From virus to virtue

This week has been a great test of grit, character and endurance. It all started in ah honourable setting sharing the teaching space with Shiv Charan Singh. We had the last six days of kundalini yoga teacher training and I was to teach the last two. Few days before that I fell ill with a strange flu virus. Spent some time recovering and some time in the teaching space, my time was now to teach. I did not question it for a second. I tuned into the golden chain and surrendered my head, my aching and feverish body into the flow of teachings. Although my voice was not the best, and
my head not the brightest, I allowed myself to accept that state and be grateful for it. In any situation, that’s the first thing to do. Thank god for this virus. It gives me an opportunity to reconsider my present, to be in tune with my biological body, to settle down, to simplify, to bring down any masks, to be authentic.
Any challenge brings forth an opportunity to reevaluate.
And each reevaluation can bring a hidden treasure.
That is what Shiv Charan Singh means in his sutra “from virus to virtue”: to turn around misery into opportunity, disease into healing beyond the physical, from the dust to the blessing of that dust in my forehead.
Yogiji said we should always live in an attitude of gratitude. Every situation, turn it into a virtue. See the good side: thank you for this wonderful blissful virus!
Blessi gs to all
In humble service to the divine
Sukhdev Kaur

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