Celebrating one blissful month of Theo’s life

Being a mother is one of the highest blessings I have received. Already with my angel Vida I was blessed to be a mother, but missed all the beauty of the breastfeeding, night wakings, crying. The most beautiful thing is to wake up in the morning and find those incredibly wise eyes waiting for me (and my milk). Seeing him healthy, happy and bright is a reward for all the effort done.

There is a beautiful song from my kundalini yoga tradition which is always sung at birthdays, and which I sing to you now my dear Theo, from the bottom of my heart:
On this day the lord gave you life
May you use it to serve him
All our loving prayers will be with you
May you never forget him
Sat nam

One thought on “Celebrating one blissful month of Theo’s life”

  1. mi linda ves,todo tiene su recompensa,despues de tantas lagrimas por vida,aqui esta theo con su sonrisa y su amor comnpensandote,de esa tristeza,tu conociste a vida,para que se quede tatuada a tu alma,y su luz te acompanara siempre,ella te hizo mas sabiaaaaaaaaaa,mi corazon es tuyo mim

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