“you will be fine…” or will I?

The morning glory that blooms for an hour
Differs not at heart
From the giant pine that lives for a thousand years.
– Zen proverb

Many people have said to me, as a way of comfort from the loss of my baby, “it will be allright” or “you’ll be fine”, “you can have more children”, “you are strong”, and many other coments of the like. To be honest, dear friends, these are words of comfort for yourself (and that is fine too!), but does not make any change. What does, is not your words but your projection, and it doesnt matter what you say, I understand your human kindness which cannot find the right words for comforting the loss of a child. Indeed, no words can undo what is done, but some help in the healing more than others.

My dear friend Sada Sat Simran Kaur shared with me a story:

“A while ago I read a children’s book. It was about a little angel who came to visit the earth but she had to go after a short time…….The people who had been taken care of the angel where sad that the angel had to go but before the angel left she gave something to them. It was a bag with a light in it. And this light was there to remember them of the angel. They could also spread it arround in the world. The light wasn’t an ordinary light it was an infinite light.”

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