get hurt, we get revengeful, we get angry, we get pumped up, we feel “happy”, we feel heard, we feel praised, paid back, and so and so and so on. It’s this fantastic play of illusion, wonderfully mastered by the mind, that we are incapable of detaching ourselves from it. And I catch myself in t all the time. There is no judgement involved, it’s just a default we have learnt to live with, worse- to live by.

GuruNanakSo I described this army that is the force of the mind – we mostly have it acting in behalf of our ego, leading to a dead end, feelings of emptiness, or we have it behind us, like the wind behind our back working for making my every step lighter. It is so few people who have worked so hard to achieve that. Most of us are in the way, or not even realized there is a way.

The ego-mind is there to serve us. But most often than that, it tricks us into its own old habits. How to break free from it? Well, needless to say, it is not through the mind-games that we can get out of it. We need something bigger, something greater, something that can slash its monotonous routine (for the working mind is like a machine on automatic) and bring us back into the REAL reality. And what is that? That you are a soul. You are infinitely pure, untouched, innocent, divine, graceful, happy. Your basic being is all you need. You ARE happy. But what we have to do is to use the mind to find that happiness (and innocence, and divinity) out, because it is covered by years and years of fascination with this world and years and years of masks and layers of “I am not worth it”…

What I have found to jump ahead of the mind are three things:

1 – you need a technique. A technique powerful enough that breaks you free from these chains of the mind. Of all things I have tried, Kundalini yoga is for me THE one technique. It works fast, well, safe, uplifting. And of ALL the Kundalini yoga techniques there are, by FAR the most powerful ones are Rebirthing meditations. These are like energy drinks that clear the clutter of the mind, break free of habits, ghosts, childhood clings and past time karmas which hang unto us like dirty clothes, stinking everywhere we go. (I am teaching a  regular workshop in Tallinn with these Rebirthing Meditations and Gong – more info here)

2 – You need endurance. Grit. Consistency. Keep-up-attitude. Your own practice that will carry those super deep cleaning processes on into the everyday life, into the reality that we live at home, at work, in the kitchen, living room, bathroom. Not to be spaced out, but to live your life with the teachings

Microsoft Word - Information Pack

3 – An attitude of gratitude AND a constant, neverending fountain of COMPASSION pouring out of your heart with each and every heartbeat, each and every breath. Compassion to yourself, compassion to others (Yogiji reminds us by the sutra “Recognise that the other is you”). I realised today, that most of us have no idea what it is to LIVE in compassion. We are kind to each other in our actions (certain and selected actions – who selects? the ego of course! “I like you, so I am kind to you”–“You are my enemy, I am mean to you”). But compassion is not an act, it is a state of being. You either are compassionate or not. IT is a 24/7 attitude to life. IT must pour out of your every pore, it is a vibration that is uplifting to all, that is healing to all. (This is also the theme of my Monday classes alternating with Rebirthing meditations.)

So, in this compassionate manner, I owe it to my own little tired body and mind to go right now to bed and give them a rest.

Blessings to each and every one being in this planet and beyond

In service to the divine in all,

Sukhdev Kaur