Descending ego and ascending soul

The more you start steadily walking on the spiritual path, the more others will feel threatened. Not only will you start changing habits and feel better yourself, but together with this you will start losing friends, being laughed at or threatened, and even fired. When the cleansing that needs to be done comes to an end (and it can be a long and nasty process) things will seem much more easy and smooth.
Nevertheless, the spiritual world is full of corruption and spiritual egos. It is by no means all light and purity, and although it may seem sometimes hard to understand, it is required that it is so. If it would be all light and pure, no egos and no games, it would not be int his world. We are here as spiritual beings having a human experience, so we must learn to go through the Karmas and clean them out, realize of our own mistakes and shortcomings and forgive. That is the ultimate spiritual development, and you do not even need to consider yourself spiritual to do so.
As I was saying, many people who start seeing you grow spiritually may feel threatened, including those who are growing with you. What I want to remind myself and others, is that this is not a race, not a competition of who’s best or first to get there. When somebody asks me, I always reply: “yes I am trying to be the best, the best that I can be“. The race here is not against others but to test my own commitment. Am I cheating myself or am I truly doing what I know benefits my spirit and my discipline? Am I behaving like this because it fulfills my ego? because I am afraid that others won’t accept me? Because I want them to like me? Or am I acting from my true self and getting rid of all these paraphernalia of ego and mind-games by acting according to the wish of my soul? Am I stuck here because I can’t give up all those things and am afraid to lose my place in this (illusory) reality? Am I being true to myself? Am I respecting my self and my true identity? Have I made contact today with my own soul? Have I been grateful for all I have been given, independently of whether I label it good or bad?
The moment we stop trying to fight and compete with each other and descend from the illusory clouds of self pity and selfishness, and focus all that energy into being the best that I can be in my own self, with my own faculties and facilities, and commit to that development (and keep that commitment- therein lies the key), all prosperity, peace, fearlessness, power to forgive, courage and patience will be yours forever.
It is my prayer for each and every one that this be your destiny, by your own personal will and by the gift of guru’s grace.
Sukhdev Kaur

One thought on “Descending ego and ascending soul”

  1. hijita eso es el ser autentico que eres siempre en la lucha por ser mejoryencotratur tu propia alma y camino,tu ya estas iluminada y tienes entre otras virtudes ser leal a tus ideas e ideales, te admiro hijita y te amooooooooo

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