Children and parents of the Age of Aquarius (lecture)

(Loeng toimub Eesti keeles, 4. veebruar kl 18:30 Väikses Oas (Vabriku 41, Kalamaja, Tallinn, korraldab Ökobeebi, info siit )

During the transition of the Piscean age to the Aquarian age, and now
entering deeper into this last one in 2011, we have seen changes in
the world in all levels. Children born in these times reflect those
changes through special sensitivity, need to embrace their emotional
self, rejection of hiding their true nature and a deep connection to
their soul. Parenting these children is not an easy task, and parents
are faced with a challenge in their own behaviour, psyche and
awareness. This is the generation we have been waiting for in order to
build a heart-centered world. Ours is the time to help these children
with discovering their own challenges, gifts, shadows and blessings.
We will speak about the sensitivity of children in the Age of Aquarius
and some different namings (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Aquarian children). We
will also use simple breathing techniques and mostly we will work on
finding tools to help you discover YOUR children’s blessings from part
of their date of birth and finding what is the best way YOU can parent
your own children. (Bring pen and paper!)

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