Seva program at the Ashram

The Guru Ram Das Institute and Ashram in Estonia is opening up a new program for Sevadars (selfless service) in 2021 May and June, to come for 40-days in-depth experience of Ashram living and practice in the traditions of Kundalini Yoga, Sikh Dharma and Karam Kriya while spending time outdoors helping in the vegetable garden and general maintenance and running of the Ashram.

It takes 40-days for a transformation to happen – to get rid of a habit or to apply a new habit. We recognize it is not always possible to take 40 days to to the intensive transformation, so we are opening also opportunities for shorter or longer stay Seva at the Ashram.

*** If you are looking for single day Seva opportunities please go to the Sangat page

What to expect

  • Outdoor living in pure, clean environment in the forest, spending most of your day in the fresh air.
  • Nordic deciduous forest weather, which in the spring means cool mornings, relative humid weather, warm days, mosquitoes.
  • Nutritious vegan meals cooked together by Sevadars
  • Shared accommodation in a cabin equipped with furnace to be heating as needed (bedding provided)
  • Outdoor showers, ecological dry toilets, ecological living powered by off-grid solar panels and pure water from a local well.
  • Time to relax, unwind and get back to nature
  • 2 days off per week to relax or visit local villages, and other sights (as arranged beforehand)
  • A commitment to the principle of working with nature constantly look for ways to reduce waste, and give preference to natural, local and/or eco friendly products
  • Two friendly cats living in the property, and occasional sightings of wild animals such as rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs and deer.
  • Two to six sevadars at the time
  • Daily general cleaning routines like laundry, cook, take care of the vegetable garden, small repairs, hosting guests/ groups
  • Schedule accordingly to the Seva Program (see below)
  • Daily sadhana, Gurdwara program and kirtan 
  • Discounts on yoga classes, workshops etc. during your stay as a sevadar

Sevadars responsibilities

• Responsible, committed to the experience
• Working with an international team of Sevadars
•Complete your responsibility and jobs appointed
• Respect boundaries and good manners
• Good time management
• Cleanliness as godliness
• Conscious management of resources (including electricity, water, waste)
• Practice conscious and compassionate communication
• A strong commitment to go through the experience of change and transformation
• Do your part in maintaining a vibrant and elevating atmosphere in the Ashram
• Working for up to 30 hrs per week eg, 5 days of 6 hours work and two days off per week.
• Sevadars are asked to participate (or lead if you are a kundalini yogi or teacher) in daily sadhana and kirtan which takes place in the dome or outside depending on the weather.
• Attend 2x weekly Ashram team meetings
• If needed, private consultations with Sukhdev Kaur can be booked separately

40-day Sevadar program commitment

120€ for 10- day Seva, 240€ for 20-day Seva, or 300 € per your full 40-day sevadar experience, including food and accommodation. Travel costs need to be covered by you fully.

We require all Sevadars to have a valid residence permit in Europe and a valid health insurance for the full duration of their stay. The program at the moment is only open for stay during the months of May to September 2021.

Thank you for your understanding.

****Before you apply, please READ AND AGREE to the Ashram’s House Rules found here.

To Register:

Fill up the form below. If you have any inquiries please contact Sukhdev Kaur

School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology. Liivalaia 11/1-14, Tallinn, Estonia +372 53731839

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