kruusaaugu tee

Now with the melting snow, the road which used to have less snow, now is the last thing to remain. It took a couple of days to get my eyes used to the fact that there is no more snow. All the big piles are gone, and it really is the end of winter. Such a lovely, yet terrifying winter. Snow is now very dear to me. I thought during the night, that if I would really leave Estonia to live somewhere else, I have left something very precious here. It is dearer to me because my daughter was born here. It has an (even more) special place in my heart, the same as with winter. Even this everlasting winter, dies to give way to the spring, which is being cried upon by birds and the ground. Spring actually comes from the ground, said Andy Goldsworthy a while ago, and it is true. The plants are already there, under the snow, ice and water, just waiting for the right moment to come up. They are the most patient of all…

One thought on “kruusaaugu tee”

  1. linda que hermoso,,para nosotros tu y yo es igual ahora volvemos a renacer como las plantas y las flores,con mas fuerza y alegria en el corazon ,me encanta que dices que estonia es tu pais de corazon,PUES TU HIJA NACIO ALLI ,NUNCA HE OIDO PALABRAS MAS LINDAS DE TIIIIIII MI HIJA NACIO EN ESTONIA BELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO,TE QUIERO Y COMPARTO TODOS TUS SENTIMIENTOS ,SOMOS UNA SOLA LAS TRESSSSSSSSSSSSSS,TITA Y MIM

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