Playing in the theatre of life

What is the point of life? What is the whole idea behind living? What is the sole purpose of having this whole adventure?
We are here in a theatre, in a game. Sometimes, we forget this basic thing. We get so entangled into the game, so fascinated by the show, by the action, by the lights and the illusion that we forget we are playing. The game entangles us into it so much, like ivy, that we suffer amnesia. We have forgotten we are here in transit, that we had an intention and a purpose and a point of reference to begin with. It is all forgotten. Children still know that, they are just coming from their so its very present for them. Their energy is very raw, very impulsive. They have very clear understanding where they are coming from and that there is a thread to be followed. To reach the end if the labyrinth. The center, the very core of our existence. To reach into that deep cave of the self in which the treasure is found. Ahh that treasure which everybody wants but nobody knows where it’s hidden. It’s only through hardship, magic and trust that we may get there.
So we are in this play, and subjected to the ruled of the game. It is only by playing it by its rules that we can exhaust it, finish it. Sometimes we know we are playing, but we would like to pretend we are more than the game, that its rules don’t touch us. That’s ingenuous. It’s only by playing it, by playing it right.
We need that magic wand, that touchstone, that anchor, that point of reference, that magic formula to open up the way. But we have forgotten it. We need to learn to listen to it, to uncover the riddle, so we can find the magic. Inside we have the dormant power, the impulse to go and find it, whether in alcohol, in work, in relationships, in all those outside things. But we don’t remember that the answer to the riddle lies within, in deep silent peaceful intuitive listening.
The opportunities to wake up are endless, yet we are so used to playing the way we know it, the effortless and numb way, that we can’t get out of this vicious circle. We need to give our heads. Cut them with the ax of intention, the sword of fearlessness. So the dormant awakes. To scream and hit and shake the sleeping covers away to bring the magic forth.
And learn to play the game, so that it becomes an infinite game. A game which won’t come back, which will lead us to the end of this theatre.
Keep the intention, the point and the hold of the thread, fear not the Minotaur. It is a reflection of your self. Face it and keep hold of the thread. Reach the end. Exhaust the way. So you find the point of life by playing it right.
In compassion for each and every one,
Sukhdev Kaur

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