Put your wisdom into practice!

Dear family,

Since yesterday I have been fascinated watching many great videos of the wisdom of Jean Houston. She is a great woman who goes all over the world helping communities find their connection and their story – rewriting the story themselves. As she claims, she does not tell them what to do but she is a deep listener – having as many questions to the community as they have to her. She describes how her power and success lies in the fact that she is a woman.
So here I am, listening to Jean Houston at 9.30 am. Then the doorbell rings. I go open and its the post. A letter.
Im always happy when the post comes.
I open the door and a small mature lady is holding packages and letters with both hands, tryign to find the right paper. She puts the packages on the stair outside the apartment door. I ask her to come in and sit so she can sort it all out. She had mixed all her papers and packages. I look into her eyes, a stranger to me. Outside is snowing heavily and windy. I can imagine she has been up from very early doing her job as a postman, walking for already many hours and on her feet. I look into her eyes and offer her a glass of water. She accepts, and drinks it all at once. She must have been really thirsty. I dont have tea ready, so I offer her one more glass, which she accepts. And some pineapple which I have cut and ready from breakfast.
We start talking, and I ask how has her day been, how she must be tired of being on her feet all day. We talk about children, mine and hers, about how children dont eat very early in the morning, about how she was forced to eat when she was young and how she doesnt like to eat very early, yet a bit later she eats very eagerly. And we talk about the weather and after a couple of minutes of rest, she goes her way.

That is the world Jean Houston speaks about. That is the world we want to live in, where human touch is found at every corner, even in the depth of a snowstorm.

Some of Jean Houston’s videos can be found in youtube:

And her website:

In gratitude,

Sukhdev K

One thought on “Put your wisdom into practice!”

  1. la historia es como tu,siempre pensando en el bienestar de los demas y como oirl sus problemas y ayudarlos te quiero chiquita,,,

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