The magical world of the mind

Sat nam Sangat jio,

I am writing you all from a very deep worry and longing I have had for days, months, maybe lifetimes.

So we are all here in this earthly life to learn a lesson, or many, and to find a way to become liberated. Every religion, every philosophy agrees in one way or another, with different words or stories attached to it, it doesn’t matter.

anand73We are given a precious toolkit in order to achieve that. That toolkit comprises many precious and magical items such as the body and the mind. I am not describing everything since it would take ages, but for now I will focus on the mind. The mind is an incredible magical tool- it can create an empire out of sand. It can make you the greatest illusion of all times and you yourself will even buy it. Yogiji, my maestro, said that the force of the mind, is that of an army. I’ll come back to this in a moment.

We are feeding the mind constantly, incessantly from day one of this life with all that stimulation, until the last day of our lives watching tv or questioning who we are. The mind is capable of anything beyond the realm of the body. It travels at the speed of light. It needs no money to build castles in the air. It can turn a beggar into a king overnight. And it does, second after second after second of feeding the ego.

So basically in this time and age of the world we live in an interesting moment. We live swinging between the two natural polarities in our relationship with the mind: we either feed the ego-mind, or we either slash ourselves through the ego-mind. “I am all” and the next moment “I am nothing”. As Nanak said, this the day and night are our nurse in whose lap we constantly swing and play the game of illusion. So we go in a second from one extreme to the other, and it’s all part of this game of the mind. And we have this game so engraved in our cellular memory that we attach to it and we can no longer live without it. We identify ourselves with it- we get hurt, we get revengeful, we get angry, we get pumped up, we feel “happy”, we feel heard, we feel praised, paid back, and so and so and so on. It’s this fantastic play of illusion, wonderfully mastered by the mind, that we are incapable of detaching ourselves from it. And I catch myself in t all the time. There is no judgement involved, it’s just a default we have learnt to live with, worse- to live by.

GuruNanakSo I described this army that is the force of the mind – we mostly have it acting in behalf of our ego, leading to a dead end, feelings of emptiness, or we have it behind us, like the wind behind our back working for making my every step lighter. It is so few people who have worked so hard to achieve that. Most of us are in the way, or not even realized there is a way.

The ego-mind is there to serve us. But most often than that, it tricks us into its own old habits. How to break free from it? Well, needless to say, it is not through the mind-games that we can get out of it. We need something bigger, something greater, something that can slash its monotonous routine (for the working mind is like a machine on automatic) and bring us back into the REAL reality. And what is that? That you are a soul. You are infinitely pure, untouched, innocent, divine, graceful, happy. Your basic being is all you need. You ARE happy. But what we have to do is to use the mind to find that happiness (and innocence, and divinity) out, because it is covered by years and years of fascination with this world and years and years of masks and layers of “I am not worth it”…

What I have found to jump ahead of the mind are three things:

1 – you need a technique. A technique powerful enough that breaks you free from these chains of the mind. Of all things I have tried, Kundalini yoga is for me THE one technique. It works fast, well, safe, uplifting. And of ALL the Kundalini yoga techniques there are, by FAR the most powerful ones are Rebirthing meditations. These are like energy drinks that clear the clutter of the mind, break free of habits, ghosts, childhood clings and past time karmas which hang unto us like dirty clothes, stinking everywhere we go. (I am teaching a  regular workshop in Tallinn with these Rebirthing Meditations and Gong – more info here)

2 – You need endurance. Grit. Consistency. Keep-up-attitude. Your own practice that will carry those super deep cleaning processes on into the everyday life, into the reality that we live at home, at work, in the kitchen, living room, bathroom. Not to be spaced out, but to live your life with the teachings

Microsoft Word - Information Pack

3 – An attitude of gratitude AND a constant, neverending fountain of COMPASSION pouring out of your heart with each and every heartbeat, each and every breath. Compassion to yourself, compassion to others (Yogiji reminds us by the sutra “Recognise that the other is you”). I realised today, that most of us have no idea what it is to LIVE in compassion. We are kind to each other in our actions (certain and selected actions – who selects? the ego of course! “I like you, so I am kind to you”–“You are my enemy, I am mean to you”). But compassion is not an act, it is a state of being. You either are compassionate or not. IT is a 24/7 attitude to life. IT must pour out of your every pore, it is a vibration that is uplifting to all, that is healing to all. (This is also the theme of my Monday classes alternating with Rebirthing meditations.)

So, in this compassionate manner, I owe it to my own little tired body and mind to go right now to bed and give them a rest.

Blessings to each and every one being in this planet and beyond

In service to the divine in all,

Sukhdev Kaur

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