Now I’m starting to understand

A sacrifice cannot be done halfways.

Yogiji said very often that our actions and thoughts have to match our vibration and frequency of our consciousness. In other words you have to act your word, and in all aspects of your life (absolutely every aspect, from going to bed to reading an email, to preparing food, to buying the grocery) have to be in tune with that same frequency. It is a mismatch when in one moment I say I support ecological sustainability and later on I am behaving in a very humanly-unsustainable way. Let me give an example.

I recently made the conscious decision of quitting all dairy and cow (or other animal) milk (being already vegetarian for many years). I love the taste of cheese and my quesadillas (that’s the hardest actually) but When I started to have mother’s milk myself I came to realize how unnatural it is to be drinking another species’ milk. It is meant for their calves only, not for humans. We do have our own human milk which is meant to be drank straight from the breast during the first years of life (by the way, I’m planning to breastfeed Theo up to 6 years, we will see together how much we both want and need).

Why do we take animals milk away from their calves (and no, cows don’t have milk just like that, they must be continuously having babies in order to produce milk, and are violently separated from their mother so we can drink it)? Why do we even give it to our own infants? It just feels so unnatural.
Having a conversation about this with my husband, he didn’t get my point at all – like Probably some other billions of people in this planet have never questioned this deeply. All just because “we are used to” or “it is normal”. (I don’t touch the theme of meat eating because it is another long story).

We torture our children in the name of normality and/or comfort:
Circumsicion, vaccines, sleep training, schedule feeding, medical procedures, school, education, societal dos and donts… All in the name of fitting in and being like the others.

We stop listening to our intuition and listen to some so-called experts who sometimes just act unconsciously and automatically in the name of multinational pharmaceutics or governmental interests. We break the baby-mother bond early with tortures and trainings in order to teach them “life is tough out here, you might just get used to it” the same way we break the bind with mother earth and pollute it and violate it. Yet she still welcomes us.
Babies love us unconditionally despite the fact we treat them like that. They ARE all the characteristics we long for: union, love, respect, understanding, forgiveness, courage, humility, sacrifice, openness… Yet we destroy their innocence and purity with our feeding schedules and trauma infliction.
And then we claim to be environmentally sustainable and live being in the nature and go eat meat, etc etc etc. we are blind and lying to our own nature. We don’t want to know where that meat comes from, what is really in that vaccine, or formula milk, or how circumcision is done. We are numb and the worst thing is that we want to inflict that pain to our children so that they become as numb as we are. And later on take it out on their children, and generations to come.
I understand this might feel an exaggeration to done, but it is the result of a very deep meditation in the true self and the true nature of human vibration. It is the work of over 10 years of practice, of letting go of past traumas, of forgiving myself and others, of finding myself within myself.

The more the frequency of our every actions matches the frequency of our thoughts, dreams, desires, feelings, in line with our consciousness and in a true connection with the soul and infinite identity within, the more our environments, faculties and facilities will align with this higher vibration. Because not only our voice is an instrument, our whole self vibrates constantly. And that vibration has to be of a higher frequency, so that we can purify our environments, our communities, our planet and our own families. We can choose to stop creating karma and create dharma, elevate and free others from this downward spiral and vicious cycle of pain, drama, and unconsciousness.
It requires a decision, and a lifetime of remembering that decision and aligning to it if we lose track. That’s all there is.
So what is your decision, what you are aiming at? Do you practice the same thing to yourself, to your family, to your neighbor, to your city, to your surroundings, to your food, to your work?
Keeping one frequency of a higher level is not an easy task, but that is what prosperity, peace and happiness is all about.
Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa, wahe guru ji ki fateh
In humble gratitude,
Sukhdev Kaur

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