Honouring birth

Darkness, or almost, and . . . silence. 
A profound peace settles in the room.
You can feel the respect which naturally
attends the arrival of a baby.
One doesn’t shout in a church.
One spontaneously lowers one’s voice.
If there is such a thing as a sanctified place, surely
it is the room the child is about to enter.

– Frederick Leboyer, quote from the book Birth Without Violence, read the whole book here

One thought on “Honouring birth”

  1. linda.espero que eso tan lindo sea verdad,digo lo de la quietud el silencio y la paz en tu cuarto en donde va a nacer nuestro angel ,me tomare unas cuantas pastillas para no ponernos nerviosas y voy a traer a todos los angeles a nuestro alrededor para que nos canten a las o los tressssssssssssss te amo con todo mi ser y mi alma mim

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