Today’s hukamnama

Bhuyang Prayat Chand – from Jaap Sahib

I bow to the Sun of suns,
I bow to the Moon of moons.
I bow to the King of kings,
I bow to the Lord of Indras.
I bow to Thy form of darkness,
I bow to Thy form of Light.
I bow to the Highest of the high,
I bow to the Seed of seeds (185)

I bow to the One who is the three gunas,
I bow to the Supreme Essence that is without essence.
I bow to the Yogi of yogis,
I bow to the Wisdom of wisdom.
I bow to the Mantra of mantras,
I bow to the Meditation of meditations (186).

I bow to the Battle of bttles,
I bow to the Wisdom of the wise.
I bow to the Food of foods,
I bow to the Enjoyer of food.
I bow to the Causer of turmoil,
I bow to the Embodiment of peace.
I bow to the Wisdom of all wisdom,
I bow to the One who is formless from the beginning. (187).

Thou art the power behind all workings and the beauty of all ornaments,
Thou art the spirit of beauty,
Thy form is immortal.
Thou are without form and nameless.
Thou are present in the three worlds and in the past, present, and future.
Thou art bodiless and free from desire (188).  

Today’s hukamnama (order or message of the day) says that all doings, whether we consider them wise or fool, turmoil or peace, are brought by the same energy of the One, which is beyond all that. It gives us the message that we can go beyond polarities and limitations and accept all situations as gifts. And when we focus in the Meditation of all meditations, when we can meditate even without meditating, in every breath of life keep the consciousness alive of this wisdom beyond polarities, we can have the grace and the gifts of beauty, immortality (in our legacy) and become like the One, bodiless (free from karma) and desireless (free from desire).

I will try to take regular hukams whenever Theo and the morning time allows, and share them with you in here.

Wahe guru ji ka khalsa, wahe guru ji ki fateh!

In gratitude, Sukhdev K

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