Karam Kriya (applied numerology) training in Estonia

Sat nam! all are welcome to the Karam Kriya training starting in november this year!

It has been quite a lot of organising and hopefully we get enough people to make it happen, it is a very exciting training with lots of insights into one’s own patterns in life and how to elevate yourself, and most importantly how to elevate others.

I hope to see many of you there!

Blessings, Sukhdev  K

Karam Kriya Training
Number Awareness
Estonia 2011-2012

Karam Kriya – Applied Numerology – works with ‘ The Last Language’ of
Numbers to listen beyond the apparent reality to the always present
Truth that pervades our communication and surroundings. We work with
the 5 languages of Magic, Medicine, Science, Art and Education.
The Court of Karam Kriya is a space that is created by consciously
allowing the Numbers to speak to you and letting the Universal Truth
come through.

Numbers are the last abstraction before all-is-one, and therefore one
of the last steps of understanding the fabric of the Cosmos. In
communication we recognise 4 sequences of unfolding which can
illuminate blocks, vicious circles or any obstructions in finding
clarity of experience and circumstance. We include the animal, human
and angelic aspects of our being and make a connection between
personal and universal aspects of our life.

1/9 “There is only one [the implicit unity of all] and yet there is
many [the many that are unified], 9 is the symbol of the many”
2/8 “So there is two [the one and the many]. The difference between
one and many is infinite – 8 is the symbol of the infinite”
3/7 “There is random order in this organised chaos. Our perception of
it is through the trinities and sets of 7 [projections in space]”
4/6 “Then there is our consciousness of the projections, the infinite
dualities, the many ones”

Start of the training: 12 and 13 of November 2011.
The training runs from November 2011 to October 2012, one weekend per
month (sat-sun), taking place in the center of Tallinn, Estonia.
No prior knowledge is required to participate.
The training is taught in English language with translation into
Estonian (translation into other languages is possible – e.g. Russian,
Latvian- if more than 6 people require)

Seven (mindgames)
The first part of the training is to see through the mind and its many
tricks; we will examine ego-mind and the games it plays from the view
of spiritual insight. This will include a study of the 7 steps to hell
contrasted with the 7 steps to happiness. In addition you will learn
to recognise the cosmic fairy tale that is being played out in the
lives of every individual being. With this transparency of the mind we
will take a new look at the concept of a professional code of ethical
conduct. Freeing the consciousness from the trap of mistaken identity
makes it possible to then train the mind to the true vision and
understanding that will result in our words becoming a bridge between
the individual and the cosmic, the personal and theuniversal. The mind
will be able to perceive and honour the divine order in action. This
part of the training is also to explore the professional basis for
Karam Kriya Consultancy, the game of questions and answers, the use of
the visual faculty of the mind and the nature of knowledge.

Five (communication)
The second part of the training will begin to explore the whole nature
of language and communication in general. You will be introduced to
the 5 voices that govern all human communication. You can imagine that
every conversation between two people is taking place over 4 telephone
lines at the same time, while the synthesis of these gives the 5th
voice. You will be introduced to each of these communication lines and
how they relate to each other. You will gain a general sense of the
nature of each voice and its pathway of unfolding.

During this 2nd stage we will introduce the basic universal laws that
are at work behind every system, religion and philosophy. While the
universal attitude is one of loving service, the common essence, or
building blocks, of every teaching is the subtle language of numbers.
You will become familiar with the magic of numbers and start to
develop a kind of x-ray vision that allows you to see the inner
structure of all things and people.

We will look deeply at the specific themes of each voice that plays
out its existence in everyone’s lives. We will learn to be flexible
enough in our own communication, that we can choose the voice that we
respond to others with. We will know the mysterious voice of magic,
the compassionate voice of medicine, the rational voice of science,
the intuitive voice of art and the integrative voice of learning.

This part of the training will be for advanced and specialised
application of the knowledge of the numbers and the 5 voices. We will look at implications of these insights to group work and other
specialised areas according to requirements of the students on the course. This stage will include the supervision of the student in the study and application of their choice. This stage will be divided in 3 parts, using the ‘higher’ numbers 6, 8 and 9 as guidelines.

Dates of the training:
The Mind1 [7968] 12-13 Nov 2011
The Mind2 [7968] 3-4 Dec 2011
The Word [5] 21-22 Jan 2012
Magic [1234] 18-19 Feb 2012
Medicine [2413] 17-18 Mar 2012
Science [3142] 14-15 Apr 2012
Art [4321] 12-13 May 2012
Intuition [6789] 7-8 July 2012
Healing [8697] 25-26 Aug 2012
Mystery [9876] 20-21 Oct 2012


Ram Singh (France)  
Immersed as a child into the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, Ram Singh teaches Yoga and meditation in France and throughout Europe. He is also a Kundalini Yoga professional teacher trainer. A student of Shiv Charan Singh since 1996, Ram Singh
teaches Karam Kriya in various European programs, trainings and
workshops on Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib.Ram Singh is also a musician and
as singer, author of two albums of mantras and sacred chants of India.
A lover of Sikh sacred scriptures, he’s committed for life to their
study,sharing and translation into French.

Seva Kaur (Spain)
Student of life. Lived in London for 5 years where she was trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Personal Counsellor and Karam Kriya teacher. There she met her spiritual teacher, Shiv Charan Singh. Her biggest inspiration is to make these teachings reach to everyone who wants them, keeping its purity and integrity. They are secrets that were
revealed by great yogis ages ago. Today, they are practices available
for the daily life that directs you towards a healthy, happy life
towards the excelence of the human being.

Hari Krishan Singh (Netherlands)
Hari Krishan is the founder of Karam Kriya Nederland. He became a
student of Shiv Charan Singh in 2003 and has been training with him since. He is now blessed to work as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer, Karam Kriya Teacher and Consultant: “The numbers are ever present in my life. I am honoured to be able to teach in the Court of Karam Kriya and to teach on this Training in Estonia“.

Sohan Kaur (Germany)

Since 2002 I study with Shiv Charan Singh, meanwhile working as an Associate Trainer for the Karam Kriya School Kundalini Yoga program and as a Karam Kriya counsellor, trainer and lover. My focus lies on the discovery of energetic processes hidden in the background, both in counselling and in Yoga by implying my qualification in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Shiatsu Therapist. The combination offers a unique approach to free buried potential. I regularly give workshops about Karam Kriya, Yoga and Shiatsu (and their relation).

Sukhdev Kaur (Estonia)
Born in Mexico, Sukhdev moved to Estonia following the call of her soul to share Kundalini Yoga, Conscious pregnancy and Sat Nam Rasayan healing. She is also assistant professor at the university, working on her PhD which is related to numbers. “I’ve always been attracted to systems and ways of understanding the world. Numbers were the key for putting all knowledge together in a practical, dynamic and fun way. They help me through all the challenges in life”. She is the local Karam Kriya mentor in Estonia.

Total Fee (incl. reg. fee, VAT not included)
€1350,00 reg. before 1 Oct 2011
€1450,00 reg. after 1 Oct 2011
Single weekend €195

Includes: Manual &Teachings
Bring lunch to share.

Registration Fee

Accommodation is not included. If needed, the organizers can help find
accommodation at a nearby B&B or as another participant’s guest.

More information and registration with Sukhdev Kaur
+372 53731839

Urban Dharma & Cherdi Kala
Internationally recognised
Karam Kriya School
as taught by Shiv Charan Singh

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